Father’s Day Marketing Ideas

Father’s Day Marketing Ideas

6 Father’s Day Marketing Ideas Sure to Drive Sales (Examples & Templates Included)

Grow your sales this Father’s Day by leveraging one of these six Father’s Day marketing ideas backed by real-life campaign examples. We’ve also got Father’s Day marketing templates to help you get started and a rundown of don’t-miss best practices to follow.

Father’s Day expenditure has hit a minimum of $12 billion every year since 2012. Last year (2021) even broke all records and saw over $20 billion spent 😱

The take-home message here? There’s a vast number of people shopping for their dads every Father’s Day.

So, if you aren’t already planning your Father’s Day campaign, you’re leaving sales on the table.

Don’t have any Father’s Day marketing ideas? We’ve got your back as we dive into six real-life Father’s Day marketing examples in this post. We’ve also got marketing templates to help you put all your plans into action.

Let’s get started.

Father’s Day marketing best practices

Before you plan a campaign, keep the following pointers in mind: 

  • Understand who your audience is. Review your target buyers to understand who your campaign should address. Is it women who’d want to surprise their partner for being a good parent? Or are you targeting young adults?
  • Plan an audience-preferred Father’s Day campaign. Poll your audience on social media and survey them on your site using the following template to find out what offer they’d love.
  • Work on your campaign copy. Make sure your marketing copy is clear and to the point, so your message doesn’t drown among the sea of Father’s Day campaigns. Don’t forget to specify shipping and return details.
  • Build urgency. Leverage FOMO to get people shopping from you. Launch a limited-edition collection or a limited-time offer. Also, use a countdown timer in your marketing material—it’s a great way to subtly tell people about the time left to claim the offer.
  • Plan something for last-minute shoppers. This is particularly important if you’re offering a limited-time offer before Father’s Day.

When is the best time to start Father’s Day marketing?

It’s best to start early—around a month ahead of the actual date.

The reason? According to Google Trends, search for "Father’s Day gifts" starts in early June and peaks between the 13th and 19th of the month:

Google Trends data for "Father's Day Gifts" in 2021-2022

This leaves us with two main takeaways: start early, and speed up your marketing the week leading to Father’s Day.

Father’s day marketing ideas & examples

Now for real-life father’s day marketing campaigns:

1. Harvest Home’s Father's Day curated meal box

For Father’s Day, Harvest Home, a boutique restaurant and events venue, created a special gift box that packed in a meal for two. 

They marketed it using a short and clutter-free landing page—great for holding their site visitor’s attention:

Father's Day Marketing Ideas: Harvest Home
See full page

The best part? They described all that’s included in the box, so interested buyers are clear on what they’ll receive (even how they’ll need to reheat the food). 

Plus, the landing page gives folks with bigger families the chance to order more boxes—making the gift perfect for all family sizes. 

2. Dove Men’s resources for making fathering easy

Dove Men made Father’s Day special by offering a ton of resources to fathers—all collated on one detailed landing page:

Father's Day Marketing Ideas: Dove Men
See full page

Essentially, Dove commissioned research on how men can be better fathers. For example, they learned that taking care of their physical and mental health encourages fathers to show up more for their families.

Based on such findings, the brand offered the following resources: 

  • Partnered with the meditation app, Headspace, to give fathers buying Dove Men products a three month free trial of the app
  • Created a YouTube video series where fathers shared their experiences and advice on navigating fatherhood
  • Paired with illustrator and author, Keith Negley, to create a book and film that walks fathers through how to turn storytime into a moment of care for themselves and their families

Note that this Father’s Day marketing campaign is an excellent example of coming across as genuinely caring for your target audience and boosting sales.

That is, the free Headspace subscription came only when fathers bought Dove, which is a great way to lift sales. This offer, in particular, stood for three months from June 1st, 2021 to Aug 31st, 2021. Meaning: more sales over an extended period.

The landing page that shares all of this is equally remarkable.

First off, it’s aligned with Dove Men’s brand colors. Second, it pairs all resources with videos and clear CTAs. Such clear CTA copy and button design makes it easy for site visitors to take the prompted action.

Best of all, the landing page’s introductory copy perfectly sums up all of Dove Men’s efforts. This helps effectively capture prospects’ attention—getting them to scroll down.

3. Grovemade's Father’s Day gifting guide

You don’t have to go overboard with your Father’s Day marketing.

Instead, keep it simple by putting together a landing page-style gift guide sharing all your available store products that visitors can give their fathers, like this from Grovemade:

Father's Day Marketing Ideas: Grovemade
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The page starts with a visually engaging product (header) image. This is followed by a clear title, “Father’s Day Gift Guide, " paired with a brief description of what’s included. All this grabs visitors’ attention and sets the right expectations.

To top it all, Grovemade specifies shipping details to prevent confusion.

What’s also noteworthy is that the page presents each Father’s Day gift idea with a short description and product choices, including their price.

All products are clickable. Once a user selects a product, a minimally designed product page opens up—sharing product specifications and other details:

Grovemade product page example

To leverage this idea for your Father’s Day marketing campaign, make sure you pair your landing page with a sticky bar that shows up on the top of your site.

This is a super-helpful (and non-intrusive) way of alerting all visitors that you’ve got a curated gift guide for Father’s Day.

4. Google Pixel’s Father’s Day email discount

Who doesn’t love a discount, right? So Google made sure to offer it on several of its Pixel products.

The company marketed the discount campaign widely, including via this great email:

Father's Day Marketing Ideas: Google Pixel
See full example

This is something you should be mindful of too. Announce and market your Father’s Day campaign on all the marketing channels you use—creating channel-specific, themed graphics to help with this.

Don’t forget, you need to ready your site for the campaign as well.

To this end, positioning an exit-intent popup is a practical tactic reminding people who don’t already know you’re offering a discount to shop from you. 

5. Dollar Shave Club’s gift card for Father’s Day

Gift cards are a popular gifting choice, particularly for those with picky fathers. In fact, their sales are expected to hit $510 billion in 2025.

Dollar Shave Club made use of this information—offering an instantly delivered e-gift card. Its email announcing this is short and sweet, outlining the “How it works” steps succinctly:

Father's Day Marketing Ideas: Dollar Shave Club
See full example

One more thing that’s noteworthy: the Dollar Shave Club targets late shoppers as evidenced from the email headline.

You can follow in their footsteps too. But make sure you have another early-bird Father’s Day offer in place as well. This doesn’t need to be anything elaborate—a popup announcing free shipping, for instance, will do.  

6. Coca-Cola offered personalized bottles

Lastly, here's a look at Coca-Cola’s excellent Father’s Day campaign centered around personalization. This idea is a simple yet effective one for celebrating fathers:

Father's Day Marketing Ideas: Coca-Cola
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The Ridge Wallet took the same approach by giving customers free engraving on their wallets. Its campaign email clearly specifies how folks can avail their offer (by using a code) and on which products it’s available.

Know what’s best? They offered personalized engraving for free, a great way to boost sales:

The Ridge Wallet personalization

Father’s Day marketing templates

Ready to try out these Father’s Day marketing ideas?

Start with thoroughly planning out your campaign. Then, ready marketing materials for your site, such as popups, landing pages, and sticky bars. And don’t worry—you don’t need to wait on developers for this.

Instead, use ConvertFlow’s marketing templates to quickly and easily get the job done yourself.

Here are some Father’s Day marketing templates to get you started:

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