Product Bundle Landing Pages

Product Bundle Landing Pages

6 Product Bundle Landing Pages That Showcase Value & Maximize Revenue

Bundling products together is a great way to boost your order values. But, you need a quality landing page to showcase your offer. Here are six product bundle landing page examples to inspire you—with ready-to-use templates included.

Product bundling not only increases profit but is also proven to encourage customers to buy now instead of later. 

But no matter how good your product bundle is, you can’t drive sales without a bundle landing page that clearly and persuasively highlights the benefits. 

Lots of things go into creating such a high-converting bundle landing page, though. Things like:

  • Social proof 
  • Persuasive copy 
  • Clear CTAs 

And more. 

Not sure how to design a product bundle landing page that brings in sales? 

We’ve got you covered with this guide that takes you through the best practices to design high-converting bundle landing pages as well as six real-life bundle landing page examples to inspire you. We’ve also got templates to help you get started right away.

Let’s get on with it 👇

What is a product bundle landing page?

A product bundle landing page is a page featuring either a single bundle or a range of bundles that shoppers can choose from. The idea is to create bundles of complementary products that solve a specific problem, before using your landing page to communicate the value proposition.

Bundle landing page best practices

As you design a bundle landing page, keep the following best practices in your mind: 

  • Write compelling copy. Instead of focusing on how good the bundle is, share how it’ll help the buyer solve their problem.
  • Always include social proof. Include what others say about the bundle to show interested buyers how they can use the same product collection to solve their problems.
  • Include one, clear CTA. Make sure you keep the CTA’s copy short and use a contrasting color for the button so buyers don’t miss it. 
  • Add strong product visuals. High-quality product images show visitors what’s included in the bundle, encouraging them to buy it. 
  • Use a clutter-free landing page design. This will help keep your audience on your page—making it easy to convey your bundle’s value. Don’t forget to optimize the page for mobile so mobile shoppers can easily buy from their devices.

6 product bundle landing page examples

Let’s now take you through real-life examples of bundle landing page examples that show all the principles we discussed above in action:

1. Sculpd’s pottery starter bundles landing page

Sculpd’s bundle landing page provides all the essential information any visitor needs to buy the bundle. This includes:

  • pricing;
  • social proof in the form of customer ratings and reviews;
  • a brief description of what’s included; and
  • a clear CTA.

A handful of high-quality product images are also featured on the side—giving buyers an insider view of what’s in the bundle to encourage sales:

Product Bundle Landing Page Examples: Sculpd
See full page

The landing page also features other products shoppers can add to their kit. This is a helpful addition to the page as it helps to convert those buyers who think the bundle is missing an item or two.

Plus, an FAQ section answers any remaining questions related to the bundle. Such a section is a great way to provide buyers with all the information they need to make the purchase decision.

Apart from this, the landing page design is designed to be on-brand and clutter-free.

What’s also interesting is the sticky bar that sits at the top of the page. It prompts readers to quickly place an order to receive it within the day by placing an order before 2 pm. This is an excellent way to leverage FOMO to encourage people to buy without delay.

2. Study Web Development’s freelancing bundle landing page 

This product bundle landing page example also features all the essential elements, including a compelling headline, social proof, product images, and a CTA to buy:

Product Bundle Landing Page Examples: Study Web Dev
See full page

Note that the landing page relies heavily on social proof to encourage conversions. To this end, it features: 

  • The number of folks who have benefited from the bundle (5,500+)
  • Star ratings (keeping them genuine by showing the 4.9 ratings instead of faking a 5)
  • Logos of companies that the bundle’s students come from 
  • Written and video testimonials from students 

This bundle landing page’s copy is also strong.

It speaks to its audience by capturing their struggles and explaining what’s included in the bundle. And to make sure the page is easy-to-read, the copy uses bullet points and short paragraphs.

Study Web Development also taps into storytelling to convert buyers. For this, the bundle’s creator talks about his struggles to empathize with the audience—just below the fold.

The page closes with FAQs, a bit about the author (which shows the human behind the bundle, building more trust with visitors), and some more reviews.

3. Undersun Fitness’ personalized product landing page 

Undersun Fitness uses a product quiz on its home page to question visitors about their fitness requirements. Shoppers are then guided to a landing page featuring a personalized program recommendation that helps solve their problem:

Product Bundle Landing Page Examples: Undersun Fitness
See full page

The landing page starts with a brief description of the program and a CTA. 

Below that are icons highlighting what's included, such as online support and a money-back guarantee. The section helps move the conversion needle effectively because it quickly conveys multiple reasons to invest in the program:

Undersun Fitness trust badges

The landing page then uses video to convince visitors about the program.

But it doesn’t stop there. To persuade those who didn’t watch the video, the landing page uses copy written in an easy-to-digest manner to explain what the program includes:

Undersun Fitness copywriting

There’s also social proof toward the end of the page and a comparison table that shows the fitness program’s value proposition.

4. P.F. Candle Co’s gift set landing page 

This page is shorter than the others we’ve looked at. But, it still uses all the important elements of a high-converting landing page:

Product Bundle Landing Page Examples: P.F. Candle Co
See full page

To begin with, the page is on-brand and uses high-quality product photography to show what’s in the bundle. There’s also a list of included items on the side and a description of the bundle’s packaging and candle sizing.

The bundle page also shares social proof by featuring star ratings above the fold and reviews toward the end of the page.

Since P.F. Candle is an ecommerce store, it attempts to improve its shoppers’ experience further by allowing them to pay in installments.

Other important details that interested buyers may have related to the product, shipping, and returns are also included on the page. In doing so, this bundle page example takes all the right steps to encourage conversions.

5. DiscountMag’s product bundle landing page 

DiscountMag’s bundle landing page instantly sheds light on its value proposition—discounted magazine bundles. It’s why the top right corner immediately spotlights pricing details and the discount that buyers can get:

Product Bundle Landing Page Examples: DiscountMag
See full page

What stands out, however, is that to avoid confusion around the pricing numbers shared, the page features the actual price in red color and slightly bigger text than the rest. 

This way, visitors can:

  1. Easily see the price they’ve to pay; and
  2. Compare it with the discount they can get. 

The page uses the same red color for the CTA button too, so that it stands out and visitors don’t miss it. 

Toward the end of the page, DiscountMag aims to capture the interest of those who didn’t convert by sharing more bundle options in a carousel. 

The subheading reads ‘customers also viewed’ which is a way to tell potential buyers what others like them are exploring and buying from the site and they should too.

6. Reliablesoft’s course bundle landing page 

Like the rest of the bundle landing page examples here, this one also uses: 

  • Powerful copy that speaks of how the course helps 
  • Readable lists of what’s included in the bundle and the content of each course in the bundle
  • Social proof in the form of student reviews
  • An FAQ section that answers any remaining questions buyers may have
Product Bundle Landing Page Examples: Reliablesoft
See full page

Since this is a long landing page, CTAs are spread throughout. But to make sure they stand out from the rest of the content, all buttons are green—which is hard to miss. 

What’s interesting in this example, however, is the way the page uses a countdown timer to instill FOMO:

Reliablesoft countdown timer example

In doing so, it tells visitors they can get the course bundle at a steep discount if they act within the time remaining in the timer.

Bundle landing page templates

Creating a high-converting landing page doesn’t have to be a pain.

Simply focus on writing the copy and gathering social proof. Then, pick from the templates we’ve shared below to quickly create your landing page yourself—without any external help. Because all you need to do is customize with ConvertFlow's Shopify landing page app or ecommerce page builder and you’re ready to go.

With that, here are some product bundle landing page templates for you:

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