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Fall 2023 Product Update: New Quiz Builder, Revenue Attribution & More

In 2023, the ConvertFlow team has been all-in on helping e-commerce brands level up their store’s funnels.

What we’re finding works, is focusing on the 4 major playbooks for the offers that make up an effective e-commerce funnel:

  1. Targeted welcome offers to shopper segments and incentive them to subscribe 
  2. Product recommendation quizzes that uncover shopper preferences and make personalized product recommendations
  3. Product landing pages dedicated to selling the benefits of specific products and bundles, without needing to adapt the store’s theme for all products
  4. Upsell & cross-sell offers that entice shoppers to add more to cart and order more

Brands that implement these offers have seen immediate results.

Valyou Furniture saw a 3x increase in subscribe rate by replacing their site-wide welcome offer with targeted welcome offers for specific product collections. 

ReadySetFood saw a 23% add-to-cart rate with a product recommendation quiz, presented right after their welcome offer.

Lifepro Fitness scaled to dozens of product landing pages that convert as high as 59% of shoppers.

SimpleShot got a 17% bump in AOV by adding 1-click upsells to their store.

Funnel wins like these have a big impact on revenue, with some brands seeing as much as a 7,869% ROI on their ConvertFlow subscription.

Even more important, is the brand leveling up how they look at their store, graduating from looking for the next tactic to try, to strategic thinking about how to improve their full funnel.

This means they’re actively looking for where in their funnel could they launch an offer to motivate shoppers to add more to cart and checkout, as well as where they can experiment with split-tests.

Our goal is to get more brands to adopt funnel building as a part of their ecommerce workflow, making it fast and easy to toggle on pre-built templates that we’ve battle-tested.

Here are recent updates we’ve released to achieve this goal:

Table of contents:

  • Introducing the new quiz element
  • Revenue attribution for funnels
  • Zoomable canvas enabled in the builder
  • New content and image carousel elements
  • New resources for holiday promotions and welcome offer strategy
  • Dozens of new free templates
  • Updates to Shopify integration
  • Site-wide custom code controls

Introducing the NEW quiz element

Building quizzes in ConvertFlow, while powerful and robust, has traditionally been much more complicated than other quiz builders. Why? 

Before, it essentially meant linking together multiple surveys, across multiple funnel steps, to deliver that questionnaire experience that converts so well.

Now, we've taken the guesswork out of building high-converting quizzes in ConvertFlow with the new quiz element.

You'll now find this as an option when adding new elements, complete with multiple quiz templates to start from.

The new quiz element makes it easy to:

  • Manage questions and sub-questions
  • Display images & gifs for each question
  • Skip questions based on answers
  • Toggle on a progress bar for all questions
  • Enable "next" and "back" buttons to navigate the quiz
  • Ask questions using surveys with images, icons, color pickers, emojis, etc
  • Ask questions using fields like text inputs, dropdowns, paragraphs, range sliders, etc

See How It Works →

Revenue attribution reporting built into your funnels

With revenue attribution, new orders will get tracked and revenue will be automatically attributed to your ConvertFlow campaigns.

You can configure revenue attribution either by connecting ConvertFlow to Shopify, or tracking the purchase on your order thank you page.

Once it’s configured, here’s how it works:

Upon a customer checking out, revenue will be attributed to all ConvertFlow campaigns they converted with during the 7-day attribution window leading up to the purchase.

This enables insightful ConvertFlow-attributed revenue analytics, showing the total who purchased, total revenue, and AOV attributed to each campaign, variant, funnel step, button, form, survey selection, field value, product, etc.

Read Tutorial →

New zoomable canvas for the funnel builder

Building large pages and funnels on small screens just became much easier!

Now, with the zoomable canvas, you can easily zoom in/out using your trackpad's pinch zoom, your mouse wheel, or by using the zoom button to the bottom right of the builder.

New carousel elements

With the new carousel elements, you can display multiple content boxes that rotate in and out of view when clicking arrows and toggles.

You'll find the "Carousel" element available when creating a new element, and by clicking the carousel element type, you'll find carousel templates to choose from as a starting point.

For each carousel slide, you can optionally set clickable images for beautiful image carousels.

New ecommerce marketing resources 🤓

Holiday Funnel Kit

Run your holiday promotions like a pro with dedicated funnels for each major retail holiday in 2024.

With the new Holiday Funnel Kit, you can boost your sales with these resources:

  • 30-day trial of ConvertFlow's Funnel Builder
  • Shoppable landing page templates
  • Matching popup & sticky bar templates
  • Our BFCM offers workshop
  • Step-by-step playbooks
  • Interactive ecommerce marketing calendar

Go To Funnel Kit → 

Welcome Offer Course

Growing your email and SMS lists is crucial to own your audience and reduce your reliance on paid ads. But a generic opt-in form won’t cut it.

In this new course, we dive deep into welcome offer strategy, complete with education on how to:

  • Create a high-converting welcome offer campaign
  • Launch a welcome series for subscribers who don’t purchase right away
  • Personalize your website experience using customer data gathered from your email & SMS signup form
  • Promote your welcome offer across channels to grow your email & SMS lists

Go To Course →

Dozens of new templates

New welcome offer templates

Alongside the new welcome offers course, we’ve shipped dozens of new welcome offer templates for types of campaign formats and industries.

Listicle landing page templates

We’ve also shipped new listicle landing page templates. Listicle landing pages are becoming a popular way to educate shoppers about top products and show how your product stacks up.

Use these listicle landing page templates to review products in your space, highlight pros & cons, and drive shoppers to check out your product 💪

Updates to Shopify integration

Toggle off Shopify header/footer on landing pages

If you've chosen your Shopify store as the domain name for your landing page, you'll now be able to set the page title and description, as well as toggle off your store's header and footer for that page. 

Shopify order targeting

ConvertFlow's Shopify integration now has new order targeting conditions, which means you can target upsells and cross-sells to shoppers who have just checked out, based on their order items, value, and more.

The new order targeting conditions are:

  • If Shopify order contains greater than X items
  • If Shopify order contains less than X items
  • If Shopify order value is greater than
  • If Shopify order value is less than
  • If Shopify order has product
  • If Shopify order does NOT have product
  • If Shopify order has product with title containing keyword
  • If Shopify order does NOT have product with title containing keyword

Learn More → 

Note that these conditions currently only apply to stores running Shopify 1.0 themes, while we’re extending functionality to 2.0 themes.

Add custom code & tag managers to all landing pages

We've enabled new custom code settings for adding:

  • Custom code to run for all ConvertFlow landing pages
  • Custom code to run when any popup or embed campaign displays

Tag manager integration improvements

Connecting ConvertFlow to Google Tag Manager will now automatically install the selected GTM container on your ConvertFlow landing pages.

Also, users of Segment's tag manager will now have the option to enable Segment on all ConvertFlow landing pages, by enabling it via an option.

GA4 cross-domain tracking support

Cross-domain tracking works differently for GA4, in comparison to Google's Universal Analytics (now deprecated).

We've updated ConvertFlow's Google Analytics integration to support the new method of cross-domain tracking in GA4.

Follow this guide to properly set it up → 

Quality-of-life update: Edit, duplicate conditions & automations, etc

We've released lots of quality-of-life updates with many small UI improvements 💙

Here's what's new:

  • Ability to edit and duplicate conditions & automations
  • Searchable dropdowns when building conditions & automations
  • New "completions" performance tab on the insights page
  • When tracking completions, new ability to choose which campaign to track completion of, allowing for cross-campaign completion tracking
  • Mobile setting on products element to control number of products per row
  • Design setting for quiz question text alignment
  • Form element setting to toggle on/off requirement for all consent form fields
  • Campaign setting to toggle automatic scroll-to-top between funnel step jumps
  • Fixed an issue on Chrome when selecting form elements, incorrectly initiating drag-and-drop
  • Fixed subscribe rate discrepancy with campaigns without form elements
  • Fixed an issue when re-opening campaigns with lazy-loaded videos

What’s next?

We'll continue to ship quality-of-life improvements for the remainder of the year, while CF3 is in the oven 👀

From the ConvertFlow team to you, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 🎄

Want to help us build ConvertFlow?

Join us for a demo, or chat with us on Intercom, to let us know how we can make ConvertFlow’s funnel builder perfect for your marketing workflow. We’re all ears!

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