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How Undersun Fitness Uses A Quiz to Drive 27% Lead Capture Rates & Create A Personalized Ecommerce Experience

Undersun Fitness is one of the fastest-growing ecommerce brands in today’s health and fitness space.

Although the company began as a one-person show, the founder and his team successfully positioned it as the undisputed authority on resistance band training. And they did it in just a few years.

Of course, head-spinning success and sales growth don’t happen by chance. And that’s why we’re going to look at how Undersun strategically built an automated quiz funnel that makes personalized product recommendations while capturing more leads and driving revenue 24/7/365.

In the next few minutes, you’ll see:

  • How Undersun uses quizzes to capture leads and drive conversions
  • Why taking a prescriptive approach can help explode your sales
  • A step-by-step teardown of Undersun’s high-performing quiz funnel
  • How the company promotes its quiz across multiple channels

Plus, we’ll give you free access to quiz templates you can use to launch your own high-converting recommendation quiz in a matter of minutes!

Ready? Let’s dive in 👇

The Undersun Fitness origin story

Over the last three decades, James Grage has enjoyed an exciting journey in the fitness industry. Like many teenage boys, he started lifting weights in his garage and eventually found his way into the gym.

But, it wasn’t long until James took his passion to the next level and ventured into the world of competitive bodybuilding.

Early on, he took a conventional approach and trained primarily with heavyweights. However, while working at Weider, publisher of popular fitness magazines like Muscle & Fitness, James began to explore linear variable resistance training. And it wasn’t until he started combining resistance bands with free weights that his progress really took off.

Although this new approach produced results faster than any other workout method James had tried, he found the resistance bands available at the time to be too thick and bulky.

He also couldn't find much information about the companies making them. The manufacturers didn’t show how their bands were made, and they offered little or no training on how to use the bands effectively.

So one day, James thought, "Hey, if I’m committed to doing resistance band training for myself, why don’t I make what I’m doing accessible to everyone else?" And that’s when he got the idea to start Undersun Fitness.

Fast-forward to today, Undersun is a fast-growing fitness brand that’s positioned as the leading authority on resistance band training.

Although brand building and growth are essential drivers, James and his team aren’t just hawking resistance bands and workout programs. They sincerely want to help people create a better quality of life through fitness.

And from what we can see, they’re on the right track. Because resistance bands are portable and time-efficient, they give people the freedom and flexibility to workout almost anywhere without sacrificing progress. 

Taking a prescriptive approach to fitness training

In its efforts to help customers achieve their fitness goals, Undersun takes a prescriptive approach designed to accommodate the workout needs of each person. After all, everyone’s body type and objectives are different.

In the past, you’d sit down with a personal trainer who would ask you a series of questions to help tailor a fitness program to your specific goals, needs, and preferences. However, in today’s environment, face-to-face consultations are not always practical.

And that’s why Undersun created an automated evaluation process that allows the company to recommend personalized fitness programs to people visiting its ecommerce website.

Using quizzes to capture leads and drive conversions

When it comes to quizzes, Undersun is a ConvertFlow power user. 

As soon as you open its home page, you’ll see a button that links to a landing page with a quiz that asks various questions to help Undersun recommend the best product and program to each site visitor:

Undersun Fitness home page hero quiz button

At first glance, most people would think Undersun’s shop quiz is just an automated way to tailor product recommendations to the needs of inbound website visitors.


Ecommerce and digital marketers would be interested in knowing that the quiz is the first step of a conversion funnel that generates enviable results for Undersun’s marketing team.

Undersun’s quiz funnel: A step-by-step teardown

If the success of your job or business depends on generating more qualified leads and converting them into paying customers, you’ll find this teardown of Undersun’s quiz and conversion funnel helpful.

Quiz landing page

When you click on the "Take the Quiz" button on Undersun’s home page mentioned above, you’re directed to a specific landing page:

Quiz landing page home step

Having the quiz on its own dedicated page like this is a great idea. It removes distractions, allowing respondents to focus purely on completing the quiz in its entirety.

Here’s where James and his team’s prescriptive approach starts. They use an automated step-by-step process to provide accurate, personalized product recommendations to new visitors and potential customers.

Let's quickly run through each step:

Quiz step 1 

Upon beginning the quiz, the first question appears, asking people to define their gender.

You’ll also see that Undersun provides visitors with an array of accessibility tools that make using the company’s website easier for those with physical disabilities:

Quiz step 1

Quiz step 2

The second question asks about the person's age. This, of course, helps Undersun get an idea of how old the visitor is:

Quiz step 2

Age is important because our fitness goals, needs, and physical capabilities tend to change over time. Meaning this is a critical question for Undersun to be able to prescribe the right program.

Quiz step 3

Next, the quiz asks prospects to bracket their experience level into one of:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
Quiz step 3

Undersun does an excellent job of helping people at different experience levels achieve the outcomes they want. That’s why it offers a complete line of resistance bands, programs, and accessories designed to meet customers’ workout and lifestyle needs at each stage of their fitness journey.

Quiz step 4

The fourth question is to determine where someone will do most of their workouts:

Quiz step 4

Again, this helps with the kind of program and equipment that will eventually be recommended.

Quiz step 5

Next, the quiz asks visitors to define their primary fitness goal. In this case, it's a choice between "Build Muscle" or "Lose Weight."

Quiz step 5

Quiz step 6

After defining their primary goal, Undersun’s quiz drills down and tries to get a better idea of exactly what visitors are trying to achieve.

If you chose "Build muscle" on the previous step, you'll now get a list of four possible goals under that umbrella:

  1. Build Mass
  2. Build Mass + Lose Fat
  3. Improve Fitness
  4. Maintain Fitness
Quiz step 6

This might seem like overkill at first glance. But if you have the programs and/or advice to back it up, a step like this only increases the chance of a sale down the road by allowing you to be even more personalized with the solution offered.

Quiz step 7

The last question pivots to uncover the person’s primary fitness challenge by asking: "What’s stopping you from achieving your goals?"

Here, people need to select from a few common obstacles to reaching their fitness objectives.

Possible obstacles include:

  • Don’t have the time
  • Feeling frustrated
  • Don’t know how
  • Not feeling motivated
Quiz step 7

This is a genius step from Undersun. It allows them to prescribe a solution and remove roadblocks to finding value—meaning happier customers, fewer returns, and more spending further down the line.

Quiz step 8

After completing the quiz, visitors see a final list building step with the copy: “Ready to see your results?”

This question is followed by a form asking people for their email address in exchange for seeing their results and receiving a $10 discount code:

Quiz step 8

After going through this multi-step process, most people are sufficiently motivated to provide their email address in exchange for the personalized results. And the offer of $10 in savings is an added incentive that helps convert more website visitors into Undersun email subscribers.

Converting leads to customers

Of course, there’s much more to success here than the quiz itself. Undersun takes a genuine conversion marketing approach by guiding respondents down a funnel that’s personalized to their individual answers.

This happens over two steps:

Step 1: Agitate the problem

After completing the quiz, Undersun uses conditional actions to direct visitors to a video landing page relevant to the problems that person said they’re experiencing.

Crucially, this is not the final product page. Instead, Undersun prefaces the product page with a landing page that:

  • Agitates the problem further
  • Introduces and explains Undersun's solution

Here’s an example of the type of targeted landing page Undersun shows people when they complete the quiz:

Notice the prescriptive nature of the hero copy and how focused it is on the specific pain points raised in the quiz answers.

There’s even a video further down the page that agitates those pain points even further, while positioning Undersun’s program as the solution:

PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) is a well-known conversion copywriting formula. This landing page and video does a phenomenal job agitating the problem people are experiencing, before moving on to the next step going deeper on Undersun’s solution.

Step 2: Make the sale

After prospects watch the video, a "Get Started" button directs them to a sales page with a recommended product and training program oriented towards their particular goals and fitness personality.

Undersun currently offers four different programs designed to meet the needs of most people who want to improve their health and workouts:

  • TA2 Build
  • TA2 Bodyshock
  • TA2 Size On Bundle
  • TA2 Lean Build

You can check out how the company positions its different programs here.

When I completed the quiz, it recommended Undersun’s TA2 Build program, which doesn’t require me to go to a gym to get the results I’m looking to achieve.

The TA2 Build program offers the resistance bands, accessories, and training someone would need to workout from home or almost anywhere. And it only requires about 45 minutes a day to see measurable results.

Here's the product page you're directed to for this:

This is an excellent product page in its own right, objectively speaking.

But just stop and think for a moment how much more impactful it is when prefaced by that first landing page. The problem is built up so much by Undersun that the solution on this page becomes so much more enticing for visitors.

Now that you’ve seen how Undersun uses a product recommendation quiz to segment site visitors and deliver a personalized buying experience, you may be thinking: "Wow! I could use that kind of quiz in my business."

If that’s the case, here’s a fitness quiz template you can use right now:

Need something a little different? There's plenty more quiz templates in the ConvertFlow template library 🙌

Email follow up

Most experienced marketers know that capturing leads and making a personalized product recommendation is usually just the beginning of the conversion process.

That’s why we’re going to look at other marketing activities Undersun uses to connect with prospects and guide them through the buyer’s journey. 

As mentioned before, Undersun’s quiz requires visitors to enter an email address to see their results and receive a $10 discount code. This allows James and his team to follow up with subscribers through an automated email sequence.

Here’s a quick teardown of the "Test Results" email I received:

Undersun quiz follow-up email teardown

In the email above, you’ll see how Undersun combines the appeal of a personalized recommendation with time-tested conversion tactics like:

  • Urgency
  • Social proof
  • Visual trust elements

All helping to persuade prospects to click-through and place their first order.

The subsequent emails in the series follow a similar theme which helps Undersun’s team re-engage prospects and nudge them into buying.

Promoting the recommendation quiz

As mentioned earlier, when you land on Undersun’s site, you’ll see that the quiz button is featured prominently on the home page.

But James and his team don’t stop there.

They know this quiz just plain works. A whopping 27% completion rate is evidence of this:

Quiz conversion stats

So, Undersun goes big on promoting the quiz across product pages, blog posts, and even social media.

Let's dive a little deeper on all of these.

1. Embedded CTAs on product pages

Undersun subtly promotes the quiz by sprinkling embedded calls-to-action throughout product pages and other web content.

Below, you can see two examples of embedded CTAs promoting the recommendation quiz as they appear on Undersun’s product pages.

In this first example, Undersun has a short paragraph designed to meet readers where they are and offer them an opportunity to take the quiz to discover the best program for them:

Embedded CTA to quiz example 1

The second embedded CTA uses the same approach and copy enhanced by more striking graphics:

Embedded CTA to quiz example 2

Personally, I find the second CTA more engaging and "on brand" than the first. But the point is that wherever you are on a product or solution page, there's always these embedded forms around to act as secondary calls-to-action when someone is on the fence about making a purchase.

2. Blog content

Undersun produces some stellar educational content on its site as both blog posts and podcasts.

And guess what the CTA usually is on these content pieces? That's right, the quiz 🙌

Undersun promotes it with contextual calls-to-action in articles, blog posts, and case studies, like the one below:

Case study to quiz example

There’s nothing more compelling in the fitness space than real-life stories about customers who’ve achieved their fitness goals. That’s why Undersun uses lots of before & after pictures, testimonials, and other forms of social validation to prove that its products and programs help customers get the results they’re looking for.

3. Social media

Most marketers would agree that no ecommerce or digital marketing strategy would be complete without cross-channel follow-up.

On this point, Undersun does a phenomenal job with its social strategy.

In fact, SimilarWeb estimates that social accounts for almost 14% of Undersun's 165K monthly visitors:

Undersun SimilarWeb traffic sources

And, once again, the quiz is promoted heavily on a lot of posts across Undersun's different channels.

For example:

In the Facebook post below, Undersun shares an image of the product in action followed by a direct link to the quiz:

Facebook post to quiz example

YouTube is also particularly successful for Undersun. Stats at time of writing show:

Undersun SimilarWeb social traffic breakdown

The videos themselves are always interesting, detailed, well-produced, and (most importantly of all) genuinely helpful to viewers.

Each one usually then has a call-to-action at the top of the description pushing people into taking the quiz:

YouTube video to quiz example

Take a look at the Undersun strategy for yourself across its different channels:

You'll notice that the content is primarily focused on being helpful and providing value. Then, it's all about funneling people back to the quiz and into the top of Undersun's funnel.

Your prescription for ecommerce success

Alright! Now you’ve seen how Undersun expertly leverages a multi-step quiz to capture more online leads and deliver personalized product recommendations that drive conversions and create happier customers.

This prescriptive approach helps Undersun build its brand and generate more revenue while reinforcing its position as the de facto authority on resistance band training in today’s marketplace.

It also helps to fulfill the founder’s vision and purpose for starting the company: to provide "best in breed" fitness products supported by world-class training that helps people achieve their goals and improve the overall quality of their lives.

If you work in the ecommerce space or are responsible for growing online sales and conversions for almost any kind of business, take a minute to review Undersun’s recommendation quiz funnel and imagine how this approach could be applied to your business.

Also, feel free to share this case study with your team. This way, they’ll understand how to help you implement this approach in your company.

By the way, if you’d like to easily launch a product recommendation quiz on your website, start a free 14-day trial of ConvertFlow and adapt one of the quiz templates to your specific goals and needs. What’s best is you can quickly launch your quiz without writing a single line of code.

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