Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

6 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas Sure to Drive Sales (Examples & Templates Included)

Running low on Mother’s Day marketing ideas? Dig into this guide packed full of the best Mother’s Day marketing examples and templates you can draw inspiration from for your campaign.

Expenditure on Mother’s Day is increasing. In the US alone, spending has almost doubled in just over a decade—going from $14.6 billion in 2010 to $28 billion in 2021.

This makes it clear: your Mother’s Day marketing ideas have to be stellar to encourage folks to buy from you and increase sales.

So how do you go about creating an attention-grabbing marketing campaign for Mother’s Day?

To show you what's worked for others, we’ve put together this guide with six Mother’s Day marketing examples to jingle your creative gears. And to get you started, we also have a bunch of ready-to-use templates.

Let’s go 👇

Mother’s Day marketing best practices

First things first, follow these best practices to get the basics right for a well-oiled Mother’s Day marketing:

  • Know who your target audience is. In particular, know where your target audience is based so you can launch your Mother’s Day campaign on the right day—be sure to double-check the exact dates in your retail marketing calendar. Remember the following:
    👉  Mother’s Day in the US, Canada, and Australia is celebrated in May
    👉  Mother’s Day in the UK is typically celebrated in March
  • Learn your audience’s preferences before planning a campaign. Instead of assuming, ask your audience. Host social media polls to learn what gifts your target buyers are planning to give to their mothers. Also, ask your newsletter or Facebook group community. Alternatively, host a survey on your site to learn about your audience’s preferences.
  • Offer a variety of gifts for all mothers. Plan to attract buyers across the board by offering gift options for all mothers, including mothers-to-be, new mothers, toddlers’ mothers, working mothers, and more.
  • Keep it simple. If you find yourself confused, stick with what’s simple but valuable. A site message announcing a limited-time collection or discount might work better than an elaborate, hard-to-manage social media campaign, for example.
  • Leverage content marketing. Be sure to create Mother’s Day-specific content such as listicles sharing gift ideas and social media content to generate hype around your campaign.
  • Pre-announce your campaign. Build excitement by messaging your email and/or SMS list(s) to prep them for any sales or campaigns you're going to run.
  • Trigger FOMO. And finally, it’s essential you tell buyers your deal or collection is available for a short time only. This instills fear of missing out (FOMO), encouraging people to act. Make sure you use FOMO-triggering words ("limited edition," "limited time," "don’t miss," etc.). You can also set a countdown timer on your site to feature the remaining time of your promotion.

When is the best time to start Mother's Day marketing?

In the US, the search for Mother’s Day gifts starts from the beginning of April and peaks between the first week of May until Mother’s Day.

It’s the same in the UK, where the search starts around February 3rd to 17th and peaks between March 7th to 13th, according to Google Trends.

This means launching your campaign 3-4 weeks before Mother’s Day is a great idea.

Mother’s Day marketing ideas & examples

Now for inspiring Mother’s Day marketing examples:

1.  Kay Jewelers’ Mother’s Day gift guide

While you can always write blog posts containing your best ideas, a sales-boosting idea is to create a landing page-based gift guide. 

Take a page from Kay Jewelers:

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas: Kay Jewelers
See full page

The special thing about Kay's landing page guide? They made navigation easy by providing categories.

First, they offer broad options of shopping “personalized gifts,” “all gifts,” and “top-rated gifts.” This way, shoppers can choose based on what type of gift they want to give—a personalized one or one that’s popular among mothers:

Kay Jewelers gift guide example 1

Second, they offer four categories that help buyers shop by budget:

Kay Jewelers gift guide example 2

Finally, Kay offers general product categories before sharing the exclusive collections:

Kay Jewelers gift guide example 3

Most of all, the hero section at the top of this landing page features a background video with a variety of different “types” of mothers–young, senior, toddler moms, etc. This sends a clear message to visitors: gifts are available for all mothers on Kay Jewelry. 

2. Simon & Schuster’s  #BooksToGiveMom campaign

Simon & Schuster hosted an excellent #BooksToGiveMom campaign that was marketed on both the company's social channels and website.

For social media, S&S created a video that featured authors like Alice Hoffman and Jared Cohen to talk about how their mothers got them to read their first book.

Don’t have that kind of a budget to splurge?

Do what Simon & Schuster did to market this Mother’s Day campaign on its site—create a landing page-based guide complete with a freebie announcement:

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas: Simon & Schuster
See full page

The landing page guide shares books from different genres to help folks pick books for their mothers.

This embedded CTA offering a freebie halfway down the page is a great incentive, too. It lets them capture leads in case people aren’t willing to buy right away:

Simon & Schuster embedded form CTA example

There’s also an overlay popup that shows after you spend a set amount of time on the page. This is a great add-on to use in case anybody scrolls past the initial embedded form offer mentioned above:

Simon & Schuster Mother's Day popup example

Like Simon & Schuster, be sure to create embedded forms and popups to announce your offer.

3. Hallmark’s Mother’s Day special products

This is a great way to instill FOMO—launch a limited-time, exclusive collection. People are also likely to buy these products since they’re specific to mothers.

Hallmark took this approach with specific Mother's Day gifts and cards:

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas: Hallmark
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The page immediately confirms there’s a Mother’s Day card for everyone by providing filters for different types of buyers:

Hallmark Mother's Day filters

The bottom of the page also features links to helpful content such as breakfast in bed ideas for Mother’s Day. This is an effective way to double the value you’re offering to your buyers. 

4. MAC Cosmetics’ limited-edition bundles

Like Hallmark, MAC Cosmetics also created a limited-time offer.

What’s different, however, is that MAC didn’t launch new products. Rather, the company compiled existing products into interesting kits available for a limited-time only (again, think: FOMO).

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas: MAC Cosmetics
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The landing page also makes it easy to shop by categorizing items into:

  • Limited-edition kits
  • Gifts under $25
  • Bestsellers
  • Skincare essentials

Most of all: there’s an embedded site message with an attention-grabbing headline and strong copywriting that reads: “Gift perfectly with smartgift.”

MAC Cosmetics smartgift promo

Once clicked, it leads buyers to shop gift cards:

MAC Cosmetics gift card options

This is an excellent option to offer to those who have mothers who prefer to shop for their own makeup.

5. Allswell’s #BanTheBrunch campaign

This campaign from Allswell is great as it’s all based around research the brand did with its customers. Based on their survey of 1,000 moms, Allswell found that a lot of moms would prefer to just stay in bed on Mother’s Day instead of being dragged to brunch.

So, the team created a #BanTheBrunch campaign and aligned it with Allswell’s bedding product line:

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas: Allswell
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They tripled the fun with three more marketing tactics:

1️⃣ A giveaway

Allswell incorporated a giveaway landing page by encouraging mothers to share photos and videos of them staying in bed with their kid(s) on Instagram to enter their mattress competition:

Allswell Mother's Day giveaway example

2️⃣ Discount on purchase

Allswell encouraged sales by offering a $100 discount on mattress purchases using its Mother’s Day campaign code:

Allswell Mother's Day discount code

3️⃣ Influencer marketing

Lastly, Allswell built hype by pairing with influencers on social media:

6. IKEA’s gifts for all moms landing page

IKEA Canada also designed a gift guide. But, they differentiated it by creating a twist in the categories—gifts for different types of mothers:

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas: IKEA
See full page

This shop by theme section offers a table of contents to make navigation easy for visitors:

IKEA shop by theme section

To add, IKEA shares more ideas for anyone who doesn’t find a suitable gift within its guide:

IKEA Mother's Day gift inspiration content

All this provides a whole host of ideas for IKEA to drive its board audience to, while giving them buying advice tailored to them and their needs.

Mother's Day marketing templates

Got Mother’s Day marketing ideas flowing already? Start planning now.

To speed things up, use these ConvertFlow templates for popups, sticky bars, embedded site messages, and other CTAs:

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