Shopify Product Quiz

Shopify Product Quiz

6 Shopify Product Quiz Examples That Drive Sales on Autopilot

Want a surefire way to drive more sales on your Shopify store? Help visitors navigate your product catalog by using a quiz to make personalized recommendations. In this guide, we show you how by covering six Shopify product quiz examples—along with templates and best practices.

Quizzes aren’t just reserved for impromptu IQ tests or to see which Schitt’s Creek character you’re most like. They can also be a lucrative way for ecommerce businesses to turn more browsers into buyers.

In a time where 71% of consumers expect brands to deliver personalized interactions, quizzes can be a fun way to create a tailor-made shopping experience that converts.

After all, some companies are driving 40% more revenue from personalization than other slower-growing counterparts.

But, what does a high-converting quiz look like? And how do you build one of your own?

In this post, we’ll show you by diving into six real-life Shopify product quiz examples along with best practices and templates to help you get started.

What is a Shopify product quiz?

A Shopify product quiz is an interactive piece of content on your Shopify store that asks a series of questions in order to provide a personalized product recommendation based on each person’s answers. Quizzes usually appear either as a popup or embedded into a landing page.

While there are dozens of use cases, it is exceptionally useful for ecommerce brands with products that are complex or difficult to compare to alternatives—such as beauty products or tech gadgets.

Likewise, quizzes can dramatically simplify (and personalize) the shopping experience for customers who visit ecommerce sites without a clear product preference. Or those who want to purchase a quick, no-fuss gift for a friend. 

They’re also a fantastic way to grow your subscriber lists since you’ll typically ask for an email and/or phone number to reveal the final answers. A good Shopify quiz app will also pass data over to your email tool, so you can personalize your follow-ups and sequences based on a person’s answers.  

Key elements of a good product quiz

When building your Shopify product quiz, stick to the following tips to help drive sales:

Shopify product quiz best practices

  • Answer a burning question. People won’t take your quiz for the sake of it. You need to ask a question that they actually want the answer to that also relates to your brand or products.
  • Make your quiz accessible. Product quizzes must be mobile-friendly to account for all web traffic, especially in ecommerce. People should be able to easily read and select answers on any device as well as seamlessly add to cart on that crucial final recommendation step.
  • Promote your quiz to the right traffic. Someone already browsing a product page might not need a quiz. But don’t be afraid of using popups, sticky bars, social media, and email marketing to push it hard to people higher up your funnel. Gainful, for example, even requires you to take a quiz before buying their personalized nutrition products.
  • Encourage users to complete your quiz. Include a progress bar to reduce the chances a user drops off before providing an email address.
  • Incentivize a sale directly from the quiz. Incorporate a one-click Add to Cart button for each product result and include a Shopify discount code when possible to inspire a sale.
  • Personalize the follow-ups. Use the data from the quiz to personalize your email and SMS follow-ups. If someone didn’t buy, treat it like an abandoned cart. If they did, recommend similar products.
  • Fine-tune your quiz (and the data it drives). Be sure to A/B test key aspects of your quiz, such as the product results, and ensure new product sales can be attributed to quiz takers.

6 product quiz examples

Want to spark some ideas for your own store's quiz? Here are six Shopify product quiz examples to inspire you 🤩

1. Allbirds’ shoe style quiz example

Allbirds is an apparel retailer specializing in footwear and activewear made from natural materials, such as Eucalyptus and Merino Wool.

For new customers, or those simply unsure of where to look on the site, Allbirds offers a brief, three-question "style quiz" for men and women:

Shopify Product Quiz Examples: Allbirds
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The Allbirds product quiz is particularly effective because it’s minimal—users can instantly see they only need to answer three multiple-choice questions to receive their recommendations.

Product recommendations are delivered two per result, and each product image is linked to a direct product page:

Allbirds quiz recommendations

All meaning quiz respondents can go from on-the-fence and unsure to having a personalized product recommendation in the matter of a few clicks 😎

2. Bombas’ socks style Shopify product quiz example

Over time, the Bombas brand has developed a vast assortment of sock types that can leave new visitors unsure of which option is right for them. So, the Bombas quiz caters to those seeking a new sock option for themselves, as well as those shopping for children and those “not 100% sure” exactly what they’re looking for:

Shopify Product Quiz Examples: Bombas
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Unlike the other quizzes mentioned here, Bombas allows a user to select numerous options while clicking through the questions. As each option is selected, product tags are added to the bottom of the quiz for easy removal.

Bombas quiz results page

Once the quiz reaches the results page, the same product tags are shown up top similar to the look and feel of a search results page. The optional email form field immediately before the results page enables quick retargeting.

3. Olly’s beauty product quiz example

Olly is a vitamin and nutraceutical ecommerce brand with a product offering that ranges from sleep and immunity support to mood and beauty enhancement. With such a wide array of products, Olly has introduced a Beauty Quiz to specifically assist users browsing its beauty products:

Shopify Product Quiz Examples: Olly
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The start page is clean and simple, and instantly reveals a progress bar of eight questions once a user begins. Throughout the quiz, Olly uses verbiage like “next” and “lastly” to help ease users from one question to the next.

The results page then populates with three product recommendations that include an Add to Cart button for simple shopping:

Olly quiz recommendations

Plus, users can choose to retake the quiz if they’d prefer to focus on alternative skin or hair concerns.

4. Dr. Squatch’s Shopify product quiz example

Dr. Squatch crafts natural, high-performance personal care products with scents that are targeted at men. To help shoppers find their perfect scent, the company created the Dr. Squatch Quiz—aptly subtitled No Need to Guess:

Shopify Product Quiz Examples: Dr. Squatch
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The company instantly indicates that the quiz will only be eight questions long and includes a progress bar to keep dropout rates low, and also adds a quirky GIF image to kick off the process.

Once users get into the quiz, the GIFs keep coming with each question. The answers follow the same humorous, tongue-in-cheek tone the brand puts forward elsewhere on the site and entertains users to finish the quiz.

On the final results page, users are asked to input their email addresses to learn their ultimate scent:

Dr. Squatch quiz recommendations

Also notice how to ensure the quiz is easily findable, it’s placed conveniently within the site’s top menu with a clear "Take Quiz" button.

5. Ilia’s skincare product quiz example

Due to the nature of products sold, the majority of Ilia products must be matched to a user’s unique skin tone for proper use and customer satisfaction. To limit the returns of off-shade products and encourage more positive reviews, Ilia introduced its two-question Skin Tint Shade Finder quiz:

Shopify Product Quiz Examples: Ilia
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Ilia offers the most graphics-heavy quiz by far, and for good reason. The quiz populates with several images for each skin tone, so users can select which shade most closely resembles theirs.

From here, users can scroll through images to find their skin’s undertone.

After answering both questions, the user can choose to enter an email to have their specific shade sent to their inbox. Or they can skip to view their shade and directly Add to Bag:

Ilia product recommendation

Take note that there is a very "prescriptive" feel to this quiz funnel from Ilia. As a result, there's just the one product recommended.

It wouldn't make sense to suggest you can personalize for different skin tones and then suggest a variety of products at the end. Limiting to one product suggestion, in this case, adds legitimacy and authenticity to the quiz results.

6. Animal Biome’s pet assessment quiz example

Animal Biome creates products to solve digestive and skin problems in cats and dogs. They created this product quiz to help pet owners diagnose and find the best solutions to the issues plaguing their pets:

Shopify Product Quiz Examples: Animal Biome
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The quiz only takes a few minutes to complete and asks about your pet’s age, weight, diet, and digestive and skin issues.

At the end, it creates a custom landing page with your pet’s action plan along with three recommended products (with a link to buy) and customer testimonials:

Animal Biome recommendations page

Animal Biome even uses merge tags to personalize the page with your pet's name entered during the quiz!

Overall, it's another great example of adding personalization to the buying process. People get a burning question answered about their pet's digestive system and a prescribed solution to any problems that come up 🔥

Shopify product quiz app templates

Ready to create your own product quizzes? It is simple with ConvertFlow's ecommerce quiz builder. No coding or complex quiz logic needed!

You can choose from dozens of pre-built quiz templates or design your own from scratch with our easy-to-use conditional logic. Launch as a popup, create a dedicated quiz landing page, or even embed it on an existing page—whichever suits your needs best 💪

Plus, you can use ConvertFlow’s Shopify integration to place an "Add to Cart" button right on the quiz results page to increase conversion.

Here are some quiz templates to get started:

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