Lead Generation Quizzes

Lead Generation Quizzes

6 Engaging Lead Generation Quiz Examples You Can Use to Drive Sales

Lead generation quizzes are a great way to engage your website visitors while capturing emails and directing them toward the right product. This guide shares six lead generation quiz examples with templates to create your own.

Many marketers have gotten predictable with their lead generation.

These days, it’s not good enough to promise "exclusive content" or simply say "signup for our newsletter" in exchange for an email address. Instead, website visitors want something that’ll either entertain, educate, or inspire them.

Lead generation quizzes fit that bill.

The right quiz can grab someone's attention and keep them highly engaged. Not only that, but it gives marketers a chance to listen to people's problems and prescribe a particular product or piece of content as a solution—all on autopilot.

So in this article, we’ll share the different quiz types you can use to generate leads, alongside six lead generation quiz examples and a bunch of templates to help you get started on your own.

What is a lead generation quiz?

A lead generation quiz is a type of interactive content that asks website visitors a series of questions to help them achieve a specific outcome. The quiz uses pre-determined flows to guide each respondent in a particular direction based on their answers, which could be anything from a piece of content to a specific product recommendation.

Quizzes are excellent lead generation tools because visitors usually need to enter an email address before viewing the answer. That gets them on your email list for future retargeting—and collects segmentation data about them in the process.

Types of lead generation quizzes

There are various types of lead generation quiz. Some may be more familiar to you than others.

Amongst the most popular is the “What X are you?” quiz, made popular by Buzzfeed (which seems to have one on every topic imaginable). They spread like wildfire on social media, but have little-to-no direct revenue being made off the back of it.

However, you can use the following types of lead generation quizzes to direct people towards a product or service:

  • Ecommerce shop quizzes (like product recommendations)
  • Consultation quizzes (like a medical symptom checker)
  • Product personalization (like a workout plan)

Generally speaking, the key is to keep the process useful and/or entertaining. If you can do this while tying the outcome directly into your products or services, you'll be on to a winner.

Quick tips for making your quiz

Before we get into the examples, here are some quick tips to keep in mind when building your own lead generation quiz:

Lead generation quiz best practices

  • Make it engaging. Whether you’re explaining a medical symptom or telling someone which Disney princess they’re most like, entertain or educate people with your quiz.
  • Think about the end goal. The goal of your quiz is to collect their email addresses. So, add a form at the end of the quiz to send the results via email.
  • Make it relevant. Get high-quality leads by creating a quiz that’s uber-relevant to the products or services you offer.
  • Keep it easy to understand. Don’t overwhelm people with too many options. Stick to a maximum of three answers per question.
  • Solve a burning question or problem. What do your customers struggle with the most? Create your quiz around that.

6 lead generation quiz examples

Have we convinced you that you need a lead generation quiz for your site yet? If so, good! Here are six great examples to draw inspiration from:

1. Undersun Fitness product recommendation quiz

Undersun Fitness is an online fitness retailer specializing in resistance bands and related workout programs. But, the brand also has a great ecommerce quiz example to study.

With so many products available for sale on its website, Undersun guides customers toward the best solution to meet their goals via this lead generation quiz:

There's a series of questions covering topics like fitness experience, goals, and desired workout location. All helping Undersun create a product recommendation quiz and take a prescriptive approach to ecommerce sales.

As a final sweetener, Undersun offers a $10 discount code at the end—encouraging people to both enter their email and follow through with making a purchase.

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2. Amelia Gray Skincare product recommendation quiz

Amelia Gray Skincare is another ecommerce brand using lead generation quizzes to deliver personalized product recommendations:

The quiz starts by asking what a person's skin feels like after washing:

Amelia Gray quiz question

Visitors are then invited to describe their pores and the texture of their skin, before being asked to enter their email in exchange for the results.

Once complete, the quiz explains what their skin type is and recommends the best products for them:

Amelia Gray quiz last step

This final step is an excellent little piece of conversion copywriting. It agitates the problem further and offers a specific solution—all in just a couple of sentences.

3. Hims haircut quiz

Here’s another example of how ecommerce brands can use lead generation quizzes. Hims has a quiz that promises to tell people which haircut they should get based on your hair and facial features:

What’s interesting about this quiz, though, is that it doesn’t ask for a person's email address.

Instead, Hims tries to make the quiz experience as simple as possible. Just three answers is all they need to direct people towards a haircut recommendation.

What's more, they use the information provided to push a personalized recommendation of the company's hair loss prevention products. A great example of a quiz providing something genuinely useful while still tying back to sales.

4. Pampered Chef cooking personality quiz

Earlier, we briefly touched on the fact that the most successful quizzes are entertaining. This one from Pampered Chef shows how to do that.

The website's cooking personality quiz is in the same Buzzfeed-style that gets people to share their results on social media:

Once someone knows their personality type, they’re presented with "power tools" and recipes that suit their lifestyle:

Pampered Chef final quiz step

5. Brittany Berger B2B consulting quiz

It’s not just B2C brands that can generate leads through quizzes. Brittany Berger, a marketing consultant, uses this quiz to engage potential clients looking for her services:

It ties pop culture (something entertaining) with content strategy (the service she offers). This makes it the perfect lead generation quiz to collect the email addresses of people thinking of hiring her.

On top of this, it also helps differentiate Brittany from others in what is a crowded marketplace by showcasing her personality to potential clients.

6. Spongellé fragrance quiz

Perfume is surely one of the hardest products to sell online. There's no possible way for website visitors to test out how it smells before they buy.

This lead generation quiz example from Spongellé offers an innovative solution:

It collects vital information about their lead (including the scents they like). This is used to make a recommendation and for future retargeting.

When a visitor completes the quiz, they’re shown a product that best suits them, based on the answers they’ve given:

Spongellé final quiz step

This singular product recommendation reduces overwhelm—the straightforward CTA (to add the item to your online cart) makes it super clear what someone's next steps should be.

Lead generation quiz templates

As you can see, there’s more to lead generation than stale CTAs. Quizzes are a fun, interactive way to:

  • Get people engaged
  • Deliver personalized recommendations
  • Capture a visitor's email address

Making your own also doesn't have to be complicated. ConvertFlow has a range of ready-to-use quiz templates, all completely customizable to your own needs.

Simply use our quiz builder or Shopify quiz app to tweak the brand colors, adjust the questions to suit your business, and embed it on your site. You’ll soon start to see the power of lead gen quizzes 🙌

Here's a few templates to get you started:

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