Offer-of-the-Day Popups

Offer-of-the-Day Popups

6 Offer-of-the-Day Popup Examples You Can Use to Build Urgency

Want to build urgency and entice shoppers into action with your popups? An "offer-of-the-day" popup could be exactly what you need. In this post, we discuss what they are and look at six quality offer-of-the-day popup examples.

Deadlines make people act with urgency. Think about the time you had to submit an assignment within a 24-hour window, catch the last train home, or file your tax returns.

As an ecommerce store owner, you too can build urgency in your shoppers to make them whip out their cards faster or give you their contact information.

One sure way to build such urgency is by using offer-of-the-day (or time-limited) popups on your website. These popups prompt shoppers to take immediate action by presenting them with a “take it NOW or leave it” choice to make.

In this guide, you’ll learn what offer-of-the-day popups are and the best practices for creating them. We’ll also share six examples of real-life websites using these kinds of popups and templates you can use to make yours in no time.

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What is an offer-of-the-day popup?

An offer-of-the-day popup is a popup that’s used to offer users something (like a discount, giveaway, or coupon code) that expires at the end of the day or very soon after. These sorts of popups are effective because your offer, combined with the tight time constraints, drives urgency and causes shoppers to experience the fear of missing out (FOMO) because they know your offer will expire soon.

Offer-of-the-day popup best practices

Here are some best practices or guidelines to get the most out of these popups.

  • Don’t overuse them. As much as you want to build urgency and create FOMO, you must not overuse these time-limited offers on your site. When shoppers consistently see an “offer-of-the-day” popup week after week, the offers become less believable and easier to overlook.
  • Take advantage of holidays. Calendar dates like Black Friday, Christmas, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, and so on only happen once a year and, as such, afford you an excellent opportunity to promote your time-limited offers.
  • Use elements and copy that heighten FOMO. You can make your popups more effective by using conversion copy highlighting your offer's scarcity and deadline. Adding an element like a countdown timer also builds urgency and makes shoppers take action.
  • Make your offer appealing. Just because your offer expires by the end of the day doesn’t mean shoppers would immediately jump on it. So, instead of slapping a time limit on your popup, ensure your offer is built around something that helps your target customers overcome their challenges or objections.
  • Run A/B tests. These tests help you determine what elements of your popup resonate the most with your target customers and get the highest conversion rate. For example, you can test elements like your popup trigger, copy, offer, etc.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you create offer-of-the-day popups without needing technical skills or knowledge, Convertflow is the popup maker for you.

6 offer-of-the-day popup examples

Already thinking of how to start using offer-of-the-day popups on your ecommerce store? If so, here are six real-life examples you can draw inspiration from.

1. Fleet Feet’s offer-of-the-day popup example    

Fleet Feet, an online shoe retail store, uses a time-limited popup to make shoppers aware of their giveaway. With this popup, shoppers can exchange their email address for a chance to win a $100 gift card:

Offer-of-the-day popup examples: Fleet Fleet
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The popup’s “Are you in the running for a free $100 gift card?” copy ties nicely to the brand’s purpose while highlighting the benefits shoppers stand to gain.

In addition, right under the call-to-action (CTA) button, you’ll find a text that mentions that the giveaway will end by the end of the month. Spotlighting that the giveaway won’t run for too long is a sure way to instill urgency in shoppers.

2. Princess Polly’s offer-of-the-day popup example

20% off a shopping order is a pretty great offer nobody would want to pass up. 

This offer from Princess Polly even gets more compelling when shoppers notice it has an expiration date:

Offer-of-the-day popup examples: Princess Polly
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The date this offer goes to dust is clearly written even further to motivate shoppers to take decisive action.

You’ll also notice that this popup uses imagery that makes it stand out from the rest of the website.

3. Adore Me’s offer-of-the-day popup example

This Adore Me offer-of-the-day popup shows within seconds after shoppers land on the website:

Offer-of-the-day popup examples: Adore Me
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In this example, we see that Adore Me makes a discount and free shipping offer. But that’s not all. The popup also contains a 1-hour countdown timer which instills FOMO.

All these elements combine nicely to encourage shoppers to complete their purchases—fast.

4. Burrow’s offer-of-the-day popup example

Here’s another excellent real-life example of an offer-of-the-day popup. In this case, Burrow takes advantage of the Fourth of July holiday:

Offer-of-the-day popup examples: Burrow
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Burrow’s popup opens with a “unlock the Fourth of July sale” headline, which makes sense considering that most of their target customers will likely be celebrating Independence Day.

Like the other examples on this list, this offer isn’t going to last for long. At the bottom of the popup, shoppers will find that they need to act before July 10th or lose out on the offer.

5. Snow Teeth Whitening’s offer-of-the-day popup example

Another excellent offer-of-the-day popup example is this one from Snow:

Offer-of-the-day popup examples: Snow
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Here, Snow offers a whopping 40% off your order. The caveat? Shoppers must hurry because the offer won’t last long. However, this popup could get even better if Snow had included the offer’s expiration.

Another thing we love about this popup is the CTA copy which focuses on the benefits visitors would get—thereby increasing conversion chances.

6. AliExpress’ offer-of-the-day popup example

Want to welcome new website visitors while making a time-limited offer? Borrow a leaf from how AliExpress, one of the world’s leading online retail services, does it:

Offer-of-the-day popup examples: AliExpress
See full example

The popup uses simple copy and design that is not distracting but noticeable enough. In addition, AliExpress uses the date interval before the CTA to clarify that this is a time-limited offer.

Offer-of-the-day popup templates

Ready to launch your own offer-of-the-day popup? You can get started today with a popup template from ConvertFlow's library.

Just choose a template, then load it into a free ConvertFlow account to start editing:

  • Update the branding and text
  • Add your offer
  • Add/edit any expiration dates and timer elements
  • Launch to your site!

Here are a few templates to get you started:

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