Long-Form Landing Pages

Long-Form Landing Pages

6 Long-Form Landing Page Examples That Nail the Art of Persuasion

Nobody makes a significant investment without fully understanding how the product/service will benefit them. This is where long-form landing pages come into the picture—helping persuade visitors to buy. Read how to create effective long-form landing pages backed with six examples and templates to get you started.

Long-form landing pages allow you to convert visitors by providing them with comprehensive info on your product or service.

Done well, they can be highly compelling. But, execute poorly, and you run the risk of losing leads altogether—even the interested ones who came intending to buy.

So to save you from barreling into trouble after having put all the effort into creating a long landing page, we’ve put together this guide. It looks at successful long-form landing page examples you can model yours on, along with templates you can use to get started.

Let’s dive in 👇

What is a long-form landing page?

A long-form landing page is a regular landing page that leverages length to educate visitors about the product/service and persuade them to take action. Businesses that sell products or services that cost a lot, are complicated, or require a big commitment use these landing pages.

Generally speaking:

The more complex your product is and/or the more expensive it is, the more you’ll need to educate visitors to convert them better. For example, you'll need to build up much more trust and understanding to sell a high-ticket ecommerce product than you would to gain a signup to your email list.

But remember: clarity is still crucial, so you don’t need to throw in everything on a landing page.

Instead, the goal should be to persuade to convert—aim to introduce your product, share its benefits, and back all your claims with social proof.

What to include in long-form landing pages

Add the following elements to your landing page to hook visitors and convert them:

  • A compelling headline. Focus on explaining how your product will help the customer. Keep it short and above the fold.
  • Sub-headline. Explain the punchy claim you make in the headline. This shouldn’t be longer than 2-3 lines.
  • Visuals (video and images). Images and videos (if needed) improve your long-form landing page’s readability while humanizing the page and showing your product. Be sure to use only high-quality imagery.
  • Social proof. Nothing helps convert better than what others are saying about your business. Use customer testimonials, star ratings, case studies—even logos of clients you’ve worked with or media publications featuring you.
  • Strong copywriting. Good copywriting engages prospects, encouraging them to convert—focus on writing clear, to the point, and concise copy.
  • Regular CTAs. You’ll need them throughout the landing page to reduce friction in taking action. Consider using a sticky bar that stays with the user as they scroll as well as relevant exit-intent popups to re-engage abandoners.
  • FAQ section (if needed). Address any common objections visitors have throughout your page, and answer any typical questions that visitors may have in a dedicated FAQ section.


Michael Glover

"Crafting long-form landing pages that convert definitely involves both an art and a science aspect. It's something that can go wrong very quickly, usually by the creator sharing so much information that the overall value proposition gets blurred and lacks clarity.

For this reason, I suggest reading up on long-form landing page creation before attempting to create one. Two books I particularly recommend are The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy and Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath."

~ Michael Glover
Content Marketing Manager, ConvertFlow

6 long-form landing page examples

Now for some inspiring long-form landing page examples:

1. Tier 11’s agency long-form landing page example

Tier 11 kicks off their landing page with a solid benefit-centered headline, followed by a short sub-heading explaining they are an agency–which is great to help people categorize and understand your offering:

Long-Form Landing Page Examples: Tier 11
See full page

Right above the fold, they also feature:

  • A mockup image visualizing growth with Facebook Ads
  • A CTA to convert anyone interested already
  • A horizontal bar sharing social proof

Moving down, you’ll see they do a great job at capturing readers’ pain points and sharing how they can help resolve them. This is followed by a readable section explaining how Tier 11 helps:

Tier 11 benefits explainer section

Scroll a little further and they also showcase trust badges and a picture of their Founder.

The aim? Gain visitors’ trust and address their objections and concerns:

Tier 11 overcome fears and objections section

Two more things that level up this landing page:

  • Video customer testimonials (highly compelling) with a short quote for those who don’t want to watch the video
  • An FAQ section that answers any remaining questions visitors may have

Overall, it's a highly compelling landing page.

Yes, it's long-form. But it doesn't drone on and on for the sake of length–instead, each section plays a pivotal role in convincing visitors to take action.

2. Mr. Draper's subscription long-form landing page example

Here again, you’ll see an engaging, benefit-oriented headline, explanatory sub-headline, and a CTA above the fold:

Long-Form Landing Page Examples: Mr. Draper
See full page

What’s different is that Mr. Draper has leveraged a video to explain its service right away. This is a good idea for businesses wanting to show how their service works in steps.

Just below the fold, they then enlist the steps to explain how their service works—best for those who didn’t watch the video.

Then they subtly persuade their reader by showing logos of brands included in their curated collections:

Mr. Draper brands section

The page then lists the benefits of the service by honing in on a key pain point of the target customer—men who want to look stylish, but hate shopping for clothes:

Mr. Draper benefits & value prop section

Further down, Mr. Draper follows this with a strong section providing social proof and addressing concerns (such as hidden fees) that readers may have before closing with an FAQ section.

The page doesn’t just share plain customer reviews for their social proof, though. Instead, they add to the reviews’ credibility with customers’ images.

They also use numbers in the social proof copy to come across as even more compelling:

Mr. Draper social proof section

Notice how this page goes in-depth into addressing all the questions the Mr. Draper visitors may have? This is key to creating effective long-form landing pages.

3. Awayco B2B long-form landing page example

Next up, Awayco’s page features all the essentials above the board, including social proof.

By using action words “start building” and the power word “today,” though, they go the extra mile to encourage action right away:

Long-Form Landing Page Examples: Awayco
See full page

Awayco then continues with social proof to explain the problem its SaaS solves. This helps build a strong foundation for how it can help, which is explained next by sharing benefits mixed in a case study-style testimonial:

Awayco case study section

The page also includes an interactive guide-like section to explain further how Awayco is a complete solution for all the steps readers need to take to create their rental store.

The section is closed with a powerful CTA that addresses a significant hesitation readers may have at this point—the time (and work) it’d take to set up the store:

Awayco explainer section

This is followed by more hard numbers-based social proof, introduction to the person behind the service, spotlight on an added perk (dedicated customer support), and, finally, an FAQ section.

4. Pretty Litter ecommerce long-form landing page example

This Pretty Litter landing page starts with three crucial above-the-fold elements:

  1. A strong headline with specific value proposition
  2. Explanatory sub-heading
  3. A clear CTA
Long-Form Landing Page Examples: Pretty Litter
See full page

Pretty Litter also presents social proof right away in the form of star ratings and logos of publications featuring them.

Next is an explanation of what they do and how they’re different (litter that covers up smell and also changes color if your cat's sick):

Pretty Litter color changing explainer

This is then backed up with a customer testimonial that shows the color-changing diagnosis in action:

Pretty Litter review

After that, the page explains how the service works in three readable steps paired with a horizontal bar showing trust badges.

This is followed by a clever price comparison section sharing how choosing Pretty Litter's subscription service can help people save money vs. other litter options:

Pretty Litter price comparison

This is such a powerful section to include, if you can make it work. Not only does Pretty Litter come across as having the better features, but it's also more economical—making it almost a "no brainer" to purchase.

Further down the page, Pretty Litter strengthens its case by sharing more customer ratings and a bold headline reading “Veterinarian Seal of Approval” with a vet’s quote. Finally, there's a getting started CTA with a prominent risk-free guarantee stamp to tell buyers their money is safe.

5. Case Study Buddy long-form landing page example

Again, this example from Case Study Buddy starts with all the above-the-fold essentials.

The company has played with two CTAs here instead of one. But, that makes sense as anyone wanting to get their service might want to review samples first:

Long-Form Landing Page Examples: Case Study Buddy
See full page

Next, they go deeper into what they do, using:

  • Visual icons
  • Bullet points
  • Plenty of white space to explain in a readable, clutter-free format
  • A results-oriented testimonial
Case Study Buddy features section

This is followed by a deeper dive into explaining why someone should work with them. This time though, they rub readers’ pain points to position themselves as the solution:

Case Study Buddy deep dive section

They pair this section with benefits and highlight that they offer help before going on to wrap up the page with plenty of written and video testimonials and a guarantee to address any final concerns visitors may have.

6. Growth.Design’s course long-form landing page example

This landing page from Growth.Design starts with a punchy headline and supplementary sub-headline. Just below that are creators’ avatars explaining the course's benefits—unique and compelling:

Long-Form Landing Page Examples: Growth.Design
See full page

Immediately afterward, there’s a course breakdown sharing the modules included—providing clarity on exactly what people enrolling will get:

Growth.Design modules section example

Then, this is immediately followed up with a strong review from a current student:

Growth.Design review example

See how they’ve used bold text to make the testimonial easy to read. In fact, the entire landing page is very reader-friendly, which keeps a user scrolling (and becoming more and more convinced to invest).

Next, the page goes on to build desire by talking about:

  • The course’s learning framework
  • How students get to learn at their own pace (addressing a potential objection)
  • Bonus tools and assets students receive
  • The course instructors, including what industry leaders say about them

For those still on the fence, there’s a visually-engaging breakdown of who the course is for:

Growth.Design is this for me? section

This is a really smart move.

It may seem like listing off reasons someone shouldn't buy is going to alienate potential customers. But, it's actually making those in the real target market feel better served and catered for.

The closing section includes the pricing, money-back guarantee, an FAQ section, and more social proof. Overall, it's a very long page—but one that is highly engaging, informative, and persuasive 💪

Long-form landing page templates

Ready to create your long-form landing page?

Use Convertflow’s landing page templates to design your page. This way, you can knock together your landing page in minutes—focusing on the copywriting and adding enticing images while leaving the design work to ConvertFlow.

All you have to do is pick a template, customize it, add your content, and you’re all set 😎

You can even add extra sections, rows, and columns in our easy-to-use builder to get your long-form landing page looking exactly the way you want:

ConvertFlow builder example

Ready to get started? Here are a few templates you can use:

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