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Spring 2023 Product Update: New Funnel Analytics, Elements, Integrations, and More

Last year at ConvertFlow, we joined the ecommerce movement to “arm the rebels” and embarked on our new mission to empower brands to own their funnel.

By empowering ecommerce brands with the no-code tools they need to build personalized shopping experiences, we’re empowering them to build their owned audience of shoppers, and to drive growth more predictably.

After years of brands getting burned by becoming too dependent on big tech companies and unreliable ad platforms, our philosophy has become: 

Own your funnel to own your growth. Own your growth to own your future.

This has shaped our product direction immensely. We’ve overhauled just about everything.

Here’s all that’s new since last year’s big shift.

Read on or catch up with what's new in this video:

<funnel>Swipe our ecommerce funnel template for your brand<funnel>

ConvertFlow’s no-code funnel builder is now laser-focused on helping brands launch their own personalized ecommerce funnel on their website.

In fact, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Our funnel template is ready for you to launch, just customize your campaigns for your brand and turn it on.

First, start with our new funnel manifesto by Angela Rollins, an ecommerce veteran now managing content marketing at ConvertFlow.

The Modern Ecommerce Conversion Funnel →

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Grow your bottom-line with your existing traffic
  • Build your own funnel with customizable templates
  • Personalize your funnel for maximum impact
A newly designed ecommerce conversion funnel that represent the shopper's journey on your website. It contains five stages: activates offer, views product, adds to cart, checks out, and purchases.

Then, head over to our funnel playbooks to learn how to launch the high-impact campaign templates that make up the modern ecommerce funnel.

<pricing>New pricing that supports fast-growing brands<pricing>

This year we overhauled our pricing with new plans based on monthly campaign views, rather than all tracked monthly visitors. That means you only pay based on who sees your ConvertFlow campaigns, not your overall website visitors.

We’ve also baked more usage and features into our self-service plans, with each plan tailored for different stages of a brand's life:

New ConvertFlow pricing plans based on monthly campaign views

You’ll also notice the addition of the new white-glove plans:


For brands scaling up to high-traffic, multiple websites, and multiple team members.

Your team gets invited to a private Slack channel with a dedicated Funnel Success Manager, who guides you each step of the way to launch and optimize your funnel.


For Shopify Plus brands that need their ConvertFlow funnel managed for them.

With this scalable managed service, our in-house marketers optimize your funnel for each shopper segment on your behalf, based on lessons learned from 100,000+ campaigns that have been created in ConvertFlow.

We’ll manage ongoing campaign creation, landing page development, experimentation, and personalization to help you grow your brand.

<analytics>Introducing new funnel analytics 📈<analytics>

ConvertFlow's funnel analytics has become more robust:

ConvertFlow's analytics dashboard

New metrics

We’ve enabled new metrics, so you can now easily report on how many subscribes and adds-to-cart were driven. 🛒

New analysis types

When reporting on a metric, you can now switch between funnel analysis, counts overtime, and conversion rates over time.

Funnel breakdowns

When reporting on a campaign, scroll down to see the funnel breakdown: a detailed breakdown of how visitors are progressing through your campaign: 

An example funnel breakdown of a survey, showing how many people interacted with each step and their survey responses.

Just choose which variant to report on and the timeframe you'd like to view.

You'll find insights into what survey and form field options are most selected and which products are added to the cart the most. And you can determine where people are dropping off the most to inform your next experiment.

Site-wide custom field insights

Your website's insights page now has a new report that shows how many people engaged with all of your custom fields, and how many people selected each of their respective options:

Custom fields in report in ConvertFlow that shows how many people selected a specific option for a field across different campaigns.

<builder>Big updates to the builder shipped 🚀<builder>

We dropped a bunch of new elements and builder updates so far this year so you can do more with your campaigns.

New tabs element

Now you can display toggled content with the new tabs element:

The tabs element in ConvertFlow's campaign builder

Just add tabs, click them to toggle between them, and drag content into each tab.

New collapse element

Similar to the tabs element, you can display toggled content with the collapse element:

The collapse element in ConvertFlow's campaign builder

Add as many collapses as you’d like, and nest content within each collapse.

New list elements

List elements help you create structured content lists like bullet points, numbered steps, A/B/C lists, pricing feature lists, etc.:

New icons element

Adding quick icons is now super easy with the icons element:

The icons element in ConvertFlow's campaign builder

Just add the icons element to the builder. Then, search for the perfect icon in the settings to the right.

Surveys got a big update

Survey elements have been overhauled to support lots of new styles and options.

Creating engaging quizzes is faster now with new options to add selectable emojis, icons (full library available), and letters (A/B/C...) to your surveys:

Survey selection options in ConvertFlow using emojis.

And there are lots of new design controls to configure your surveys’ style, with more granular sizing options.

Forms got a boost too

New field settings have been added to the form element. Now you can control the minimum and maximum number of characters for text and paragraph fields.

The phone field has been upgraded, too. 

You can now add a label just for the country code label or opt to hide the country code field entirely.

And phone fields can also now stop invalid SMS opt-ins with real-time phone verification:

Phone number validation toggle for a form in ConvertFlow
Campaign phone validation in action for an example campaign showing the number is not valid

Quickly set responsive maximum widths

Ever find yourself having to add lots of margin and padding to your content to give it a more custom maximum width?

Now with ConvertFlow's improved maximum width controls, you can use sliders to set maximum widths for sections, elements, and more:

Width controls in ConvertFlow's campaign builder

Drag to create new elements

To add an element in the builder, you can now click the "add element" button in the toolbar. Then, either click an element type to see templates or drag it over to the builder canvas to create it. Easy!

Save your own builder templates

Create your own library of elements, sections, and funnel step templates that you can re-use as starting points for your next campaign by saving builder templates:

Unsplash integration

Need royalty-free stock photos for your ConvertFlow campaigns? Now you can quickly find stock photos—that are fully free to use—from within ConvertFlow's builder:

Unsplash integration in ConvertFlow

Just click the "Unsplash" tab when uploading an image. Then, search a keyword and a bunch of free stock photos will appear: 

Example search for "cocktails" using ConvertFlow's Unsplash integration

Choose the image, crop it if needed, and you're done!

<shopify>ConvertFlow’s Shopify app, upgraded 💪<shopify>

ConvertFlow's Shopify integration just got a ton of upgrades.

Product and collection merge tags

Now you can create campaigns with dynamic text merge tags from your Shopify products and collections. 

For example, your welcome offer popups can dynamically display the currently viewed product's title and price within your ConvertFlow text elements:

Product merge tags as they appear in ConvertFlow's campaign builder

Product elements can now display the currently viewed product

This lets you dynamically swap out the product displayed in your campaign with the currently viewed product, which is great for creating a site-wide browse abandonment popup that dynamically changes for all products:

Product source menu in ConvertFlow with an option to pull product information from the product page the shopper is currently visiting

New Shopify cart conditions

Ever needed to target specific campaigns to shoppers who have a certain type of product in their cart? 

With the new Shopify cart conditions, you can now target campaigns based on the type and titles of products in the cart:

Campaign targeting options in ConvertFlow that allow you to set conditions based on the attributes of the shopper's Shopify carts

Visualize discounts using each products' sale price

Now you can have your ConvertFlow product elements visualize the discount savings using each product's unique sale price:

Discount option in ConvertFlow that allows you to set different discount amounts for the products shown in a campaign

This way you can have each Shopify product show its own unique discount through ConvertFlow, instead of having ConvertFlow show a single amount or percentage discount across all the products:

Example of unique discount prices shown in a campaign containing three mattresses

More Shopify app updates

  • ConvertFlow can recommend complementary Shopify products based on your configuration of the official Shopify Search & Discovery app
  • When your product element uses Shopify collections as the product source, you can now select multiple collections to display products from
  • Unavailable products in collections will now automatically not show, unless you toggle the product element to show unavailable products
  • When you configure your product element to display a list of manually selected products, you can now also manually choose which product variants display

<integrations>New integrations added 🤝<integrations>

Omnisend integration

ConvertFlow and Omnisend logos

With the new two-way integration with Omnisend, you can:

  • Sync contact fields and subscribe contacts in Omnisend
  • Sync quiz answers and custom fields to Omnisend custom fields
  • Apply tags in Omnisend using automation rules
  • Display personalized campaigns and product recommendations to returning subscribers based on Omnisend custom fields and tags

Read the full Omnisend integration guide here → 

Sendlane integration

ConvertFlow and Sendlane logos

Similar to the Omnisend integration, ConvertFlow’s integration with Sendlane functions both ways.

This means you can:

  • Subscribe contacts to Sendlane lists
  • Sync quiz answers and field values to populate Sendlane custom fields and tags
  • Personalize your website and product recommendations for returning Sendlane subscribers

<admin-widget>Introducing admin widget 2.0 🤖<admin-widget>

ConvertFlow's handy ol' admin widget just got a much needed upgrade. Troubleshooting your setup is now an order of magnitude easier—especially when building complex, multi-step funnels.

ConvertFlow's admin widget that appears when you're on your own website, allowing you to gain insights into your live campaigns

Here's what's new with admin widget 2.0:

  • Landing pages and embeds that have loaded now show up in the admin widget
  • Campaigns now have insights into which split-test variant won and displayed
  • Popup trigger settings are now visualized in real-time
  • Conditional actions and skip logic insights now show for each step within each campaign—which means troubleshooting complex quiz logic is no longer a mystery
  • Conditional product recommendations also now have insights in the admin widget
  • The admin widget now has a new coat of paint 💙

<templates>So. Many. New. Templates.<templates>

Thought we were done? Not yet! Here are some new templates to use for your next campaign.

Product landing page templates

Using dedicated product landing pages for your campaigns instead of your PDPs is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase checkouts. Unlike regular product pages, you can focus the page on the conversion and target a more specific audience.

We’ve released new product landing page templates, inspired by real landing pages successful ecommerce brands use:

Thumbnails of product landing page templates

Try out the:

Each template is complete with section templates, element templates and more, to make building out product landing pages as effortless as possible.

Listicle landing page templates

Listicle landing pages are taking the ecommerce world by storm. They capitalize on shoppers’ curiosity by providing helpful information that ultimately promotes the product:

Thumbnails of listicle landing page templates

Try these for your next campaign:

Returning customer popup templates

If you’re not greeting returning customers back to your website with dedicated campaigns, you’re leaving money on the table. 

Target returning subscribers and customers with these these popup templates and recommend products based on their preferences and previous orders:

Thumbnails of returning customer popup templates

Boost LTV with the:

Abandonment popup templates

Want to reduce browse and cart abandonment? These new popup templates re-engage site visitors when they begin to exit the page by asking a question to help them find their way:

Thumbnails of popup templates for browse & cart abandonment

Improve abandonment rates with the:

List building templates

Growing your email & SMS lists is key to staying in touch with customers once they leave your website.

These new list building templates capitalize on shoppers’ FOMO and help you learn more about a customer’s preferences to personalize their shopping experience:

Thumbnails of list building templates

Earn subscribers with the:

Bonus: Link in bio landing page template

You’ve seen these all over Instagram and TikTok. Well now you can quickly create “link in bio” landing pages in ConvertFlow using this simple but effective landing page template:

What’s next?

We’ve got big updates coming for the builder, ConvertFlow’s Shopify app, and landing page functionality. Plus, we’ve got lots more templates in the queue and additional funnel metrics on the way.

If you’re an ecommerce brand, join us for a demo, and we’ll help you with your funnel and first-party marketing strategy. If you’re an agency, join the partner program to help build funnels for brands and get connected to clients.

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