Ecommerce Quiz Examples

Ecommerce Quiz Examples

6 Ecommerce Quiz Examples to Help Grow Your Store's Sales & AOV (Templates Included)

Quizzes are a great way to guide shoppers to the perfect product on your store. In this guide, we show you how it's done by sharing six real-life ecommerce quiz examples—alongside best practices and ready-to-use templates.

Giving shoppers lots of options to choose from could be harming your store's conversion rate. 

Yes, it seems logical that if you provide lots of choices and variants, people are more likely to find the perfect product for their needs. But, it can also result in confusion.

In fact:

Countless studies have shown that the more options someone is presented with, the more likely they will be overwhelmed and end up choosing nothing at all. 

Fortunately, ecommerce product quizzes can help with just that. 

In this post, we’re sharing some ecommerce quiz best practices along with six quiz examples to help spark some ideas. We’ll then round off with a bunch of templates you can use to get started quickly.

What is an ecommerce quiz?

Also referred to as a product quiz or product recommendation quiz, an ecommerce quiz helps deliver a more customized shopping experience. Each visitor’s answers will prompt an array of personalized product recommendations tailored to the shopper’s objectives.

A quiz enables an ecommerce brand to collect detailed first-party customer data and leverage these insights to provide individual product recommendations in lieu of a physical shopping assistant in-store.

An ecommerce quiz makes it simpler for a customer (especially a first-time shopper) to navigate through a brand’s product collections and select what’s best for them. What’s more, a brand can use the customer data farmed through a quiz for hyper-personalized marketing efforts.

Ecommerce quiz best practices 

Here are some best practices to follow when building your product quiz:

  • Help customers solve a key pain point. This isn’t a Buzzfeed quiz about what Disney princess you are. Your product quiz should be tailored to help customers find the product(s) that best meet their needs.
  • Collect an email address or phone number. Before you show the results, make sure to ask for either a phone number or email address. This is valuable first-party data that you can use to personalize your marketing.
  • Incentivize people to buy directly on the quiz results page. If you create your quiz correctly, your results page will have product recommendations. These recommendations should include a one-click add-to-cart button.
  • Add a progress bar. Visualizing how far away from the end shoppers are at each step is critical. This will reduce drop-offs and increase the likelihood that people get through and complete your quiz.
  • Follow up after the quiz. If a customer isn’t ready to buy after taking the quiz, use the data you collected to send personalized follow-up email or SMS campaigns.

6 ecommerce quiz examples

Want some extra inspiration? Here are six excellent ecommerce quiz examples you can learn from:

1. Dropps’ laundry products ecommerce quiz example

Dropps is a green cleaning product company that uses a product quiz to help its customers discover the best laundry products for their specific needs:

Ecommerce Quiz Examples: Dropps
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The product quiz (built using ConvertFlow) is featured prominently throughout the Dropps site and asks a handful of questions related to customers’ lifestyles and challenges when doing laundry. 

For instance, it asks questions about if shoppers have small kids or pets.

Then, Dropps asks for their phone number and email address to get the results:

Dropps subscribe quiz step

The results page shares a handful of personalized product recommendations with a one-click add-to-cart button:

Dropps quiz recommendations

There’s even an option to set up a “subscribe and save” to encourage repeat purchases. All making this perfect for driving revenue with as little friction as possible between quiz results and checkout.

2. Gainful’s nutrition products quiz 

Gainful is a personalized nutrition brand that sells customizable protein powder tailored to each customer’s:

  • Unique body composition
  • Individual weight loss and fitness goals

While Gainful products are formulated by on-staff Registered Dietitians, they rely on customer input through a quiz in order to drive the personalization:

Ecommerce Quiz Examples: Gainful
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The product quiz can be found prominently placed on the top right of the main navigation menu. Upon clicking on the quiz, visitors are asked to confirm if they’ve already provided an email address, which allows them to resume wherever they’ve left off.

The product quiz walks visitors through questions like:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Current exercise habits
  • Physiology goals

Each question also includes a snippet at the bottom that explains why the query is relevant to the quiz as well as a link that overlays even more information:

Gainful why the question matters snippets

Snippets like this can bolster a visitor’s confidence in the validity of their product recommendation results—making them more likely to buy.

To receive their recommendations, a visitor must input their name and email:

Gainful subscribe step

These details make it simple for a customer to return and review their previous results. But they also provide Gainful with a method to retarget the customer with future marketing initiatives.

3. IL MAKIAGE’s shade finder quiz example

One of the most notable aspects of IL MAKIAGE’s growth strategy has been ecommerce product quizzes—particularly this PowerMatch shade finder for liquid foundation:

Ecommerce Quiz Examples: IL MAKIAGE
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There are several elements of the IL MAKIAGE quiz that make it successful, one being the progress bar at the top of the quiz.

Numbered one to three with a purple progress meter in between, this addition makes it clear to visitors how long the quiz will take and how far they are from results: 

IL MAKIAGE image questions

Aside from the progress bar, IL MAKIAGE guides each visitor through the quiz questions.

The brand has 50 shades of foundation and offers a variety of images so customers can select the skin tone closest to their own. Many selections trigger a popup so visitors can confirm their selections. 

Like Gainful, IL MAKIAGE requests an email address before it reveals quiz results. The recommended foundation shade is delivered straight to a visitor’s inbox upon completion, and customers have the option to add the product directly to their cart once they’ve finished. 

4. Wicked Edge’s knife product education quiz 

Wicked Edge is a New Mexico-based ecommerce provider of precision knife sharpeners. A product quiz is necessary to not just guide product choices, but also educate potential customers to help encourage a purchase.

The quiz is front and center on the Wicked Edge main navigation menu:

Ecommerce Quiz Examples: Wicked Edge
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Right off the bat, the quiz clarifies what a customer is shopping for, which also informs the brand of what products customers need most.

Each question also includes an image for those who aren't particularly knife-savvy:

Wicked Knives image questions

When reaching the end of the quiz, visitors are given the option to provide an email address to send their results or skip ahead to view their recommendations. Though not everyone will provide an email, this question alleviates pressure from customers who are weary of inputting personal details.

5. Skinny Mixes’ beverage recommendation quiz 

Skinny Mixes is a beverage brand with cornerstone products that range from cocktail mixes to coffee syrups.

With dozens of products and even more flavors to choose from, Skinny Mixes knew it would be easily overwhelming for a visitor to navigate the site without personal recommendations.

So, the brand introduced a Skinny Mixes product quiz to:

  • collect data on customers’ taste preferences;
  • understand their flavor profiles; and
  • deliver personalized recommendations.

The quiz is presented as a way for customers to find the perfect recipe for their mood or occasion, along with the ideal Skinny product:

Ecommerce Quiz Examples: Skinny Mixes
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Visitors need only select their mood and preferred drink of choice and the quiz provides four drink recipes along with a special code for a free syrup:

Skinny Mixes recommendation step

Each drink recipe links to a Skinny Mixes blog post, which is a smart way to encourage traffic across the site, and an option to add the featured syrup to the cart.

6. Hunter & Gather Foods’ dietary goals quiz example 

Hunter & Gather Foods is a UK-based ecommerce retailer of healthy kitchen staples, condiments, and supplements.

The brand uses a product quiz to help health-conscious individuals find products personalized for their dietary goals and preferences:

Ecommerce Quiz Examples: Hunter & Gather Foods
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Questions are provided in a multiple choice format with the ability to select as many relevant answers. This option helps the brand collect as much first-party data as possible, which Hunter & Gather Foods then uses in an email campaign with the addresses gained from the last quiz question.

All personalized recommendations can be added to a visitor’s cart directly from the results page:

Hunter & Gather quiz results step

All making it crazy simple for shoppers to find the right product for their needs and make a purchase with as few clicks as possible.

Ecommerce quiz templates

Getting inspired to launch your own product quiz? ConvertFlow has a library of proven quiz templates that you can use.

All you need to do is:

  1. Select a template
  2. Choose a campaign type (popup, landing page, embed, etc.)
  3. Customize the questions, results, and design in ConvertFlow’s easy-to-use ecommerce quiz builder or Shopify quiz app

You can then import your Shopify catalog (or add in products manually) and filter which items show based on each person’s quiz results 🙌

Here are some templates to get you started:

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