Real Estate Landing Pages

Real Estate Landing Pages

6 Real Estate Landing Page Examples Proven to Convert

Want more leads for your real estate business? You'll need to make sure your landing pages answer all the questions a potential buyer has. In this guide, we show you six quality real estate landing page examples (with templates to help launch your own).

Selling a home is no small feat. It’s one of the most significant purchases a person will ever make in their lifetime—hence why realtors need to provide potential sellers and buyers with the information they need to make a confident decision. 

A landing page is the perfect place to share that info. Meaning you can capture more leads from people interested in either buying or selling a home.

In this guide, we’ll share how to create one that does precisely that. You’ll also find six real estate landing pages to show what they look like in action, and templates to create your own.  

What is a real estate landing page?

A real estate landing page is a URL on your website that explains everything a buyer needs to know about a particular solution you offer. This could be buying, selling, or anything in between.

You can use real estate landing pages to: 

  • Show property for sale in a specific area or location 
  • Share key information about a home—such as a floor plan, nearby schools, and neighborhood 
  • Give information to sellers looking for your selling, concierge, or staging services 

The exact information you’d share on a real estate landing page depends on what it’s being used for. But, each type has one thing in common: the fact that it entices a visitor to complete one action next—whether that’s requesting a brochure, booking an appointment, or searching for available homes.

Established real estate businesses typically do an excellent job with their landing pages. If you're starting a real estate business, pay careful attention to industry best practices and look for ways to differentiate from other real estate sites.

Real estate landing page examples

If you’ve decided you need a landing page for your firm, let’s take a look at six real estate landing page examples and what makes them so great.

1. Keri Shull real estate landing page

This home page on the Keri Shull team website is a great example of a real estate landing page catered to both buyers and sellers.

First of all, the hero section has a great call-to-action with a search bar (for buyers) and secondary CTA of getting an instant home valuation (for sellers):

Real Estate Landing Page Examples: Keri Shull
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The page then runs through multiple sections introducing the team and showcasing available properties.

Further down, there's also a great trust-building section that showcases some excellent reviews:

Keri Shull reviews section

All in all, this is an excellent real estate landing page example that's easy to navigate, builds trust, and has clear calls-to-action.

2. landing page

Remember how we’d mentioned that every landing page needs to prompt visitors into doing one thing? This example from Realtor showcases that perfectly:

Real Estate Landing Page Examples:
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Above the fold, you’re greeted with one single CTA: to browse a home in your ideal location.

Making the desired action clear helps guide visitors into the funnel for your website.

People land on this URL and use it to view homes. From there, they’re able to view the properties available for sale and discover more information about those on their shortlist.

3. Streeteasy real estate landing page

Here’s another real estate landing page example from Streeteasy. It has the same desired action as Realtor’s—the main difference being that people can see more options to narrow down their search:

Real Estate Landing Page Examples: Streeteasy
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Buying a property is a big decision. Those extra tweaks make visitors more confident that they can whittle down their search and view homes that fit their budget, size, and location requirements.

4. Elliman "Sell With Us" real estate landing page

It’s not just available property that you should create a landing page for. This example from Douglas Elliman shows how to build a realtor landing page that encourages homeowners to sell their property through your firm:

Real Estate Landing Page Examples: Elliman
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What’s interesting about this real estate landing page, though, is that it uses social proof prominently. Highlighting that the firm is ranked the top brokerage in New York and the 46,000 deals it does annually is an impressive conversion copywriting tactic.

Visitors to the landing page automatically feel more at ease if they’re considering Elliman’s services to sell their property.

5. Sotheby’s luxury real estate landing page

We’ve briefly touched on the fact that you should have a landing page for homebuyers to discover new properties. Instead of a generic "property for sale" page that allows people to refine their search, take a leaf from Sotheby’s book.

Its website has custom landing pages that show specific types of homes for sale—including beach, country living, and farm homes:

Real Estate Landing Page Examples: Sotheby's
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Breaking these property types down by living style provides the Sotheby’s sales and marketing team with great retargeting information. They know exactly what type of property a visitor is interested in—ideal insight for personalizing sales pitches!

6. Redfin concierge real estate landing page

Redfin’s landing page for its concierge service is a masterclass in writing eye-catching headlines. It’s one of the first things a visitor sees when they land on the page:

Real Estate Landing Page Examples: Redfin
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It immediately eases a pain point their target customer is experiencing: finding a real estate concierge service that cares about sale prices and doesn’t charge for services upfront.

The goal of the landing page is simple. It uses a simple one-field form to collect a visitor’s street address. That way, they can refer visitors to a personalized landing page of the agent closest to them.

How to create landing pages for real estate

As you can see, each of the examples we’ve shared so far has similarities. That’s because effective real estate landing pages include critical elements like:

  • A strong headline above the fold that clearly explains what the page is about
  • An enticing offer to convince visitors to continue reading (or scrolling)
  • A clear CTA that tells visitors what to do next
  • Social proof to build trust

Fancy some good news? You don’t need to make a mental list of these critical elements, then figure out how to include them on your landing page. You’ll find premade, customizable templates inside your ConvertFlow account.

Real estate landing page templates

That’s right: The ConvertFlow library is home to several professionally designed landing page templates you can use to showcase your real estate firm’s services. 

Just pick one and use the visual editor to add your brand colors, text, and logo. 

Double-check you’re happy with the design. If it’s a go, grab the code and add it to your website using one of our many integrations.

Here's a few to get you started:

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