Restaurant Landing Pages

Restaurant Landing Pages

6 Restaurant Landing Page Examples to Help You Get More Reservations & Orders

In a digital age, creating well-designed landing pages for your restaurant is essential to increase bookings and orders. Here are six restaurant landing page examples you can copy to inspire more people to chow down at your restaurant.

The competition in the restaurant space is intense. With more than 130,000 chain and full-service restaurants in the United States, restaurant owners need to do more than make excellent food to get people in the door.

Without proper marketing, it’s challenging to attract diners and keep them coming back to achieve long-term growth.     

One effective way to promote your restaurant is to optimize your online assets, like your restaurant’s landing pages. 

Creating and optimizing a restaurant landing page is easier said than done, though. Especially if you don’t know how to code or don’t have the time to learn how to use a new tool—because you’re busy running a great restaurant. 

But don’t fret because we’ve created this guide to help you make the best landing pages for your restaurant. 

In this guide, you’ll find best practices for creating an effective restaurant landing page, six examples to inspire you, and templates to get you started without writing a single line of code.

What is a restaurant landing page?

A restaurant landing page is a web page designed to encourage your website visitors to take a specific action.

That could be to prompt visitors to:

  1. Make a reservation
  2. Place an order online
  3. Subscribe to the restaurant newsletter

Overall, it helps you get more guests at your restaurant. When built correctly and optimized, a restaurant landing page can be a powerful tool to increase conversions.

Let’s now consider best practices to help you create a high-converting restaurant landing page.

Restaurant landing page best practices

Just as you have proven ways to make the juiciest ribeye steak, here too is the recipe for excellent restaurant landing pages:

  • Keep it simple. Your landing page should include only essential information like a reservation/booking button, menu, contact information, and location. When your landing page is free of ‘noise,’ it’s easier for visitors to focus on what you want them to do.  
  • Use excellent copy. Excellent copywriting involves using words that move the reader to action. Therefore, ensure your text contains action words and phrases that will influence visitors to take the desired action. 
  • Make your CTA stand out. The call-to-action is crucial on a landing page. You should optimize your CTA by using stand-out features like contrasting colors or shapes. 
  • Optimize images. Visitors will likely remember visual information, so ensure that your images are memorable (in a good way). Use professional images of your food and plating, and include photos of your restaurant’s interior, so viewers mentally imagine what it’s like eating at your restaurant. 
  • Show your menu. While you don’t want to tell everything about the restaurant on the landing page, one thing visitors to a restaurant’s landing page are definitely interested in is the menu.
  • Optimize for mobile. Considering that 59% of internet browsing worldwide is done on mobile devices, your online assets, including your landing page, should be optimized for mobile experience. If people have a hard time viewing or interacting with your mobile landing page, you’ll likely lose them to more mobile-friendly competitors. 
  • Ensure fast loading speed. The longer it takes a web page to load, the higher the chances of closing the page and looking for an alternative. If you don’t want high bounce rates on your landing page, ensure it loads quickly.

Six restaurant landing page examples

Here are six inspiring restaurant landing page examples for you. 

1. Dishoom’s restaurant landing page

The key to this landing page is its simplicity, as it allows visitors to focus on essential elements like location, reservations, and online orders:

Restaurant Landing Pages Examples: Dishoom
See full page

Dishoom entices with one of the cleanest and simplest restaurant landing pages we’ve come across. The whole page combines just two colors, with important CTAs placed optimally and in contrasting colors. 

If your restaurant has several locations, then you can take a cue from how Dishoom directs visitors to these locations and allows visitors to make reservations right away. 

2. Dhamaka’s restaurant landing page

Dhamaka’s landing page features a slider that showcases the variety of Indian meals the restaurant has on its menu. The page has a simple, yet efficient design, that leans in heavily on the company’s branding:

Restaurant Landing Pages Examples: Dhamaka
See full page

Throughout the page, Dhamaka draws its visitors’ attention to the “Book Now” CTA button multiple times, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

Another thing that makes this landing page work is the brilliant use of social proof to resolve some objections and build trust:

Dhamaka press accolades

While this is an excellent landing page, it could have been better if the CTA buttons had a different color that  contrasted with the page’s background.

3. Freshly’s landing page

Freshly’s landing page starts off by offering visitors a huge discount on their orders, which is excellent because we all love discounts:

Restaurant Landing Pages Examples: Freshly
See full page

Next, the page shows reviews from real customers, which acts as social proof. As if that were not enough, Freshly also highlight five reasons why visitors will love them.

The page ends with Freshly offering the discount from the header again.

Following best practices, this page focuses on a single conversion goal, uses buttons that stand out, and have benefit-driven CTA copy. 

It’s a pretty and powerful landing page that can inspire yours. 

4. Colibri’s landing page

Colibri’s landing page has, among other sections, a menu that offers detailed information about the menu and prices:

Restaurant Landing Pages Examples: Colibri
See full page

All its elements combine to form an impressive landing page that makes it very easy for customers to engage with the brand. 

The stunning food images are a good welcome, and the Order Online CTA button is quite prominent at the top of the page. 

5. Gramercy Tavern’s restaurant landing page

Gramercy Tavern’s landing page created for visitors who want to book private dinners is an excellent example that can inspire you:

Restaurant Landing Pages Examples: Gramercy Tavern
See full page

The page uses clever copy to help visitors create a mental picture of what the space for their private dinner would look like.

In line with the private dinner theme, the CTA on this landing page encourages visitors to either download the restaurant’s event kit or to  fill the inquiry form for booking space.

6. Hoppers’ restaurant landing page

Hoppers London has also created an excellent landing page that entices visitors to book a table or order online from any of its three locations:

Restaurant Landing Pages Examples: Hoppers
See full page

It’s highly responsive on mobile, loads quickly, and features prominent CTA buttons. 

The bottom page also features a prominent ‘Sign Up to Our Newsletter’ CTA and social sharing buttons to increase awareness.

Restaurant landing page templates

Seeing these beautiful and high-converting landing pages above might get you thinking if you could ever create something so effective. Well, you can!

ConvertFlow has a rich library of effective landing page templates. These templates let you create your customized restaurant landing page in little or no time. 

You can also use ConvertFlow’s free landing page creator to build your landing page without writing a line of code.

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