Shopping Deals Popups

Shopping Deals Popups

6 Shopping Deals Popups Examples You Need to Start Using Today

A carefully curated welcome offer, personalized upsell, or a flash sale can be just the thing to turn a browser into a buyer. In this post, we cover how to make it happen with a shopping deals popup—including examples, best practices, and templates.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money to drive visitors to your ecommerce website. But, how do you ensure they don’t leave empty-handed? 

Answer: Make them on offer they can’t refuse.

A carefully curated welcome offer, personalized upsell, or a flash sale can be just the thing to turn a browser into a buyer. And a shopping deals popup can be the perfect method to make it happen.

In this post, we’re sharing what shopping deals popups are, some best practices as well as six shopping deals popup examples. We’ll also round it off with ready-to-edit templates you can use to get started today.

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What is a shopping deals popup?

Shopping deals popups are a promotional message that suddenly appear or “pops up” while a visitor browses your ecommerce site. It typically takes the shape of a full-screen overlay, slide-in window, or website notification bar that offers incentives like free shipping, flash deals, or discount coupons.

The primary goal of a shopping deals popup is to provide a powerful call-to-action (CTA) that can increase sales.


A popup can also offer website visitors promotions in exchange for personal information (such as an email address or phone number) that can be used for marketing purposes. As such, these popups have become increasingly popular among ecommerce brands. 

With the help of a well-placed shopping deals popup, ecommerce business owners can continue to grow their email or SMS marketing lists—often with additional details such as the individual’s shopping or contact preferences. So, even if a website visitor doesn’t immediately convert from a shopping deals popup, they can continue to receive hyper-personalized marketing messages. 

Shopping deals popup best practices

Few promotional tactics polarize marketers quite like shopping deals popups, as these online offers require a bit of finesse to not provide an annoying user experience. Yet, when implemented correctly, popups can ultimately benefit both users and businesses alike. 

For an effective shopping deals popup, be sure to adhere to the following best practices:

Keys to a quality shopping deals popup

  • Time your popup. Establish rules for when a popup is to be displayed to avoid interrupting the users’ browsing experience, such as after 50% of the page has been scrolled or after 10 seconds of activity.
  • Be creative. Experiment with color combinations, font choices, and graphic elements for an eye-catching pop-up that complements the overall website theme but does not distract from the promotion.
  • Keep copy concise. Avoid lengthy content or wordy headlines that take away from the popup’s functionality and the focus on the desired CTA.
  • Consider all dimensions. Ensure that shopping deals popups are responsive and display correctly across all devices, including mobiles, desktops, and tablets.
  • Leverage good UX. Include an easily accessible button to opt-out or close the popup so as to not interrupt a user’s browsing experience.‍
  • Capitalize on user interests. Select relevant discounts or incentives for each segment of your audience to target users with personalized offers based on site activity or previous purchases, or display pop-ups on specific product pages to encourage further shopping.

6 shopping deals popup examples

When deployed properly, shopping deals popups can be extremely effective—but how can you know what a good popup looks like versus a bad one? The answer lies in the user experience.

Here’s a collection of six successful shopping deals popups to better explain the difference:

1. HelloFresh’s free meals shopping deals popup

HelloFresh is a popular meal-kit delivery service that sells subscriptions for two to six meal plans per week. The brand frequently offers flash sales, such as 16 free meals, in exchange for a website visitor’s phone number:

Shopping Deals Popup Examples: HelloFresh
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This type of shopping deals popup often includes a countdown timer front and center to indicate urgency and help influence the visitor to claim their offer before it’s too late.

2. Fanatics’ free shipping shopping deals popup

Like HelloFresh, Fanatics commonly uses limited-time offers in its shopping deals popups to create a sense of urgency for website visitors. In a recent promotion, the brand offered free shipping on all domestic orders above $24 with a coupon code:

Shopping Deals Popup Examples: Fanatics
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Compared to the above HelloFresh popup, which asked for a visitor’s phone number, this popup for Fanatics doesn’t help the brand in terms of lead generation—there’s no form field required.


This type of shopping deals popup can encourage a visitor to make a purchase before the promotion window is over. So, while the Fanatics’ SMS marketing list may stay the same, the popup can still boost overall sales. 

3. Amika’s discount shopping deals popup example

Amika is a haircare brand best known for the bright color schemes and elaborate patterns printed on their product bottles.

So, it might be surprising to some that the Amika shopping deals popup is far from colorful. Rather, it’s a more subdued, neutral-colored popup that slides up from the bottom half of the page:

Shopping Deals Popup Examples: Amika
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Let’s break down why this minimal discount popup was the best choice. 

For one, the Amika home page is bright enough—a bold or neon color choice would simply overcrowd the page. Secondly, the popup follows the same color scheme as the main menu, which complements the site theme without distracting from the promotion.

Complete with simple copy, this popup is a master class in why less is often more.

4. Good American’s dollars off shopping deals popup

Welcome discounts are one of the most popular uses of shopping deals popups. One such proponent of these popups is Good American, the denim brand founded and faced by Khloe Kardashian:

Shopping Deals Popup Examples: Good American
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With the submission of both an email address and phone, all first-time customers of New American receive $50 off their first pair of select jeans. As a bonus, the brand receives two new avenues for marketing to its audience: email and SMS.

5. Volcom’s Instagram handle shopping deals popup

Volcom is a boardsports-based brand selling clothing, swimwear, outerwear, and accessories. With a target audience that ranges between children, teens, men, and women, Volcom takes a smart direction with this welcome popup:

Shopping Deals Popup Examples: Volcom
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To receive 15% of their first order, users can submit an email address and/or Instagram handle and must indicate their shopping preference. These details allow Volcom to hyper-personalize marketing messages for each lead and even glean more insights from a lead’s social media.

6. Nectar Sleep’s cross-sell shopping deals popup example

Nectar Sleep has quickly become one of the most popular “mattress-in-a-box” brands—offering mattresses, bed frames, bedding, and more all online.

Unlike the above examples, though, Nectar uses two types of promotion in one shopping deals popup, both a limited-time special offer and a potential cross-sell:

Shopping Deals Popup Examples: Nectar Sleep
See full example

A cross-sell is the practice of marketing additional products to website visitors, including products in a separate product line or product type. In this case, Nectar includes an additional $50 offer to shop Cloverlane sheets and towels, the brand’s line of linens, if a visitor enters an email address.

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Shopping deals popup templates

If you are ready to create your own shopping deals popups, it is simple with ConvertFlow’s free popup maker. You can choose from dozens of pre-built popup templates, including welcome, cross-sell, upsell, and exit popups.

Plus, you can use ConvertFlow’s Shopify integration to do things like place an add to cart button right into the popup to increase sales.

Here are some popup templates to get started:

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