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ConvertFlow 101

Getting set up is fast and easy. Just follow the ConvertFlow 101 course and you’ll be launched in no time.

Course Overview

The definitive crash course on using ConvertFlow, made by ConvertFlow's team.

  • Get introduced to the ConvertFlow platform and see all the ways it can help you become a better marketer, streamline your workflow and grow your business.
  • Discover the anatomy of the funnel builder, from the design controls to personalization rules and integration settings.
  • How to launch your first campaign, whether it's a popup, embed or landing page.
  • How to install ConvertFlow on your website.


Jonathan Denney
Co-Founder & CTO, ConvertFlow
Ethan Denney
Co-Founder & CEO, ConvertFlow
Mariana Borja
Product Support Specialist at ConvertFlow
Michael Glover
Marketing Manager, ConvertFlow
Videos & Written Lessons
39 minutes
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Course Templates