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B2B Conversion Marketing Playbook

How to double inbound lead flow with popups in 30 minutes or less, using ConvertFlow's top 3 B2B conversion tactics

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What’s your website’s lead capture rate? The average email signup rate on B2B websites is just a modest 2%.

Chances are your website already converts 2% or more visitors into leads!

But before you celebrate, is 2% is really the bar we want to set for ourselves?

At ConvertFlow, we think your website can convert much higher. Like 2-4x higher.

To set context, if your B2B website gets less than 100k monthly visitors like most websites, the “good” lead capture benchmark we’ve seen so far at ConvertFlow is nearing 5%.

And if there’s less than 10k visitors per month, bump that to 6-10%+.

If your conversion rate is already averaging above those rates, you’re already killing it 😎

If not, no worries! Because here at ConvertFlow, we’ve curated the top 3 conversion tactics that we’ve seen succeed for B2B websites using ConvertFlow for their website popups, forms, landing pages etc.

In fact, these 3 tactics that stood out to us, have proven to help push hundreds of B2B ConvertFlow users beyond the average lead capture rates for websites in their traffic range.


Jonathan Denney
Co-Founder & CTO, ConvertFlow
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25 minutes
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