Online Form Builder

Create powerful forms that generate more leads from your website

Create, launch and personalize lead generation forms anywhere on your website, without coding.

Form designer

Design beautiful forms using a responsive visual builder made for marketers

Whether you start with a template or a blank canvas, you can easily design forms that match your website's look and feel, engage your audience and collect the data you need

Form Fields

Collect the lead data you need with form fields that map to your marketing tools

ConvertFlow saves you time by making it easy to integrate your form fields with your email marketing tools. Integrate your ESP/CRM in one click, map your form's fields and start watching your list grow!

Field mapping example

Contact fields

Enable standard contact fields for your forms to collect contact data like first name, last name, company, phone number and more.

Custom field types

Whether you want to collect data via dropdown fields, text fields, paragraph fields, radio fields, or hidden fields, we've got you covered.

Hide prefilled fields

Don't want to ask returning visitors for the same info twice? Hide previously filled fields to shorten your forms and increase conversions.

GDPR compliance

Stay GDPR compliant with preset consent checkboxes. Have EU citizens consent to marketing communication, privacy policy and more.

Multi-step forms

Increase conversion rates and collect more lead data by asking for data using multi-step forms

Step 1

Capture leads with forms

Step 2

Collect the data you need

Step 3

Guide visitors to take the next step

Mobile responsive

Mobile responsive forms help you convert visitors on every device

Your ConvertFlow forms are mobile responsive and automatically adjust for any device your visitors may use. If you need a little extra control, you can make adjustments just for desktop or mobile.

Embed anywhere

Embed forms anywhere on your website

Display your forms in popups, sticky bars, landing pages and embedded boxes on your website.

Overlay popup forms

Within popups 
on your website

Sticky bar forms

Within sections 
of your website

Slide in popup forms

Within slide up messages 
on your website


Within blog posts 
on your website

Sidebar placement

Within the sidebar 
of your website


As landing pages you can send people to

Form actions

Run actions when people submit your forms

Every time people click a button, take a survey or submit your forms, you can trigger actions that direct visitors to different pages, steps in your forms and even run automations in your tools

Jump to a form step

Ask for the right data and personalize your forms by jumping people to different steps of your forms based on their responses.

Trigger automations

Add automations to your form for your email service provider (ESP), to segment contacts into the right lists, tags, workflows etc.

Run custom code

Add your retargeting pixels and event tracking scripts, then control when in your form they fire with custom script controls.

Run conditional actions

Use conditions to display different outcomes and run certain automations based on field selections and more.

Skip logic

Get more people to complete your forms by skipping them to the right steps and questions

Skip visitors to different steps of your forms based on their field responses, previous progress and more.

Powerful automation

Send your lead data and trigger automations in your marketing tools

Add automations and segment your leads in your email service provider each step of the way. ConvertFlow's 2-way integrations with your tools keep your contact segments synced.

Ways to integrate with your tools

ConvertFlow logo

Create task in Salesflare

ConvertFlow logo

Create opportunity in Capsule

ConvertFlow logo

Add to Leadsquared list

ConvertFlow logo

Remove contact from HubSpot workflow


Deeply integrated with your marketing tools

Sync your leads, map fields and segment contacts in your favorite tools. Plus, personalize your website’s CTAs, forms, popups and landing pages using contact data from over 1,000+ apps.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into lists & tags. Personalize your website for MailChimp subscriber segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into sequences & tags. Personalize your website for Infusionsoft segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into workflows & tags. Personalize your website for Drip contact segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into lists & tags. Personalize your website for ActiveCampaign segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into lists & tags. Personalize your website for AWeber contact segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into sequences & tags. Personalize your website for ConvertKit contact segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into lists & workflows. Personalize your website for HubSpot contact segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into lists & journeys. Personalize your website for Autopilot contact segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into lists. Personalize your website for Campaign Monitor contact segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into campaigns & tags. Personalize your website for GetResponse segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into campaigns & tags. Personalize your website for Ontraport contact segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into lists. Personalize your website for Sendinblue contact segments.

Sync contact fields. Segment people into lists. Personalize your website for Klaviyo contact segments.

Integrate ConvertFlow with your WordPress site to target by posts, pages, categories and more.

Install ConvertFlow through Segment's tag. Personalize your website based on Segment traits.

Get insightful ConvertFlow conversion campaign reports using your Google Analytics.

Install ConvertFlow on your website instantly using Google Tag Manager and control on what pages ConvertFlow loads.

Install ConvertFlow on your Shopify store instantly. Target visitors by cart data and more.

Send contact fields and survey responses to 1,000+ apps. Personalize your website using contact data from 1,000+ apps.

Contact Profiles

Get the full story on every contact

ConvertFlow gives you the full story on each lead you generate by automatically enriching their contact record to build a full profile with contact info, company data, site activity, referral source, first-touch UTMs, attribution data and more. Trigger "lead alert" automations to email insightful lead profiles to yourself, your team or your clients.

Contact profile exampleContact profile example female

Progressive profiling

Collect data on leads across multiple steps and across multiple visits

Not every visitor becomes a customer on the first visit. That's why ConvertFlow remembers your visitors, collects lead data over time, and lets you avoid asking for the same info twice.

Visit 1

Entered email and frequency


Visit 2

Entered name and website

George Cooper

Visit 3

Entered phone number



Increase conversion rates by giving every form a personal touch

Merge tags

Personalize your form message using contact fields you've previously collected.

Team member profiles

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. Display your profile with your form to give your message a personal touch.

Visitor targeting

Show the right forms to the right visitors on your website

Display different forms to visitors based on which page they're on, their interests, their site history, where they came from, where they're located, what they've purchased and more.

Browser example


New visitor

Referred from Google

Has "Designer" tag

Mike contact example
Browser exampleSlider targeting hook


Returning visitor

Referred from Google

Hubspot contact

Jane contact example

Target by visit activity

Show different forms based on the current page URL, page visit history, device type, geo-location, campaign engagement and more.

Target returning subscribers

Connect your ESP to target returning subscribers based on their list subscriptions, tag segmentation, custom fields and much more.

Target by attribution data

Show different forms based on the visitor's referral source, original landing page, first-touch UTMs, URL parameters and more.

Target visitor segments

Segment your visitors using surveys, custom fields and tags. Show the right forms to the right visitors based on their segmentation.

CTA funnels

Create CTA funnels on your site by connecting your forms to other popups and landing pages

When visitors submit your forms, you can guide your visitors to take the next step by sending them to the landing pages and popups you create within ConvertFlow.

Embed anything

Embed your favorite apps, and show them to right people

Take your visitor experience to a new level by embedding YouTube videos, Shopify products, Calendly scheduling widgets, Wistia and more in your ConvertFlow forms.

Example use cases:


Get insights into your form's performance

See how people are engaging with your forms, and where they drop off. Track conversion rates, completion rates and see people's responses to your questions.

Conversion reports

See how many people saw, converted, and completed your forms, as well as who submitted your forms and where people dropped off.

Campaign reports

Organize multiple forms into campaigns. Get reports on the entire campaign, as well as reports for each form added to the campaign.

Lead generation reports

See your site's performance. Report on leads generated, site conversion rate, top CTAs, landing pages, lead collection pages and more.

Attribution reports

Discover where to invest your marketing budget by seeing how many leads are attributed to ad campaigns, UTMs and referral sources.

Advanced Features

Power high-performance marketing with ConvertFlow's advanced features

A/B testing

Split test and optimize every call to action you create

Email validation

Prevent bad email addresses from signing up with real-time email validation.

Attribution data

See which referral source, ad campaign, ad or UTMs drove leads to your site

Map custom fields

Map lead data into your tools by selecting fields pulled in from your integrations

Add custom code

Using our script manager, you can manage custom CSS, javascript and conversion pixels for each form.

Lead alerts

Alert your team of each new lead with a full contact profile sent to their inbox.

Export to CSV

Search and filter your contacts easily. Bulk export them to CSV to share leads with your team and clients.

GDPR consent data

Store GDPR consent data for each contact. Map consent fields to your email service provider.

Need more than just forms?

ConvertFlow is your all-in-one platform for converting website visitors

Easily launch lead generation forms, surveys, quizzes, landing pages and popups on your website, without coding. ConvertFlow is all you need — in one tool.