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ConvertFlow 101 – Getting Started

Getting setup is fast and easy. Just follow the ConvertFlow 101 course and you’ll be ConvertFlow'n in no time.


Jonathan Denney

Jonathan is Co-Founder & CTO at ConvertFlow. As ConvertFlow's chief MarTech geek, he's all about creating no-code products for marketers.

Course Overview

The definitive crash course on using ConvertFlow, made by ConvertFlow's co-founder & product lead.

  • Get introduced to the ConvertFlow platform and see all the ways it can help you become a better marketer, streamline your workflow and grow your business.
  • Discover the anatomy of the visual call-to-action builder, from the design controls to personalization rules and integration settings.
  • Learn how to create, personalize and launch popups, sticky bars, embedded calls-to-action and landing pages.
  • Get a walkthrough on how to properly install ConvertFlow on your website, with tutorials for each popular website CMS.
Videos & Written Lessons
39 minutes
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Course Templates

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