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Mapping out your B2B conversion marketing funnels

Jonathan Denney

Jonathan Denney leads product at ConvertFlow. After running a conversion marketing agency, Jonathan co-founded ConvertFlow with his brother Ethan Denney to help brands build conversion funnels without code or waiting on developers. Since then, ConvertFlow's no-code funnel builder has helped launch 100k+ conversion campaigns, across brands such as Volkswagen, NectarSleep, CampingWorld and more.

Now that you’ve installed our top 3 recommended popups for B2B sites, you’ll want to begin optimizing further by implementing even more personalized funnels on your website.

To help make this fast and easy, we’ve created 2 B2B conversion marketing funnel maps you can use to strategize your B2B conversion funnels, as well as a bunch of call-to-action templates for the maps’ funnel steps, that you can roll out on your website quickly.

The personalized lead generation funnel for B2B company websites

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to selling services is a recipe failure.

Instead, provide a guide experience for visitors and introduce them to how your business’ services can help them.

Then, give them the opportunity to learn more by recommend a relevant next step, that’s personalized for them.

The personalized lead generation funnel for service websites converts earlier stage visitors by offering relevant premium content, such as webinars, white papers and case studies, to visitors based on segmentation data such as the service pages they landed on, and survey responses.

Then, this funnel converts later stage leads into customers by delivering personalized CTAs to either purchase or schedule a meeting.

Use this funnel map to create personalized paths on your company site for each of your buyer personas.

The personalized lead generation funnel for blogs

Let’s face it. People don’t want to subscribe to another newsletter.

On your blog, you should guide visitors to the right content, and then give them an opportunity to access content upgrades relevant to what they’re interested in.

The personalized lead generation funnel for blogs increases conversions for blog visitors by recommending the right content to them based on their interests and landing page.

Once they’re on an article, generate a lead by offering a content upgrade.

Use this funnel map to create personalized conversion funnels for your different blog topics and popular articles.

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