Video Landing Page

Video Landing Page

Video Landing Page Templates & Examples

Using video on your landing pages can be incredibly powerful. Here are all the templates and examples you need to make it happen.

Looking for a better way to use your branded videos?

Uploading video content to sites like YouTube can have their own benefits. But using the same video on your website can be the secret to driving traffic, capturing leads, and engaging your potential customers.

Here, we’ll share six incredible video landing page examples, along with a handful of templates for you to create your own.

What is a video landing page?

Before we dive into the templates, let’s iron out what the term “video landing page” actually means.

A video landing page is a specific page on your website that acts as a home for your branded videos. It’s where the content is housed and referred-to by your website visitors, and can be created for any type of video content—such as tutorials, product demonstration, or explainer videos. 

Your video landing page can also have another purpose (such as explaining product features or welcoming people to your site.) That’s the end goal, but the video helps engage people who land there.

Why use a video landing page?

There are several reasons why you should use a video landing page on your site. The first being an owned home for that video. 

Granted, you can upload the video to a streaming site like YouTube. But having that video embedded on your website through a designated landing page is great for building links and authority. Other site owners can link to your page, rather than the YouTube page.

Not only that, but it’s estimated that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. You can bring that traffic to your website (instead of YouTube) and convince them to leave their details, allowing you to capture leads from your video landing pages.

Plus, research shows that 66% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product. So, utilizing both strong copy and video marketing makes sure you’re engaging everyone who visits the landing page—not just those who like reading written content.

6 video landing page examples

Now we know what a video landing page is used for, let’s take a look at six different real-life examples.

1. Impact

The first example on our list comes from Impact. The video automatically plays on the background of their landing page, grabbing your attention as soon as the page loads:

Video landing page templates: Impact
See page in full

But, what’s interesting is the fact that sound doesn’t play automatically. Instead, you’ll need to click the play button beneath the landing page description. That’s used as the main call-to-action button; an easy task for the visitor to complete.

2. Scribe Media

Here’s a similar video landing page example from Scribe Media. The goal of the page is to educate visitors about their self-publishing book services, but that’s not used as the main call-to-action:

Video landing page templates: Scribe Writing
See page in full

Above the fold is a bold headline with a similar video play button overlay. It uses that visual content as the “hook”—a piece of content that gets people to engage with the page.

Once they’ve watched the video, the natural next step is to scroll down. That’s where Scribe gives more written information on their service. 

This combination of written text and video kills two birds with one stone. The video gets human visitors hooked; the written content tells Google what the page should rank for.

3. Wistia

Wistia is a video hosting company, so it makes sense that their landing pages include video.

However, it’s different from the other examples we’ve shared so far because there are two calls to action on the video landing page. Visitors can either try the product for free, or watch the product demonstration video:

Video landing page examples: Wistia
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When viewing the live page, you'll also notice that the image on the right also loops through the start of the video on mute automatically - encouraging you to play it. Then the video itself does a phenomenal job of communicating Wistia's value.

This is superb because it captures two types of audience: those ready to buy, and those who need a little more information before they convert.

4. HR Downloads

Here’s another video landing page example from HR Downloads that follows a similar concept of the background being a video:

Video landing page templates: HR Downloads
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However, in this one, the call-to-action is unrelated to the video. Instead, it asks the visitor to click-through and learn more about their product.

There is the option to view the full video by clicking on the expand button in the bottom-right of the page. But the video is just used as a moving background to grab attention. It’s a great example to copy if you don’t have a full-scale video ready to promote.

5. Outskirts Press

Are you selling a complex service? Using video is a superb way to break down your service and explain it in a way that’s easier to digest than walls of written text.

This landing page from Outskirts Press is for their self-publishing book service. Yet instead of using the page to shout about how the process works, they’ve embedded a short YouTube video to explain it instead:

Video Landing Page Examples: Outskirts Press
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The video itself isn't anything particularly special in terms of production value. But it does a great job clearly communicating the service on offer:

To capture the people visiting the page, there’s a short form. You’ll get a free publishing kit in return for your email.

It’s a way for Outskirts Press to collect their details and nurture them through email, whilst building trust and credibility with the free resource.

6. Zendesk

This is different from the other video landing pages we’ve shared so far because it promotes a video (rather than just having one present on the page).

Zendesk uses this landing page as a way for potential customers to book a product demonstration. Yet instead of giving it away on the page freely, they’ve gated it:

Video Landing Page Examples: Zendesk
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People need to handover their email address in return for the product demonstration video—which gives Zendesk a way to nurture them towards a sale.

These are hot leads. Anyone interested in the product demonstration shows an intent to buy it.

How to create a video landing page 

You’ll find tons of video landing page templates inside your ConvertFlow library. Each has been professionally designed for maximum results—while also being totally customizable. 

The drag-and-drop editor means you can use the templates as a starting point, and end with a completely unique video landing page to capture your target customers’ attention… No matter what you’re using it for.

There are two main ways you can add video directly to any landing page in ConvertFlow:

  1. Add to the background of a section
  2. Embed a video directly to the foreground

Take a look at this help article for specific instructions on how to do both of these.

Another option is to create a separate popup overlay CTA in ConvertFlow, which has your video embedded in it. Then simply put the video thumbnail into your landing page, and set your popup to fire when clicked:

ConvertFlow video s overlay popup

You'll simply need to add the image into your landing page inside a button, which you can see how to do in this help guide.

Each video landing page can integrate with the tools you’re using. This means you can embed forms on the page itself, and have your leads’ information automatically fed through to your email marketing platform. 

Once you’ve set-up the video landing page and corresponding integrations, you can collect leads on autopilot. Your only job is to drive traffic there.

Video landing page templates

Any landing page template in ConvertFlow can be customized to include video. But here are a few good video landing page templates to start with:

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