Kickstarter Landing Pages

Kickstarter Landing Pages

6 Kickstarter Landing Pages Sure to Help You Smash Your Fundraising Goal

Wanting to crowdfund for your new product launch? Build up the excitement with these Kickstarter landing page examples. We've also got best practices and templates to help you get started.

No matter how innovative, fun, or helpful your project is, it’s impossible to achieve crowdfunding success if no one knows about it. That’s why it’s crucial to build awareness before you launch on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Creating a landing page is one sure way to build awareness and excitement about your Kickstarter launch.

With a Kickstarter landing page, you can build an email list of people interested in your project, establish a solid foundation for your brand with messaging that resonates with your audience, and create momentum for launch day.

Building a Kickstarter landing page can be tricky without proper guidance, so we’ve created this guide just for you.

Here, you’ll discover best practices for building effective Kickstarter landing pages to help you smash your fundraising goals.

We’ve also provided real-life examples you can draw inspiration from and templates that can make it easier for you to build an excellent landing page that’ll attract the right backers.

What is a Kickstarter landing page? 

A Kickstarter landing page is a page designed to announce a new product or service to arouse a backer/customer’s interest and prompt them to take specific actions. The goal is to get people to invest, pre-order your product, or signup for updates, etc.

You can design the landing page on your website for it to then direct traffic to a crowdfunding platform’s pre-launch page to collect the actual funds.

When done properly, your Kickstarter landing page helps you amass a crowd ready to back your campaign when it goes live.

Let’s now discuss the best practices for creating an effective Kickstarter landing page.

Kickstarter landing page best practices

The good thing about these tips is that they are helpful for campaigns regardless of the platform. Therefore, you can use them when creating an awareness landing page for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdfunding platforms.

  • Pay attention to the headline. Since most visitors will scan your page, headlines give an idea of your message. Therefore, create an arresting headline that passes critical information at a glance.
  • Make the landing page simple. Your landing page should be simple and pleasant to use. Provide too much visual information, and your audience will likely feel overloaded and nonchalant about your product or service.
  • Use a strong CTA. Using simple yet powerful messaging in your call-to-action tells users to take the desired action and increases the chances of getting them to do what you want. So include language like “Sign up now for a special deal” or “ Be the first to know when we go live,” etc.
  • Optimize the page for your goal. In most cases, the only main aim of the landing page is to build an email list. So optimize for that by making the email signup bar prominent on the page.
  • Use arresting visuals. While you don’t want to overwhelm with visuals, a best practice is to provide teaser visual information about the product. When you can, use product photography to show some of your products. Ensure you use high-resolution images that attract attention.
  • Create urgency. The best landing pages create urgency, prompting visitors to sign-up or pre-order because they don’t want to miss out on something cool. You can use a countdown clock or language like “arriving this summer,” to increase conversions.

6 Kickstarter landing page examples

Here are some real-life examples of Kickstarter landing pages that can inspire you.

1. The Binding of Isaac’s Kickstarter landing page

This landing page promotes the expansion of the popular board game Binding of Isaac: Four Souls:

Kickstarter Landing Page Examples: Binding of Isaac
See full page

As soon as you get on the page, you’re greeted by a huge headline that identifies the game and creates a sense of urgency by telling visitors the game will soon be available on Kickstarter.

The signup area invites you to leave your email address and highlights the benefits you’ll receive from doing so. 

The landing page then highlights some benefits of getting the new expansion and embeds a video that offers more information about the product. 

2. Poly Polly’s launching soon landing page example

Poly Polly is a series of four customizable multilingual board books focusing on a child’s first words and is available in over 80 languages. 

Here, the landing page features simple yet eye-catching visuals that indicate what the product is about: children’s books:

Kickstarter Landing Page Examples: Poly Polly
See full page

A prominent feature of this page is the presence of CTAs. In addition, signup buttons appear at the top, middle, and bottom of the page—urging visitors to sign up in preparation for the launch. 

The page also contains plenty of information about the product and social share buttons that can help amplify its messaging across social media.

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3. AnkerMake’s 3D printer Kickstarter landing page

AnkerMake M5 3D printer is a printer that reportedly cuts print times by up to 70%. Analyzing its landing page can give some inspiration for your next campaign. 

As with other good landing pages, this features excellent copy that immediately promotes the product:

Kickstarter Landing Page Examples: AnkerMake
See full page

The headline is clear and concisely highlights the speed and intelligence of the product. Just below the headline is the button for signing up. Visitors get another chance to sign up on the middle and bottom pages. 

The visuals are appealing and clear—showing the product in action. While moving images aren’t necessary for every landing page, the moving images on this page grab attention and make the benefits more tangible to readers.

4. Philips Screeneo’s Indiegogo landing page

Next is a landing page that promotes the Philips Screeneo U4 projector:

Kickstarter Landing Page Examples: Philips Screeneo
See full page

The first thing observed on the page is the "Pre-Order Now" buttons.

The one in the sticky bar at the top even remains visible as you scroll the page. Clicking on it takes you straight through to Indiegogo where you can place your pre-order at 50% off the future full retail price.

Another one of our favorite features on this page is how each benefit is tied to a high-resolution image to improve the user experience:

Benefits + images example

Overall, Philips does a great job communicating the benefits of this new product—while making it super easy to take action and place a pre-launch order.


You can add a sticky bar with call-to-action like this to the top or bottom of any landing page in ConvertFlow. Here's a template you can use:

Browse all sticky bar templates

5. Teracube’s pre-order list landing page

Teracube is a company that aims to create enjoyable products that are great for the environment. The Terecube Thrive is a smartphone made for kids. 

The company made an excellent landing page that gives clear and enticing information about the product:

Kickstarter Landing Page Examples: Teracube Thrive
See full page

The big headline emphasizes that the phone is made for kids, and Teracube reinforces this unique selling point by using a clear picture of a kid using the phone.

There's also an excellent section on the page that summarizes all the benefits in one easy-to-consume graphic:

Teracube benefits section

Call-to-action buttons are big here, too, with the “Subscribe” CTA quite unmissable. The added incentive of the discount also makes it clear why someone should subscribe to the pre-sale list—they'll get $30 off as soon as the product launches.

6. Alight Cube’s Kickstarter landing page example

Alight cube’s landing page has a headline that, in a few words, informs visitors about what the product does in a really clear way:

Kickstarter Landing Page Examples: Alight Cube
See full page

Right below the headline is the signup area. There's also a really compelling reason to take them up on the signup offer—a pretty generous 44% discount once the product launches!

As you scroll, you encounter a combination of visuals and text that tells you more about the product.  

There's then one more opportunity for signing up at the bottom, which increases the chances of conversion.

Kickstarter landing page templates

Getting inspired already?

To help you, ConvertFlow has a vast library of landing page templates that convert well.

You can use these templates and even design them with ConvertFlow’s no-code landing page builder to meet your needs and smash your fundraising goals on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or any other crowdfunding platform.

Here are some templates to get you started:

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