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May Product Update – New Features, Pricing, Integrations, Templates, and More

What’s up marketers! Jonathan here, back with another product update!

About the last few months

Back in February, we publicly released ConvertFlow’s most exciting product update yet – ConvertFlow 2.

If you haven’t logged in recently, your account has CF2 already enabled. Log in to check it out!

The CF2 update greatly expanded your ConvertFlow suite for you.

What was once a simple tool for creating personalized popups and forms has expanded to a full solution for converting visitors that greatly improves your marketing team’s workflow.

We’ve made it our mission moving forward to give marketers superpowers, and to be able to drive growth and launch campaigns, all without coding.

So far the response from ConvertFlow’s marketing community has been really exciting.

The number of people every week who are joining the community of conversion marketers using ConvertFlow has nearly quadrupled since.

Here are some high level stats from the community:

– Surpassed 5,000+ marketing teams using ConvertFlow
– Currently delivering personalized experiences to ~1,000,000 unique visitors per day. That’s an average of 40,000+ people per hour!
– Collectively generated 5,000,000+ leads so far
– Created 27,000+ CTA campaigns

If you’re seeing a noticeable lift in your stats since launching ConvertFlow, or you’re finding your marketing workflow significantly improved by the platform, we want to share your story with 10,000+ marketers.

Here’s how…

Making you the star of the show

Moving forward we’re committing to making you guys the stars of the show. The work, results, and campaigns you’re crafting are so inspiring to us, we want to share it with everyone to inspire others to achieve amazing results.

Your customer story

To start, we began building out a story hub about ConvertFlow marketers, highlighting who they are, the awesome work they’re doing for their companies and clients, as well as any measurable improvements they find interesting for their business.

If you want to have us write a story about you and your team, share your story with us here.

Once you’ve shared your story with us and we’ve written about it, we’ll send it to you for approval and then it will be shared with ConvertFlow’s community.

It will also be seen by the new cohorts of businesses visiting our website each day through our website and story recommendations.

Public templates

Have you seen ConvertFlow’s new template platform? Now, anyone can build and share CTA templates!

In your CTA’s options, open up the “Options” dropdown button to “Save it as a template”.

Once you’ve saved a CTA as a template, you’ll then be able to:

– Name the template
– Describe the template
– Optionally add tutorial text and a video for it
– Use the template across the websites in your account
– Share the template with other marketers via a share link
– Get collective stats of how your template is performing for everyone using it

And now, you can share your template with the ConvertFlow team to have it publicly listed in ConvertFlow’s official template directory.

Also, very soon your marketer profile will show when other marketers are viewing your templates, helping you gain exposure and credit for your templates.

Write for the community

If you like to blog about creating marketing campaigns, or how you’re growing your agency, we’d love to collaborate.

Drop a line to team[at], so we can get connected!

All that’s new with the ConvertFlow platform

After CF2’s release in Q1, we’ve been steadily releasing improvements to the platform.

Here’s what’s new…

Introducing our Segment integration (beta)
Undo / redo actions across the entire builder
A whole lot of new targeting condition types
Ability to archive websites
Lots of new official templates
The ConvertFlow 101 course
New pricing plans available

Introducing our Segment integration (beta)

Segment helps marketing and product teams streamline their customer data collection with a suite of tools, such as a centralized tag manager, customer audiences and more.

Installing ConvertFlow with Segment makes it simple to get set up and running without custom code or added implementation time.

All you need to do is sign up for ConvertFlow, paste your credentials into the Segment integrations page and the Segment snippet will load ConvertFlow in the background to start tracking visitors and displaying them conversion campaigns.

The user emails being identified by Segment will automatically identify visitors as tracked contacts in ConvertFlow, so you can personalize your website for them based on their contact segmentation in your connected email service provider.

Our integration with Segment is currently in beta, and we’re working on expanding the integration beyond tag installation to further integrate with Segment’s customer data platform.

To learn how to install ConvertFlow via Segment, here’s our tutorial →

For more info from Segment on our integration, head to our listing →

Undo / redo actions across the entire builder

If you just said “finally”, you’re not alone. We’ve heard you, and have rolled this update out to make your life easier. Fashionably late to the party is a robust undo / redo manager for the CF2 builder.

It used to be that ConvertFlow’s undo / redo tools were limited to the text editor. Now you can undo / redo adding and removing elements, dragging elements around, adjusting settings, etc.

For example, what if you delete a whole section of your CTA and want to bring it back?

Note: If this has happened to you, you know how painful it can be. We’ve been there too and have felt your pain.

Now, with the all-mighty power of the undo icon, or your keyboard’s undo command, it just takes one click, and viola. It’s back!

A whole lot of new targeting condition types

Targeting conditions are used just about everywhere in ConvertFlow. For your CTA campaigns, conditional actions, skip logic, etc.

And now, there’s new targeting condition types that help you target even more granular visitor segments.

Here they are:

New site activity targeting conditions:

– If person has viewed CTA
– If person has NOT viewed CTA
– If person has more than X page views
– If person has less than X page views
– If person has more than X sessions
– If person has fewer than X sessions
– If current session is more than X minutes
– If current session is less than X minutes
– If person has more than X page views in current session
– If person has fewer than X page views in current session

With these new site activity conditions, you can treat new and returning visitors differently based on their number of sessions, time on site, page view counts, and more.

You can also start showing CTAs based on if someone has seen another CTA, which opens up a lot of possibilities.

Introducing Javascript targeting conditions:

– If cookie value contains keyword
– If cookie value does NOT contain keyword
– If global variable value contains keyword
– If global variable value does NOT contain keyword

If you want to get a little bit more technical, such as if you’re using ConvertFlow for in-app onboarding with a SaaS product, you can now have ConvertFlow’s targeting conditions reference the global variables and cookie values that you define.

Another example of how you can use these javascript targeting conditions is, let’s say you want to target visitors by the data of a CMS item, such as a the price of an ecommerce product. If you store this data in the page as a global variable, you’ll now be able to set a condition to target a CTA to a page for a product has that price.

New MailChimp targeting conditions:

– If person has tag in MailChimp
– If person doesn’t have tag in MailChimp

If you haven’t already seen, MailChimp now has tags! This greatly improves the list segmentation abilities of MailChimp.

We’ve now integrated fully with MailChimp tags, and you can even personalize your website for MailChimp subscriber segments based on their tags.

For a break down of all of ConvertFlow’s targeting condition types, head to our reference guide here →

Ability to archive websites

Do you have a few inactive websites in your ConvertFlow account using up your site limit and that you haven’t deleted because you don’t want to lose your work?

Now, you can “archive” websites if you want to save the implementation and optionally reactivate the website later. Just head to your website settings, scroll to the bottom, click the “Archive” button and confirm.

Archiving a website removes it from your account’s website usage, but also deactivates the website’s ConvertFlow script / live CTAs, and it deletes the current tracking audience.

From your account’s websites page, you can switch between seeing active and archived websites with the filter tools.

Lots of new official templates

We’re steadily working on and releasing new templates every week now.

Head to the templates directory on our website to see new landing page templates, popup templates and more.

The ConvertFlow 101 course

ConvertFlow 101 is the definitive crash course on using ConvertFlow.

With 8 videos and written lessons, in about 40 minutes, we cover just about everything you need to know to use ConvertFlow for all of your conversion campaigns moving forward.

Here’s an overview:

– Get introduced to the ConvertFlow platform and see all the ways it can help you become a better marketer, streamline your workflow and grow your business.
– Discover the anatomy of the visual call-to-action builder, from the design controls to personalization rules and integration settings.
– Learn how to create, personalize and launch popups, sticky bars, embedded calls-to-action and landing pages.
– Get a walkthrough on how to properly install ConvertFlow on your website, with tutorials for each popular website CMS.

If you’re ready to dive in ConvertFlow 101, here’s the link to the course →

New pricing plans available

Important: If you’re already a ConvertFlow customer, you’ve been grandfathered with your existing plan.

After lots of customer feedback, we’ve created new pricing plans for you that are better made for marketers at the various stages of their businesses.

Introducing the Marketer plan

We’ve released a new entry-level paid plan called the “Marketer” plan, which includes the full suite of conversion tools, plus website personalization features.

The Marketer plan starts at just $39/month for 1 website, with the option to remove “powered by” links.

A new Pro plan made for agencies and pros

If you’re a consultant or agency, chances are you started with the Pro plan.

To make the Pro plan even better for you, we’ve released a new Pro plan that packs the full agency feature set, so you can invite your clients to collaborate, co-brand the ConvertFlow dashboard and send branded lead alerts to your clients.

The new Pro plan starts at $99/month with 3 websites included. When you’re ready to scale beyond 3 sites, you can add additional sites for just $30/m.

More traffic tiers

The new pricing plans will now incrementally scale up as your traffic grows through small traffic tier increments, helping you pay only for what you need and reducing the once large gap between our pricing plans.

If you’re on a grandfathered plan and need to scale beyond its limits, reach out to us at team[at], so we can assist you with getting on the right plan.

Adding additional websites to annual plans

If you’re a subscriber of a ConvertFlow annual plan, before there was a hard limit to the number of websites included with the plan. This would cause an issue if you needed to scale up further.

Now, you can optionally add extra websites beyond your base plan, which will be billed monthly and separate of your annual subscription. This helps you scale up and down as needed each month, while still getting a discount by purchasing your base subscription annually.

To explore these new plans and try one free for 14 days, head to our pricing page →

That’s all for now, but be sure to stay tuned for more ConvertFlow product updates, customer stories, templates, courses and more.


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