Shopify Landing Page

Shopify Landing Page

Shopify Landing Page Examples & Templates

Quickly creating custom pages for different offers and people is a key part of growing your Shopify business. This is where a Shopify landing page comes in useful - here are all the examples and templates you need.

Shopify is a great solution for building out an ecommerce store. But for launching customized landing pages at scale? Not so much.

Maybe you want to grow your email list with an ebook download. Or drive VIP customers to a 'secret' offer. Or test out a long-form "sales letter" page for one of your best selling products.

To make anything like this work, you'll need to create a dedicated page for traffic to land on.

So in this article, we cover everything you need to know on creating a Shopify landing page. Including how to actually do it, the key conversion ingredients involved, and some examples and templates for you to use.

What is a Shopify landing page?

A Shopify landing page is essentially any page on your Shopify site that you drive traffic directly to. This could be pushing a single product, collection of products, ebook, webinar signup, pre-sale list - pretty much anything that has conversion in mind.

So why not just create landing pages in Shopify itself?

You can! It's just a bit complicated and clunky because this isn't what Shopify was really designed for.

For example, you'll likely want greater layout control, as well as being able to quickly create and test a variety of new pages at scale. So it's usually easier to just use a Shopify page builder instead.

6 Shopify landing page examples

Unsure what your Shopify landing page should look like? Here are six examples for you to take inspiration from - including ideas for homepages, ebooks, products, and beyond.

1. Beardbrand Shopify home page example

Beardbrand is a great example of a store adopting a 'landing page thought process' on its homepage. In other words, conversion is top of mind.

Many Shopify stores simply add a link to "All Products" or "Best Sellers" and hope users find what they're looking for. Beardbrand, on the other hand, push you towards a quiz to segment users and provide tailored recommendations:

Shopify Landing Page: Beardbrand home page
See full page

2. Pretty Litter Shopify landing page example

Got only a handful of products in your catalog? Or have a few best sellers that you want to drive even greater conversions on? A longer "sales letter" style landing page might work wonders.

Pretty Litter does this brilliantly for its subscription cat litter:

Shopify Landing Page Examples: Pretty Litter
See full page

There's just this one product available on the entire store. So Pretty Litter go all in on communicating how good it is, including sections on:

  • Showing the product as a solution to specific pain points
  • How subscribing saves you money in the long run
  • Testimonials and social proof
  • Advocacy from vets
  • Objection relieving guarantees

All this takes it way beyond what you'd find on your typical Shopify product page. Take a look at it in full here.

3. The Lip Bar Shopify collection page

The Lip Bar does a great job offering a personalized service on its face kits collection page. Users can simply choose the skin complexion relevant to them, and Lip Bar builds a curated kit around it:

The Lip Bar Shopify collection page
See full page

Adding this personalized touch is a great way to drive conversions upwards.

4. Some Pretty SEO Shopify landing page

Some Pretty SEO isn't an ecommerce business, but they do sell a physical book. And this landing page is perfect if you plan on selling something similar on your Shopify store.

The page gives a big, high quality image of the book itself, and even has a secondary CTA to get a free preview:

Shopify Landing Page Examples: Some Pretty SEO
See full page

It then goes on to give a more detailed description of what's covered inside:

Some Pretty SEO landing page description

Before finally covering some testimonials from people who've already read the book:

Some Pretty SEO testimonials

5. Nomatic Shopify landing page example

Nomatic sell backpacks, suitcases, and a wide range of functional travel gear. But this means it can be a little confusing for users to decipher what they need to buy.

This custom bundles page Nomatic created addresses this problem perfectly:

Nomatic custom bundle Shopify landing page example
See full page

People can review individual product pages, then come to the custom builder to combine the items they want. Plus, there are even bulk buy savings on offer too.

6. Thread Shopify landing page

Thread is another great example of a home page being used with conversion top of mind. The company sells clothes, but the main USP is the automated personal styling recommendations on offer.

This is why the simple home page heavily pushing you towards starting the style quiz is so effective:

Shopify Landing Page Examples: Thread

The copy is also great. Who wouldn't want to dress better in exchange for just three minutes of their time? It's clear, simple, and effective.

From here, you'll be taken through a wizard asking you about yourself and personal preferences. And the Thread algorithm spits out the clothes it thinks you'll look best in.

Keys to a successful landing page

A successful Shopify landing page isn't just about a nice design. There are some key principles that go into maximizing the likelihood of a conversion.

Here's a run through of some good conversion copywriting principles to remember:

  1. Drive relevant, targeted traffic to the page
  2. Make your overall offer compelling, with a strong value proposition
  3. Focus on benefits, not just listing features
  4. Have a clear call-to-action
  5. Make your call-to-action consistent across the page and value focused. E.g. Use "Send me the ebook" rather than just "Subscribe"
  6. Show social proof - like any big website or publication your brand has appeared in
  7. Show reviews, ratings, and testimonials
  8. Be trustworthy - run on a secure https server, offer multiple payment options, etc.
  9. Utilize scarcity and urgency where possible
  10. Overcome objections with guarantees, free trials, and strong return policies
  11. Cater for all devices with a responsive design

You don't have to check every single one of these off when designing your landing pages. Even our examples above don't do that.

The key is to focus on your audience's needs, and the best way of persuading them to take the specific action you want.

If this requires something super clear and to-the-point (like Thread), then so be it. If you need to be more detailed and descriptive (like Pretty Litter), then that's the way to go.

How to make a landing page on Shopify

Ready to start creating a landing page for your Shopify site? You have three options:

  1. Create a custom template in Shopify (Coding required; not scalable)
  2. Custom design your collections pages in Shopify (Coding optional; not scalable)
  3. Use a third-party Shopify landing page app like ConvertFlow (No code; easily scalable)

You can get started building your landing right now with any of our landing page templates. Just pick your template below, create a free account, and use the Shopify landing page examples above for inspiration.

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