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Event Landing Pages

Event Landing Page Examples & Templates

Need inspiration for your event landing page? Check out these examples, template and tips for building your event landing page

What is an event landing page? 

The definition of an event registration landing page is pretty self-explanatory: It’s a page on your website that tells people about an event you’re running. (It’s worth noting that the event doesn’t have to be in real life—like a conference. It can be online events such as webinars, online conferences, or video calls.)

An event landing page is arguably the most important thing for any event marketing strategy. Why? Because it contains everything someone who’s thinking of attending needs to know. The event page contains key details about the event itself—like the date, time, and location. Without it, nobody would turn up… Or know that it was happening!

The goal of an event landing page is to encourage visitors to attend your event. With a registration form to collect signups and send information directly to your attendee, you’ll judge success based on the number of email addresses you pick up through your opt-in page.

(Bonus: This sign-up form allows you to collect information about the people attending your event. You can add custom fields that ask for other data, such as your attendee’s age, location, or company size. You can use this further along in your event marketing campaign.)

6 event landing page examples for inspiration

Before you create your event landing page, we’d recommend seeing some inspiration on how to structure the page and communicate the value of your event.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 examples for your reference:

Traffic & Conversion Summit is one of the biggest digital marketing events in the world. Take note of how they expertly communicate the value of their conference using social proof.

At ConvertFlow we build landing pages using our own platform to promote our webinars and workshops. Using ConvertFlow’s form elements, we collect registration info such as first name, last name and email address without the form taking up too much space.

In Visible Talks puts on a conference for creatives to share their experiences and lessons.

VidCon is one of the premiere events for video professionals, Youtubers and creators. Their event landing page leans heavily on having you click to the featured creator you may already know.

MicroConf puts on events for non-venture backed startups growing sustainably. Their “growth” edition event landing page creates that product-market fit effect with the indie hacker community using social proof such as embedded tweets from influential attendees, as well as hyper-relevant sponsor logos such as Basecamp and Stripe.

RailsConf is a long running conference in the Ruby On Rails community. Their event landing page presents the date, location and speakers clearly, and then layers on useful info like their anti-harassment policy and on-site childcare bonus.

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How to create an event registration landing page

Wondering how you can design your own event page? We have several free landing page templates available in the ConvertFlow library, with various designs that make sure we’ve got something for everyone—no matter your style.

We also created a free event landing page template, to make launching faster and easier.

Regardless of which event landing page template you use, all you need to do is add your branding and you’re good to go! 

Our event page templates also come with pre-filled examples to give you inspiration for your own design. You’ll be able to see what one looks like, the elements you need to include, and the event landing page best practices we’ve already implemented—so you don’t manually have to do it yourself.

Once you’ve designed your landing page using our event templates, simply hit the Preview button to see what your page looks like to the public. Use this as your opportunity to hunt for spelling mistakes, inaccurate photo sizing, and place to simplify your copy.

If it all looks good, press Launch to set your event landing page live. You’ll get a unique URL to start promoting to your audience—and start collecting email addresses of your attendees!

Event landing page design tips

The templates we’ve got in our library are already professionally designed. All you’ll need to do is drag and drop your own information to customize the design.

...But what if you want to make your event landing page look unique?

Don’t worry; that is possible even if you’re using a template. Simply take your pick of our event landing page templates, and change the pre-designed colors to make your website’s existing branding cohesive with your new page.

You can also design your event landing page to display key information in a way that’s easy to see at first glance. For example: You could make the date and time formatted in a different color, bold the attendance information, or turn text into images to make it appear more obvious on the page.

The form on your event page is important, too. Research has shown that the number of fields on a web form impact conversions, so only stick to the information you need to collect—like their first name and email address. That’s all you need to forward the event details to them via email.

The final step in a perfect event page design is to make sure loading speed is fast, and make sure it’s responsive for other devices. You want people to fall in love with your page (and attend the event, as a result)—regardless of whether they’re visiting on a mobile or desktop device.

How to promote your event landing page

You’ve put tons of hard work into designing your event landing page, and you’re ready to spread the word about your upcoming event. How can you promote your event landing page and increase the number of people on your attendee list?

Social media is your best friend, here. You can use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote your landing page by simply grabbing some key information you’ve included on the page, and publishing it to your profile alongside the URL. 

Or, if you fancy dipping your toes into the world of paid social advertising, you could put some cash behind your event page and advertise the URL to get more attendees. 

Facebook’s Ads Manager can give a helping hand by optimizing the campaign for form submissions. It will show your ads to people most likely to fill in a form using the Facebook app. And, you can target people close to where your event event is taking place.

(The Facebook Pixel can be added to our event landing pages, meaning you can track on-page behavior and retarget people who’ve already viewed it but not signed up. Plus, you can accurately track how many attendees you get through your ad campaign by installing the Pixel.)

You can also promote your event landing page by optimizing for SEO. You can customize your event page’s meta title and description just before launching the page, and make sure the toggle is switched to “Indexable by Search Engines.” 

This will help you reach people searching for terms related to your event like “marketing webinar sign up,” with just a little upfront work.

So, the real question is: Are you ready to start designing your own event landing page?

Get the event landing page template for free

Now that you have a game plan for promoting your event landing page, get started with this free ConvertFlow template:

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