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The Scalable Ecommerce Landing Page Strategy Lifepro Fitness Uses to Drive Major Sales

Lifepro Fitness was founded in 2017 by Joel Gottehrer and Abraham Brach. Both men suffered from lingering physical injuries, and while looking for effective ways to speed up the healing process, they became frustrated with the recovery equipment available on the market.

After experiencing the benefits of Whole Body Vibration, Joel and Abe started a company to develop and provide the essential recovery equipment people needed. Today, Lifepro’s extensive product line features vibration plates, massage guns, vibrating foam rollers, and a host of other solutions.

In just a few years, Lifepro became a trusted ecommerce brand with an ever-expanding selection of innovative products that are enthusiastically used and recommended by thousands of consumers, physical therapists, personal trainers, and professional athletes worldwide. 

If you want to get a behind-the-scenes look at how Lifepro grew from a simple idea into a thriving global brand, keep reading.

In this case study, you’ll see:

  • How Lifepro uses online ads + landing pages + product pages to attract new leads and drive ecommerce sales consistently 
  • How its marketing team launches, tests, and manages multiple landing page variants from a single platform
  • Persuasion elements used on their highest-converting landing pages
  • The simple hack Lifepro uses to snag extra conversions it would have lost otherwise (implementation time less than 3 minutes)

Ready? Let’s get started 👇

Lifepro’s multiple landing page strategy

To consistently grow sales revenue, Lifepro needed to find an effective way to get more traffic to its website and convert those visitors into leads who become loyal customers and, eventually, brand ambassadors. 

To make this happen, Lifepro’s marketing team runs paid ad campaigns that send traffic to multiple landing pages designed to funnel visitors to targeted product pages with fitness solutions that meet their fitness and recovery needs.

Paid ads

In an effort to reach new customers and encourage them to buy, Lifepro dedicates a significant part of its marketing budget to customer acquisition intended to drive more online sales and increase return on ad spend.

Targeted ad campaigns on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a proven way to reach people interested in health, fitness, and the kind of recovery products Lifepro offers. 

Features like Facebook’s custom audiences help marketers reach new and current customers, while lookalike audiences show ads to people with similar demographic and psychographic characteristics as their existing customers.

Here are a few examples of Facebook Ads Lifepro uses to engage its audience and drive people to multiple landing pages featuring different solutions:

Lifepro image Facebook Ad examples

A great thing to note here is how Lifepro has created a selling angle based on current trends—in this case, the remote working boom that's come as a result of the Covid pandemic.

People are working from home and, therefore, finding they're not moving as much. This creates a desire to burn more calories and soothe the pains from sitting all day, which is a perfect scenario for Lifepro's products.

Managing multiple campaigns 

To make its campaigns more successful and maximize return on ad spend, Lifepro’s marketing team needed an effective way to manage multiple landing page campaigns from one central platform. 

After looking at several alternatives, they chose ConvertFlow, which allows them to quickly create and test new landing pages and variants. All of which they manage from a single dashboard:

Lifepro Fitness landing page campaigns

ConvertFlow helps Lifepro keep track of critical stats like:

  • Number of variants
  • Number of views
  • Number of conversions 
  • Number of completions

For example, it's easy to track the success of each page/campaign as a whole:

Lifepro landing page insights

Click into a page and the Lifepro team can see conversion data on each split testing variant that's been created:

Landing page variant stats

From here, they can even drill down further into each variant by seeing:

  • A timeframe report for conversions over a given period
  • Number of conversions on a page's individual buttons and forms
Granular landing page variant report example

All this gave Lifepro's team the power to quickly create multiple landing pages, test each one's success, and iterate based on granular conversion and split test data 💪

Start building your own ecommerce product landing page with this template:

Click here for more landing page templates.

Successful landing pages: Taking a closer look 

Landing pages are critical to the effectiveness of Lifepro’s ad campaigns and continued revenue growth. That’s why the company’s marketing team takes the time to craft persuasive landing pages while testing multiple variants to see which ones convert best.

Below is an overview of an optimized ecommerce landing page that promotes one of Lifepro's most successful products, the Pulse FX Massage Gun:

Lifepro Fitness Pulse FX landing page hero section
See full page

You’ll note that the overall message of the page does a good job positioning the Pulse FX as a sleek, state-of-the-art recovery solution.

  • Strong calls-to-action. In the navbar, there’s a “Free & Fast” shipping offer with an orange buy button highlighting a special “Buy Now” offer, which gives prospects a chance to save $100 when they use the included discount code.  
  • Bold value prop. Lifepro makes a bold claim in the headline copy that conveys the product’s value proposition: The Most Intense Percussion Massage Gun Available. Rejuvenate sore tissue and aching muscle with the Lifepro Pulse FX Massage Gun.
  • Discount offer. They also use a strategically placed buy button that reiterates the special discount offer, assuming the buyer didn’t click the offer button on the right side of the navbar.
  • Powerful imagery. The top section of the page features a hero image of the product enhanced by a picture of a fit man using the massage gun to “rejuvenate sore tissue and aching muscle.”
  • Social proof. Below the hero image, Lifepro creates social proof with a celebrity endorsement and testimonial from actor Chris Pratt, famous for his roles in blockbuster movies like Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Here's a further quick visual break down of this top part of the page:

PulseFX page break down 1

Here’s what Chris Pratt says about the Pulse FX massage gun:

​​“You know when someone digs into a knot with a finger or elbow, and every time they push, it’s like a revolution? This gun is like 100 revolutions per minute. It’s a really effective and fast massage.”

After Pratt’s endorsement, Lifepro highlights the product’s benefits with an image of a fit man working out supported by sales copy that introduces extra benefits and features buyers will enjoy, including:

  • Intense Percussion
  • Precision Massage
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Formidable Stall Force 

And once again, Lifepro positions a convenient buy button just below the image and copy, so people can easily take advantage of their offer.


Michael Glover

Chris Pratt works as a celebrity endorsement for Lifepro because:

  1. They're a B2C fitness brand
  2. He's a movie star who's affiliated with the "action movie workout" scene

Be careful to pick endorsements for your brand wisely. A quote from a well-known person in your niche could be much more powerful and compelling than a random Hollywood mega star.

~ Michael Glover
Marketing Manager, ConvertFlow

Notice that all of this happens in the top section of the landing page? Lifepro knows that people rarely scroll through an entire web page. That’s why they leave nothing to chance and make several attempts to get the click-through at the uppermost part of the page.

Here are the additional Pulse FX features that appear in the 2nd section:

  • 5 Interchangeable Heads
  • Quiet Brushless Motor
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • 3 Powerful Vibrations
  • Rotating Arm
  • Portable and Rechargeable
PulseFX page break down 2

Under the key features, Lifepro once again places a buy button followed by images of key components, the discounted price, and another “Buy Now” CTA, so visitors can take action whenever they’re ready to buy. 

They also use “risk reversal” by offering buyers a 30-day, 100% guarantee. 

In the next section of the page, Lifepro builds social proof by showing video testimonials from real-life customers. They also create a sense of belonging and community by saying “Meet The Lifepro Family” when referring to their customers:

PulseFX page break down 3

In the examples shown above, Lifepro enhances the impact of its customer testimonials by highlighting compelling benefits and featuring the Pulse FX:

  • Game Changer!
  • Phenomenal Tool
  • I Really Love It!
  • Vibrating Massage

Conversion marketers know that nothing is more persuasive than using the voice of their customers in videos, sales copy, and other messaging. 

Lifepro also displays five-star ratings over each testimonial. This is a subtle, visual way of building trust, which helps to increase conversions.  

The next section of the page is designed to overcome potential buyers’ objections by answering six frequently asked questions.

  1. How many pounds of force does the Pulse FX deliver?
  2. How loud is the Pulse FX Massage Gun?
  3. How heavy is the Pulse FX Massage Gun?
  4. What are the functions of massage heads?
  5. How long does the battery last?
  6. How quickly will I receive my order?

Lifepro’s team anticipates objections some buyers may have by answering FAQs like the ones shown below. Doing this helps to reduce friction and compels people to place an order without engaging a sales representative.

PulseFX page break down 4

As of this writing, the conversion rate for Lifepro’s variety of landing pages ranges from ~3% (which is pretty good for cold traffic into an ecommerce product) up to a mammoth 59%:

Thrive Series landing page stats

Proving that if you drive targeted traffic to a compelling landing page, there's no reason you shouldn't see some serious results.

Boosting conversions with sticky bars 

Look closely at the bottom of the landing page shown above, and you’ll see Lifepro using a tactic that adds a small but significant boost to their landing page conversions. A simple sticky bar:

PulseFX sticky bar

On the sticky bar, Lifepro:

  • Uses risk reversal by saying that the product comes with a “Lifetime Warranty - 30 Day Money Back
  • Anchors the “Free Shipping” promo throughout the page
  • Maintains a “Buy Now button with the “Get $20 OFF” code

While this sticky bar currently has a conversion rate of only 1.65%, it’s best to see these as bonus conversions coming from a sticky bar that follows visitors down the page and makes a CTA button available for when people are ready to buy.

PulseFX sticky bar stats

With a wide selection of templates, ConvertFlow makes it easy for busy marketers to launch sticky bars on a website or landing page and target visitors based on specific conditions. It’s a simple way to boost conversions.

Here's how Lifepro ensures that the PulseFX sticky bar only shows on the relevant landing page:

Sticky bar targeting to landing page

Duplicating what’s working

Because of the sales growth Lifepro is seeing with landing pages like the one for Pulse FX, its team has replicated the conversion process for other popular products.

Like the Sonic Series:

Sonic Series landing page hero
See full page

And for special offers during flash sales and holiday campaigns:

Lifepro Fitness special offer landing page
See full page

The marketing team knows that it doesn't have to reinvent the wheel with each new landing page or ecommerce offer, so when they find a template that engages their customers and generates higher conversions, they smartly duplicate the elements that make the page a winner—an excellent user engagement strategy.

Nevertheless, they continue tweaking their ad campaigns and landing pages for even higher conversions by creating and testing multiple variants to increase their ROI on ad spend and organic search traffic.

Here's a template you can use to start building your own page:

Click here for more landing page templates.

Product pages

The final thing to mention is that when potential buyers click a CTA button on one of Lifepro’s landing pages, they’re immediately directed to a collection page on the main website where they can:

  1. Select the best model for their fitness and recovery needs
  2. Complete checkout
Lifepro Pulse FX collection page

You’ll notice that below the name of each item they show the regular price with strikethrough text, followed by a special discount price. At this point, all customers need to do is click on an item and complete their order.


Shopify users can reduce friction in the buying process by adding products to cart straight from a ConvertFlow landing page (or any kind of CTA, for that matter). No need to redirect people to product pages and hope they complete checkout from there.

Just create an "Add to Shopify cart" automation on any button:

Shopify add to cart automation

Learn more about ConvertFlow's Shopify integration

Growing into a global ecommerce brand 

Now you’ve seen how Lifepro Fitness uses a simple, scalable landing page strategy to drive online sales and grow its global community. You’ve seen how they use paid ads to drive traffic to targeted landing pages and convert ecommerce visitors into leads and loyal customers.

We looked at the platform Lifepro’s team uses to quickly launch, manage and optimize multiple landing page campaigns without writing code. 

And you know how they craft high-converting landing pages using a proven mix of:

  • Compelling offers
  • Striking imagery
  • Social validation
  • Risk reversal
  • Strategically designed CTAs

By discovering what works and replicating the process, Lifepro has grown into a trusted fitness brand that serves a thriving global community of consumers, physical therapists, personal trainers, and pro athletes. 

If you’re responsible for increasing online sales and conversions for an ecommerce business like Lifepro Fitness, or any other kind of online business, make sure you apply what you’ve learned from this case study to your business as soon as possible.

Also, if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to create, launch, and manage high-converting landing pages without writing code, go ahead and create your free account today. You’ll be joining thousands of marketers and teams that are powering their growth using ConvertFlow.

This story was written and published in collaboration with StoryOps.

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