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Launching your first campaign

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Here’s how to launch your first campaign.

First, head to the ConvertFlow dashboard. Click to create a new campaign, and you’ll have hundreds of templates to choose from.

The top campaign templates you need to launch are front and center, based on data from 100,000’s of campaigns created in ConvertFlow and billions of shopper interactions tracked.

Once you see the perfect template for your website, give your campaign a name and click to create it.

Now, welcome to the funnel builder. With this builder, you can build anything you want, without code. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we’ve got a campaign to launch!

First, click to edit the text.

Use the themes tab to adjust the theme style of your campaign. This allows you to set the styling options of all your text elements, buttons, forms, and more. This way, your campaign’s design will be on-brand in just seconds.

Add, duplicate or remove any elements you want.

Need to add additional funnel steps? Add as many as you’d like.

Launching with a form? Don’t forget to integrate. Connect an integration, and add automations to segment contacts, as well as fire off messages and events in your email & SMS marketing tools.

Launching a popup? Set the trigger settings to pop up based on time spent on page, scroll percentage or even upon exit-intent.

Recommending products? Tell ConvertFlow which Shopify products to showcase with product filters and conditional product recommendations. In one click, shoppers can add products to cart and be guided to checkout.

Don’t forget to save your work, and then preview your changes on desktop and mobile.

Then, add any campaign targeting conditions need to display your campaign to the right audience on your site.

Once we’re all set, click to launch your campaign.

If it’s a popup, you’ll be able to use ConvertFlow’s 1-click install feature with your favorite website platforms and tag managers.

If it’s a landing page, ConvertFlow lets you set a URL on our servers, your own custom domain or publish directly to your Shopify store.

And if it’s an embed, you’ll get a simple embed code you can place anywhere on your site.

Once ConvertFlow’s live, sit back and start watching your conversions roll in.

Want to experiment your way to a better conversion rate? Run split-tests by creating new variants and adjusting the percentage of traffic you want each variant to receive.

For each variant, you can get funnel reports and see a breakdown of how visitors are converting, each step of the way.

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