“Shop the Sale” Landing Pages

“Shop the Sale” Landing Pages

6 “Shop the Sale” Landing Pages to Help Showcase Your Next Promotion

Running a holiday sale or time-sensitive promotion? Showcase your offer with a sale landing page. In this guide, we'll look at six "Shop the Sale" landing page examples alongside best practices and ready-to-use templates.

There are few things your customers love more than when you announce a sale. But, running a sale doesn't mean you have to sacrifice return on ad spend and profit margins.

Instead, you can encourage shoppers to spend as much as possible with a dedicated “shop the sale” landing page that showcases your sale details and all the items involved.

This landing page makes it super easy for visitors to browse your on-sale products from one location and add them to their carts while also building urgency with a clear deadline for when your sale ends—so people buy now, not later.

In this guide, we show you what a “shop the sale” landing page is, the best practices for creating one that works, and six excellent examples of this landing page in action to inspire you.

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PLAYBOOK: Promote a Sale with a Products Showcase Landing Page

What is a “shop the sale” landing page?

A “shop the sale” landing page is a kind of landing page that summarizes details of a sale/promotional offer and showcases the products included in said sale. The sale could be for retail marketing dates and holidays such as New Year, Black Friday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, National Superhero Day 🦸🏼‍♀️, and so on.

Whatever the sales campaign you’re promoting, a “shop the sale” landing page will allow customers to find all the items they can shop in that sale in one place.

Sale landing page best practices

Ready to start using “shop the sale” landing pages to prompt shoppers to buy from you? Here are some no-brainer techniques and best practices you can employ to ensure you create these pages the proper way.

  • Be clear on sale details. Your marketing messages must be clear if you want shoppers to know what you’re offering and eventually take action. So, from the hero section of your sale landing page, shoppers should be clear on the sale details.
  • Still communicate value and benefits (not just % off). You can do much more than simply communicating the percentage you’re taking off your products. This is where the use of excellent copywriting comes to play. You should endeavor to use copy that lets shoppers know the extra benefits you’re offering to increase your conversion chances.
  • Build urgency with a timer. Using a timer increases the sense of urgency in shoppers and motivates them to buy stuff before the countdown ends. However, it's vital not to overuse time-limited offers as they’ll lose relevance.
  • Make it easy to navigate. Since you’re showcasing all the products in a sale in one place, it’s essential to make it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for. You can make navigation easy by adding filters and drop-down indicators to the page.
  • Minimize distractions. Even though sale landing pages aren’t like your typical long-form landing pages or presell landing pages, it’s still essential to limit distractions. The “shop the sale” landing page should focus solely on the sale.
  • Make it easy to add products/variants to the cart. The entire point of the sale is to motivate people to buy more, so it’s best practice to make it easy for them to do so. When building out your landing page, ensure it only takes 1-2 clicks for shoppers to add items to their carts.
  • Upsell and cross-sell. Persuading shoppers to purchase an upgraded product or one that complements the one they just bought is one sure way to improve your sales landing page. In addition, you get to boost your Average Order Value (AOV) by upselling and cross-selling.


Boost your AOV by recommending related products in a popup that triggers on add to cart. Here's a template you can use:

Read the add to cart popup playbook

Six sale landing page examples

Here are six real-life examples of ecommerce stores that use a sale landing page that you can be inspired by:

1. The Fragrance Shop’s sale landing page example

The Fragrance Shop (TFS) starts off its sale landing page with a clear “Boxing Day Sale! Up to 70% Off” headline. What follows the headline is copy that encourages shoppers to treat themselves to designer fragrances:

Sale Landing Page Examples: The Fragrance Shop
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As shoppers scroll further down the landing page, they’re met with a vast array of discounted perfumes they could buy. 

What’s interesting about the discounts is that it has two different levels. There’s a discount for regular shoppers and an even bigger discount for TFS members. Seeing how members get more off the perfumes’ recommended retail price would motivate people to consider becoming a TFS member.

2. ASOS’ sales landing page example

ASOS features a lengthy subheading copy under the simple “Women’s Sale” header that details the kind of clothes shoppers would find on this page:

Sale Landing Page Examples: ASOS
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This copy does well to whet shoppers’ appetite for what they’ll find later as they scroll through the page.

Whenever shoppers face the challenge of finding what they’re looking for, they can easily set different criteria on the filter on the page.

3. Nordstrom’s summer sale landing page example

Shoppers know they’re in for a treat immediately after they land on this sale landing page from Nordstrom. The large “Summer Sale Up To 60% Off” headline is hard to miss:

Sale Landing Page Examples: Nordstrom
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However, what’s even more interesting is that shoppers are reminded that this sale isn’t going to last forever. Come September 12, all these items would no longer be on sale. The time-limited nature of the sale no doubt induces the fear of missing out (FOMO) in shoppers.

It’s also easy to navigate through the several products on this page. And as shoppers hover over each item, they can get a quick view that shows more details before deciding whether to add the item to their cart or not:

Nordstrom quick view example

4. Dermstore’s sale landing page example

Dermstore’s sale comes with tiered discount levels ranging from 10%-40% off. This simple filter makes it easy and quick for bargain hunters to find the cheapest items.

Sale Landing Page Examples: Dermstore
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Another great thing about this sale landing page is how easy it is for shoppers to add products to their carts. With a single click, items are added to the cart and ready for checkout.

5. Macy’s sale landing page example

Online retailer Macy’s does an excellent job at creating a sale landing page that works. 

Like the other examples, this page features a filter shoppers can use to find different products quickly. This filter is especially essential for Macy’s as they sell products in various categories:

Sale Landing Page Examples: Macy's
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Macy’s does well to highlight some added value in their sale aside from the percentages taken off the price. For instance, shoppers can earn bonus points or items when they shop the sales. 

But that’s not all. Macy’s also upsells and cross-sells its products to improve the AOV by including a “Frequently Bought Together” and “Customer also loved” section before shoppers make their final purchase:

Macy's upsell and cross-sell examples

This sale landing page uses simple, straight-to-the-point copy and imagery that showcase the products in different angles and colors, all to make buying decisions easier.

6. Coach Outlet’s sale landing page example

Coach Outlet’s Mother’s Day sale can inspire you whenever you want to run a similar campaign.

What we love about this landing page is how Coach Outlet lets you know their pick among all the listed products. By doing so, Coach Outlet assists shoppers to stop overthinking their decision:

Sale Landing Page Examples: Coach Outlet
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In addition, Coach Outlet uses an “Almost Gone” sticker on products that are almost out of stock to increase urgency.

Shop the sale landing page templates

Now that you’ve seen examples of “shop the sale” pages, here are some landing page templates you can use to get started.

Just pick your template, then use ConvertFlow's Shopify landing page app or ecommerce landing page builder to customize as much as you like.

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