Travel Landing Pages

Travel Landing Pages

Travel Landing Page Examples & Templates

If you offer any kind of travel related product or service, you'll want a travel landing page that turns visitors into leads and customers. Here are all the examples and templates you need to get started.

Do you offer travel services to clients, customers, and website visitors?

You’ve likely already got a website that people can come to when they’re planning their next vacation. But you need a specific page for those people to land on, depending on the service or destination they’re interested in.

That’s exactly what a travel landing page is for.

In this post, we'll give you six different travel landing page examples to get your creative juices flowing. Then cover how to build your own–templates included.

What is a travel landing page?

Whether you’re hosting a tour or helping people book their dream vacation, a travel landing page is the page a visitor will land on when they’re looking to book your services.

There are different types of travel landing pages you might have on your site. The most common is a search page to find deals for a destination. But you can also have landing pages with enquiry form pages for customers to book their dream trip.

What to include on your travel landing pages

Wondering what to include in your travel landing page?

The exact details can vary depending on what travel-related services you’re selling. But generally speaking, a travel landing page includes:

  • A headline to entice shoppers
  • A brief description of the trip
  • A form to select the dates, destinations, and number of people going
  • A clear call-to-action for people to go ahead and make the booking

Generally speaking, people will be using this page to find something specific and sift through a number of search results. So speed, usability, and good UX are crucial when it comes to travel landing pages.

6 travel landing page examples

Now we know what a travel landing page should include, let’s take a look at six superb examples you can draw inspiration from.

1. Travel Republic 

This landing page example from Travel Republic shows that you don’t always need your customers’ full trip details. 

Instead, it asks for:

  1. Your destination
  2. When you’d like to go
  3. How many people are going

(You can even check “I don’t have dates yet” if you’re just browsing; great for user experience.)

This works wonders in making the travel landing page feel less overwhelming. Visitors arriving there don’t have to have their entire itinerary planned out. They can use the page as a starting point to booking their vacation.

2. Expedia

Here’s another travel landing page—this time from Expedia, which promotes its car hire service. It asks for the basics (such as the pick-up and drop-off points, the dates, and the driver’s age).

But what’s great is that it includes social proof still above the fold:

Visitors to the page can see that Expedia is a reputable company because it has millions of properties and thousands of airlines available to book through its website. Each of those gives the visitor trust, and makes them more likely to handover their information and book a rental car.

3. Get Your Guide

As we touched on earlier, you can create your own travel landing pages for other types of trip—including tours, activities, or excursions.

This landing page from Get Your Guide, for example, is their go-to page for customers looking to book a tour in one location. Anyone looking for excursions in Ho Chi Minh City can come here and find one for their dates:

There’s the option to categorize or filter results based on their interest, too. This allows Get Your Guide to personalize the results for a visitor’s preference.

4. British Airways

The beauty of this British Airways travel landing page example is that it’s not cluttered with information:

Yes, you can easily search for flights using the form.

But, it doesn’t exclude you if you want more than a flight (the basic package they offer). There’s an option to add a hotel or car with your flight. It’s a great way to upsell travel services to your customers and provide a superb user experience.

5. Viator

Need a travel landing page for your tours or excursions? Take a look at this one from Viator:

It’s slightly more complex than a standard landing page, but it’s full to the brim with information, making it a one-stop shop for anyone looking for that kind of service. 

You've got the option to make the page more personalized, though. The buttons at the top of the page allow you to click the tour category you’re most interested in.

Plus, the additional filters on the left-hand side make it easier for visitors to find the experience they’re looking for.

6. Black Tomato

Most of the landing pages we’ve shared so far are geared towards people who know what they want. They’re either looking for a specific service (like flights and car rental), or are searching for experiences once they’ve decided on the destination.

This one from Black Tomato captures people higher up in the sales funnel.

People who don’t know where they want to travel to can’t really use the site's main vacation planner. But, instead of losing them entirely, Black Tomato created a Trip Finder:

This helps to capture people who want to travel, but haven’t yet ironed out the details. Getting in there early whilst the customer is still high in the sales funnel means they can nurture and engage them towards a conversion.

How to create a travel landing page

Ready to create your own travel landing page for your services? Good news:

  1. You don’t have to start from scratch
  2. You don't have to know how to code 😎

You’ll find a bunch of professionally-designed landing page templates in the ConvertFlow library. Pick the design you prefer, then customize it with your colors, fonts, logos, and travel service details.

(If you prefer, you can still add snippets of custom code wherever you like on the page in order to get any search boxes or tools successfully embedded.)

Travel landing page templates

With all this in mind, let’s now take a look at a few landing page templates we suggest starting with for your travel brand.

Remember, these templates are starting points for your page design. You can add, remove, edit, and customize them to your liking via our drag-and-drop builder 🙌

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