Landing Page Templates For Wordpress

Landing Page Templates For Wordpress

Wordpress Landing Page Examples & Templates

Wordpress is great for creating your website and blog, but a typical theme might not be flexible enough to build out a variety of landing pages. This post has all the examples and landing page templates for Wordpress you need.

There are a few key pages you’ll usually have on a WordPress site. Home, about, contact, blog, etc.

And you'll typically build these by installing and using a 'theme' that standardizes the look and feel across them all.

But what about if you want completely different looking pages for specific marketing campaigns? Like running ads to an ebook offer, or signing people up to a newsletter.

This is where a Wordpress landing page is critical.

In this post, we’ll explain what a WordPress landing page is, and get your creative juices flowing with a few examples. Then round things off by handing you all the landing page templates for Wordpress you need.

What is a WordPress landing page?

A WordPress landing page is a page on your Wordpress site that you direct traffic directly to. In other words, people 'land' on that page, and you'll usually have a goal of them completing a very specific conversion action—like downloading an ebook or making a purchase.

For example, you can have a landing page hosted on your WordPress site for people who want to learn more about:

  • A SaaS product’s features
  • A service you offer
  • A course you’re selling
  • A webinar you’re hosting
  • A product on an ecommerce store

Basically, anything that promotes something hosted on a WordPress site needs a landing page. It’s a visitor’s one-stop shop for information about that particular thing.

6 WordPress landing page examples

Now we know what a WordPress landing page is, here are six real-life examples (and why they work so well).

1. The Next Web 

Your WordPress landing pages will need to have different details depending on the thing you’re promoting.

This landing page on The Next Web, for example, promotes a conference they’re hosting. That’s why the main headline relates specifically to the event, with the conference details (including the time, hashtag, and location) beneath:

What’s great about this WordPress landing page, though, is that it has a simple call to action. Sure, there’s a main navigation bar that visitors can click through. But the main content of the landing page is asking visitors to “get tickets.” There’s nothing that gets in the way of asking customers to convert.

2. TechCrunch

Here’s another example of a WordPress landing page from TechCrunch. Like The Next Web, this is an event landing page, but it’s different from the one above in the way that it has much more information available above the fold:

The “featured guests” is a form of social proof that builds trust with visitors. And there’s a really nice sticky nav down the left, which breaks down the content and links to various page sections. Both of these help to nudge visitors to the landing page into purchasing a ticket.

3. French Today

French Today has created a WordPress landing page for its audiobooks. This time, the headline is optimized for search engines—it’s the phrase a target customer would search for when they’re looking for French audiobooks:

There are also factors that decrease risk-factors for the potential customer. The description, above the fold, explains that there’s a 120-day money-back guarantee. This gives you more trust in the brand before you begin scrolling through to learn about the audiobooks.

4. Quantcast

You can use WordPress landing pages to promote the different services to a specific person. This example from Quantcast shows how to do that:

They’ve created a landing page specific to marketers, agencies, and consultancies—that’s obvious from the first tagline you see as the page loads. Next is a bold headline that tells the target audience what Quantcast can help you do. It’s a smart conversion copywriting trick that puts the focus on the customer (and what they’ll get), rather than details about the service being offered.

5. Jacob McMillen

As we touched on earlier, you can have a WordPress landing page for anything you want to promote. This example from Jacob McMillen shows how to do that for a newsletter signup page:

Jacob has a bold headline to hook the reader in. There's also a clear explanation of what he’ll deliver if a visitor subscribes to the newsletter. And, to make it even easier for a visitor to signup, there’s one simple call-to-action containing just one form field. It removes any friction and makes it as easy as possible for someone to join the email list.

6. Stories By Us

The landing page for Stories By Us’ coaching services is built on WordPress:

Above the fold is a photo to get the visitor engaged with the page. There’s also a headline that clearly states what (and who) the landing page is for, with a simple call to action that directs visitors to a contact form.

But what’s great about this WordPress landing page is the copy beneath the fold. Visitors can self-qualify whether they’re suited to the service because they’ve explained how their target customer feels. Potential customers think “they understand me!”—which works wonders for building trust and credibility.

Landing page templates for Wordpress

As you can see, you’ll need a WordPress landing page for any service, feature, or piece of content you’re offering—from a conference, right the way through to a newsletter subscription form. 

But you don’t have to create one from scratch.

We’ve got hundreds of landing pages that are completely customizable with our drag-and-drop builder. Simply add your brand colors, copy, and logo, and you’re good to go. Nobody will be able to tell the difference between the landing page and the rest of your website—even if they’re browsing on mobile. 

All of our landing pages integrate with your WordPress account. No copy and pasting or complex coding necessary. 

And, the best part: we can collect information through your WordPress landing page, and feed that through to other platforms. Your email platform and CRM can receive customer information whenever it’s collected through the landing page itself. (Again, no copy and pasting needed.)

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection of landing page templates for WordPress, and start maximizing conversions from your site. Take a look at some samples below, or view the full range here.

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