Shopify Upsell Popup

Shopify Upsell Popup

6 Shopify Upsell Popup Examples You Can Copy to Boost AOV

Want to boost AOV on your store? Learn from six brands using Shopify upsell popups to increase cart values while upgrading the customer experience. Then create your own with ready-to-use templates.

An upsell popup on your Shopify store can upgrade the shopping experience while driving higher average order values. 

Like a virtual salesperson, Shopify upsell popups encourage shoppers to buy a more premium version of a product they’re interested in while increasing the satisfaction with their purchase.

Learn essential best practices for implementing Shopify upsell popups, and get inspired by six examples of brands who do them well.

What is an upsell popup?

Upsell popups are sales campaigns that encourage customers to upgrade a product they have expressed interest in to one that is higher quality, has additional functionality or features, or is greater in volume.

While a salesperson typically handles upselling in a brick-and-mortar, upselling popups are a go-to method for ecommerce brands to boost average order value (AOV).

Upselling is your opportunity to introduce customers to product options that will increase their satisfaction while driving more revenue per customer.

Shopify upsell popup best practices

Drive more upsells on your Shopify store with these upselling techniques:

  • Highlight product upgrades. Entice customers with premium product alternatives that do more or offer added features, better quality, or volume savings compared with the option they are currently looking at.
  • Surface the popup on add-to-cart. Only display upsell popups once a customer has demonstrated interest in a product. For instance, many stores show upsell popups on the product page. However, if a customer is on a product page, you don't actually know how interested they are in purchasing yet, so a popup could feel intrusive. Embedded upsell campaigns are usually better for product pages. So add-to-cart is a better trigger for this popup because the shopper has verified their interest.
  • Cap your price increase. If you recommend an upgrade that’s significantly more expensive than the original item, it could turn customers off. But what works will depend on the price range of your products and your upselling strategy, so test your options. Upgrading from a $100 item to a $200 one will likely be too steep. However, upselling a $15 lip gloss to a three-pack for $30 may seem like a steal.
  • Suggest two to three upsell opportunities max. Too many choices can overwhelm customers and delay their purchase. And when they do buy, they could be more dissatisfied with the option they choose.
  • Use time-sensitive upsells. Limited-time sales and promotions help create urgency that encourages users to upgrade now.

6 Shopify upsell popup examples

From offering a product upgrade to highlighting savings when you buy more, check out these Shopify upsell popup examples that boost cart values.

1. Simba Sleep

Mattress brand Simba Sleep leverages upsell popups to encourage customers to upgrade their current product selection:

Slide in popup recommending the shopper to upgrade to a Hybrid Pro mattress from the regular Hybrid mattress on Simba's website
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Simba’s popup appears once a consumer has added an item to the cart and encourages them to purchase the upgraded version instead.

In this case, if the shopper selects a Simba Hybrid Mattress, the Shopify upsell popup offers the Hybrid Pro Mattress for just a few hundred pounds more.

It’s particularly effective because it boasts the more advanced features a shopper can get by upgrading. And the brand only recommended an upgrade one pricing tier up instead of the most expensive, “Hybrid Luxe” option. 

2.  Duradry

Duradry is a Shopify store for a la carte and subscription-based topical antiperspirant products like deodorant and body wash.

Because these items are used on an ongoing basis, Duradry incorporates the use of upsell popups in an effort to convert a la carte sales into repeated subscription sales:

Popup on Duradry's website that encourages the shopper to switch to a subscription of the deodorant and save.
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In this case, if a user adds the signature Duradry deodorant stick to the cart, it will prompt an upsell popup to convert the one-time purchase into a recurring subscription.

Long-term, it helps Duradry secure recurring customers and profit while boosting brand loyalty. 

3. Pura Vida

If you’re looking for a different kind of offer for your storefront, consider the mystery “bundle” approach of the jewelry and apparel brand, Pura Vida:

Slide in shopping cart on Pura Vida's website that recommends the shopper add mystery items to their cart.
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Pura Vida only displays the popup once a customer has added an item to the cart, which allows for a seamless—and uninterrupted—shopping experience. 

The brand surfaces a free shipping offer and then asks shoppers, “How about these?” With a collection of mystery purchases, including single products and a pack. 

While this is technically a cross-sell, a store could use this approach to promote a mystery bundle of the same product in someone’s cart for volume savings.

4. Bite

Bite is an ecommerce brand known for its sustainable dental hygiene products. To simplify the shopping experience, Bite’s upsell popup only appears once a consumer has added the brand’s signature Toothpaste Bits to the cart:

Slide in cart on Bite's website that recommends products to build a bundle of dental care items.
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With a prompt to “Complete your set,” this popup is particularly effective because it allows customers to create their own product bundle. 

Bundles that take this approach offer products that enhance the functionality of the originally selected item. In this case, the upsell opportunity prompts users to select from add-ons that pair naturally with the toothpaste—including mouthwash, a toothbrush, and floss—that drive a higher order value and enhance the product experience.

5. Living Spaces 

You don’t always need to upsell to another product or the same product at a greater volume. Sometimes, upselling “insurance” for the product a shopper has already added to their cart can be effective. 

That’s what Living Spaces does. When a customer adds a dining table to their cart, they’re presented with a 5-year care plan for $132 as an upsell popup:

Popup on Living Spaces' website that recommends adding a 5-year protection plan.
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Most people don’t buy new dining tables very often and expect to use them for years. This insurance upgrade offer not only brings in more money for the business, but also acts as reassurance for the customer that if anything goes awry, their table will be taken care of.

This is a great option for brands that sell pricey or investment items like furniture, electronics, or home appliances.

6. Glossier

Offering a wide online selection of beauty products, Glossier is a Shopify store that leverages an add to cart upsell popup: 

Slide in cart on Glossier's website that recommends upgrading to a two-piece Cloud Paint bundle to save.
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When a shopper adds Glossier’s Cloud Paint to the cart, they’re presented with an upgrade offer to purchase a second one at a cheaper price per unit. 

This is a smart approach since they know a shopper is already interested in the product and many makeup users love trying out multiple colors.

Shopify upsell popup templates

Getting inspired to launch upsell popups on your Shopify store? Creating your own upsell popup is easy with ConvertFlow’s no-code, drag-and-drop builder. 

Just choose from our library of popup templates. Then, customize for your brand and products.

Here are some templates to get you started:

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