Shopify Popups

Shopify Popups

6 Shopify Popups Proven to Drive Sales (Examples & Templates Included)

Got a Shopify store? A quality popup can help capture email & SMS leads and drive sales in a variety of ways. In this guide, we share how to use Shopify popups to raise awareness of your offers—with examples and templates to draw inspiration from.

Here’s a truth bomb: while your Shopify store might have some incredible offers, not everyone will actively hunt for them. 

You only get seven seconds to make a first impression on website visitors. Showcasing those offers straight away could be the difference between them sticking around (and making a sale), and clicking off to never return again. 

Luckily, there’s one thing that will help Shopify store owners: a popup message. In this post, we’ll take a look at Shopify popups—covering six Shopify popup examples, how best to implement on your own store, and templates to get you started 😎

What is a Shopify popup?

A Shopify popup is a message that appears when browsing a Shopify site. They usually appear as an overlay taking up the full page—either blurring out the background, or using contrasting colors to draw your eye towards them.

You can us a Shopify popup builder to trigger popups to appear on your Shopify store based on:

  • The point on a page a visitor scrolls to (scroll-point)
  • When the visitor displays an intent to leave (exit-intent)
  • The page a person is browsing (e.g. a home page or category page)
  • A set amount of time someone has spent on a page (time delay)
  • When someone clicks a specific link or button (on-click)

The trigger you use will depend largely on a number of factors—like what kind of page someone is looking at, the offer you’re making in the popup, and what your audience responds best to.

What to use Shopify popups for

Now we know what a Shopify popup is, let’s take a look at what you might use one for.

Here's a list of common use cases:

  • Promoting a discount
  • Cross-selling other items
  • Directing people towards a product recommendation quiz
  • Convincing people to enter a contest
  • Promoting flash sales

Basically, you’re trying to get someone to take a specific action. One that either pushes them directly into a purchase, or nudges them further along the journey to making one.

6 Shopify popup examples

There’s no doubt that using a Shopify popup is a great way to direct website visitors towards a specific offer, product, or quiz. 

Need inspiration? Here are six examples to demonstrate Shopify popups in action:

1. ChiliSleep "flash sale" Shopify popup

We’ve briefly touched on the fact that ecommerce stores can use Shopify popups to promote flash sales. It’s what ChiliSleep uses this popup for:

What’s interesting about this popup, though, is that it asks a visitor to enter their email address in return for access to the sale. This helps ChiliSleep collect information about their visitors—and convince them to purchase through email retargeting (even if they don’t buy right away).

2. The Music Zoo Shopify contest popup

If you’re running a contest or giveaway, a Shopify popup can be the perfect place to promote it. 

Not everyone visiting your website will arrive on the contest landing page. So, a popup on high traffic URLs—like your home, product, and category pages—can divert their attention towards the contest.

Here’s what that looks like for The Music Zoo:

Notice how the prize is something highly appealing to The Music Zoo's target market and the copy entices people even further by adding some FOMO marketing at the end.

3. Three Ships Beauty Shopify quiz popup

Did you know that shoppers are 40% more likely to view items that have been recommended to them, based on information they’ve already shared? Lead gen quizzes are a superb option to help deliver these personalized recommendations

Direct people towards your quiz, collect information about them, and recommend personalized products—all inside a popup on your Shopify store.

Three Ships Beauty uses a Shopify popup in this way on its product pages:

By taking a quiz, customers know exactly which products best suit their skin—removing any barriers pre-purchase (and potentially reducing returns of products that don’t work for them).

4. Culture Kings Shopify contest popup

Here’s another Shopify popup example that promotes a contest, this time from from Culture Kings:

Unlike the other examples we’ve shared so far, this asks for more information about a visitor than the standard email address field. 

People need to enter their birthday, phone number, and product preferences before they can enter. This helps Culture Kings capture key data about leads that can be used in future retargeting—such as birthday promotions and SMS messaging. 

5. oVertone Haircare SMS Shopify popup

Speaking of SMS marketing, oVertone Haircare uses its Shopify popup to collect visitors’ phone numbers. They offer a 20% off coupon code in return for signing up:

What’s also interesting about this popup is the language on the close button: "No, I'll Pay Full Price."

Most sites don't include a close button at all (or just use the word "close"). However, oVertone reinforces the fact that customers get a great deal from opting in and would miss out on the coupon if they don't take action now.

6. Blenders Eyewear cart abandonment Shopify popup

It's no secret that cart abandonment is a huge issue for ecommerce stores—a claim backed up by all kinds of statistics.

But, this Shopify popup example from Blenders Eyewear is designed to specifically combat the abandonment problem:

The clever thing about it?

It's set to trigger upon exit-intent, but only when someone is visiting the cart page. Meaning it's recovering abandoners before the usual email sequences and retargeting ads are even needed.

It also reduces friction at this critical point by providing the coupon code right inside the popup itself, rather than asking for an email address or phone number.

Shopify popup templates

As you can see, there are countless ways to use popups on your Shopify store—whether it’s promoting a flash sale, directing people towards a quiz, or convincing them to enter a contest.

The best part? Making an effective Shopify popup isn’t as complex as you might think, especially with ConvertFlow.

Inside our template library, you’ll find tons of professionally-designed and customizable popup templates.

Plus, ConvertFlow integrates directly with Shopify, Klaviyo, Drip, MailChimp, and more. Meaning you can personalize popups based on someone's shopping cart info and target using data in your CRM.

Here are some template ideas to get you started:

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