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Mapping out your ecommerce conversion marketing funnels

Jonathan Denney

Co-Founder & CTO at ConvertFlow.

Now that you’ve set up the 3 “low hanging fruit” ecommerce popup templates, the next step is to further increase your store conversion rate by implementing personalized conversion funnels.

To help make this fast and easy, we’ve created 3 ecommerce conversion marketing funnel maps you can use to get strategize your ecommerce conversion funnels, as well as a bunch of call-to-action templates that you can quickly roll out on your website.

The ecommerce product recommendation funnel map

Visiting an online store is just like walking into a local shop. People don’t like to get sold to, but they do love to buy.

Just like local shops have customer service reps, your online store should also engage visitors and help guide them to the right products for them.

The product recommendation funnel considers the various entry points of online shoppers, such as if they’re landing on your home page, your blog or a product category page.

Based on this context, you’ll want to either ask the visitor how they can be helped, or suggest popular paths for them to follow, and direct them to the right part of your website based on their selection.

Use this funnel map to create product recommendation funnel variations for each product category of your website.

The multi-product ecommerce conversion funnel map

When a potential customer shows interest in buying, don’t leave it up to chance.

Now that they’ve expressed interest in a product, give them a special offer to buy now instead of later.

Using the ConvertFlow templates down below, create variations of the multi-product conversion funnel for each product category on your website.

The single-product ecommerce conversion funnel map

Some of the top ecommerce brands are single-product companies. Why? Because they can focus on making one product better than the alternatives.

Here’s a variation of the product funnel template, optimized for single product brands.

Regardless of whether you offer on product or multiple products, provide visitors with special offers to act now. If they still aren’t sure, show them how your product compares to alternatives.

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