Shopify Thank You Page

Shopify Thank You Page

6 Shopify Thank You Page Examples to Enhance Customer Experience & Drive More Sales

Customizing your Shopify thank you page gives you the opportunity to engage customers and even encourage their next purchase. Learn how six ecommerce brands are using their Shopify thank you pages to delight customers and grow LTV. Then create your own with ready-to-use templates.

Your job isn’t done when a customer places their order. You still need to build trust and prove that your product is worth keeping throughout the post-purchase experience. And that starts with your Shopify thank you page.

By going beyond the default and customizing your Shopify thank you page, you can engage customers, improve their post-purchase perception of your brand, and boost lifetime value (LTV). 

For example, use your thank you page to:

  • Increase average order value and drive repeat purchases 
  • Grow referrals and brand awareness on social media 
  • Gather feedback to improve the shopping experience and focus your marketing efforts

Want to learn how to engage shoppers with your order confirmation page?

Start by understanding the essential information to include on your thank you page. Then see how six ecommerce brands go beyond the basics to enhance their Shopify thank you pages to boost customer satisfaction and revenue. 

What is a Shopify thank you page?

A Shopify thank you page, or order confirmation page, is a webpage shown to customers immediately after they complete their purchase.

It shares the order summary and sometimes additional campaigns like post-purchase cross-sells, surveys, referral offers, and more. 

What to include on a Shopify thank you page? 

While it can be tempting to go all out on adding campaigns to your thank you pages, it’s crucial to cover essential order information first and foremost. 

Every good Shopify thank you page will include:

  • Order confirmation: Tell the customer you’ve received their order.
  • Order details: Include all the details about the customer’s order including the products they purchased and their shipping address and payment method.
  • Logistical information: Explain the next steps. For example, tell them you’ll send them an order confirmation email and when they can expect their order to be shipped.

Your default thank you page in Shopify will include essential order details, but if you get into custom themes or decide to rebuild your thank you page from scratch, don't leave these out.

You can also include these additional elements to improve customer experience and LTV: 

  • Link to an FAQ page: This helps customers get answers to any remaining questions they may have after completing their order (like, "What if my shipping address is incorrect?" and other logistical questions).  
  • Marketing campaigns: You can include special programs like loyalty or referral programs. Or cross-sell and upsell offers to boost order values and encourage next purchases. There are tons of creative ways to get customers to keep shopping with you. So test different campaigns to find what drives the best results.
  • Post-purchase survey. Add a short survey asking customers questions that align with your most pressing goals (such as marketing attribution or improving your website conversion rate). If a survey takes longer than a minute to complete, consider adding an incentive for shoppers to complete it. 

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6 Shopify thank you page examples

Now that you have an idea of what to include on your thank you page, learn from six ecommerce brands that use different approaches for different goals on their Shopify thank you pages.

1. Bite’s thank you page helps grows brand awareness 

Eco-friendly personal care brand Bite uses a cash incentive on its thank you page to encourage customers to post about their purchase on TikTok:

Bite's thank you page includes a CTA to post on TikTok in exchange for cash.
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Using this approach Bite turns its customers into brand ambassadors who share product unboxing and review videos on TikTok. 

In turn, this helps new customers discover Bite from their trusted, fellow TikTok users—which is a great way to grow sales using social proof. 

2. Kosas Cosmetics’ thank you page helps retain customers

For shoppers who used Catch as a payment method, clean beauty brand Kosas Cosmetics adds a widget telling shoppers they’ve earned store credit for a future purchase.

There’s also an expiration date, which introduces time sensitivity to prompt buyers to shop again so they don’t miss out:

Kosas' thank you page offers shoppers $10 credit if they pay with Catch on their next order.
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By using a credit-earned program, Kosas drives repeat purchases from its thank you page.

3. Armra’s thank you page helps tackle buyer’s remorse

Superfood supplement brand Armra counters second thoughts on its order confirmation page by featuring customer ratings and reviews under the order details:

Armra's thank you page includes a featured five-star review.
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This is particularly helpful for Armra since it sells health supplements. When people try new supplements, there’s often a question of whether or not it will work. So highlighting reviews right after purchase is a smart choice.

And Armra put careful thought into choosing a descriptive testimonial that lists the exact benefits that one of the supplement users has achieved using its product.

This, in turn, also helps the brand hype the customer about the product they’ve ordered. 

4. Lume’s thank you page gathers customer feedback 

Deodorant brand Lume uses its thank you page to understand marketing attribution better. To this end, it includes a post-purchase survey asking customers a multiple-choice question about the marketing channel they discovered the brand on:

Lume's thank you page includes a post-purchase attribution survey
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In turn, the data helps Lume double down its marketing efforts on channels that are bringing in the most customers.

5. True Classic’s thank you page helps cross-sell

Men’s apparel store True Classic leverages its thank you page to increase average order value (AOV) with a surprise 50% discount on another item:

True Classic's thank you page offers a 50% discount on a bestselling pack of boxers.
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To encourage people to take the offer, True Classic: 

  • Adds a sticky bar on the page with a five-minute countdown timer to create urgency around the offer. This prevents shoppers from overthinking the deal and taking it immediately (after all, the product is at half price).
  • Gamifies the experience by making it a mystery pack
  • Includes a star rating to tell shoppers it’s a customer favorite 

Not only does this cross-selling technique grow True Classic’s AOV, but it also delights its shoppers with the surprise and mystery elements it uses. 

In turn, this improves customers’ experience with the brand—increasing repeat purchases and word of mouth in the long haul. 

6. Glamnetic’s thank you page helps drive sales

Magnetic eyelashes and press-on nails brand Glamnetic boosts repeat orders on its thank you page by:

  • Encouraging customers to get a subscription
  • Giving them discount code for their next order
Glamnetic's thank you page gives shoppers the option to sign up for SMS, subscribe to recurring product deliveries, and browse FAQs. It also features bestselling items to continue shopping.
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The page also: 

  • Shows customers the brand's bestselling items to prompt them to buy again
  • Encourages shoppers to join its email list so Glamnetic can keep in touch and send personalized offers down the line
  • Links to the FAQs page and product tutorials which help clear any confusion shoppers may have regarding their order or using the product itself—indirectly contribute increasing repeat order

Shopify thank you page templates

Engaging your customers beyond the purchase is essential to keep them in your ecommerce conversion funnel.

And thanks to ConvertFlow’s no-code, drag-and-drop builder, adding elements to your order confirmation pages that help you reach business goals is easy.

You can add embeds like the examples above do, or you can even add popups to ensure customers see your offer.

Simply pick a template, customize it for your brand, and add it to your Shopify store's thank you page. Here are a few to get started:

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