Product Landing Pages

Product Landing Pages

6 Product Landing Page Examples That Make Serious Sales

Online shoppers expect certain information to be available when researching potential options. Here’s how to create a product landing page that serves them that information, with six examples and bonus templates to create your own.

Think about the last time you purchased a product online. Which type of pages were involved in that process?

You likely visited one type of page between a brand’s home page and checkout: a product landing page. It’s where you found information about the product you were thinking of buying—including its price, size options, and photos.

Shoppers expect the same thing from your website.

Need help creating one? In this post, you’ll find tips on how to create a product landing page that sells, complete with six examples and templates to get you started.

What is a product landing page?

A product landing page is a URL for potential customers to learn more about a product. Brands use them to communicate the features, images, colors, sizes, and price of:

  • Physical products
  • Digital products (such as ebooks or online courses)
  • Software 
  • Communities

Almost half of shoppers start their purchase journey with a search engine like Google. By optimizing your product page for the keywords a potential customer is using, you can drive traffic to your ecommerce website on autopilot. 

Key elements of a product landing page

Since a product landing page is the single most important page a visitor views when they’re considering whether to buy from you, there’s a lot that needs to go into one: 

  • Bold headline. Make it immediately clear what product you’re selling. 
  • Product photos. Some 22% of ecommerce returns happen because the product looks different in real life. Show bright, clear photos (or videos) of the product to prevent that.
  • Product description. Describe the benefits of your product, rather than its features. This can help shoppers visualize themselves experiencing the benefits. 
  • Pricing information. How much is the product? How much does shipping cost? Which payment methods do you accept? Are there any special offers? Answer all of these price-related questions on your product landing page. 
  • Call-to-action (CTA). Usually an “add to cart button”, your CTA button should stand out against the rest of your product landing page with bold colors.
  • Social proof. From customer reviews and star ratings to influencer endorsements, social proof builds trust. People are more inclined to trust you with their credit card information if they know others have done the same.

6 product landing page examples

Curious to see how each of those elements works together on a landing page? Here are six examples that show each product page best practice in action.

1. TapRM product landing page example

If you’re looking for a traditional product landing page example that ticks all the boxes, look no further than TapRM. The online beverage retailer follows best practices for creating product pages, with clear product photography, a bold call-to-action (add to cart), and convincing product descriptions:

Product Landing Page Examples: TapRM
See full page

Further down the page you’ll also find upsells and cross-sells. A product carousel recommends products “you may also like”—the majority of which are sold at a higher price point than the item they’re already viewing.

2. Your Super product bundles landing page

Supplement brand Your Super is no stranger to product landing pages. But instead of creating traditional product pages for each item it sells online, the brand bundles together certain products and offers them through a single ecommerce landing page:

Product Landing Page Examples: Your Super
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The product landing page for its Super Brew Bundle, for example, leans heavily on the benefits of the bundle (as opposed to its features or ingredients). This helps potential customers envision themselves experiencing the same advantages.

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3. Barkbox persona-focused product landing page

What happens if you’re only selling a small selection of products through your online store? Take a leaf from Barbox’s website. 

Barkbox offers monthly subscription boxes for dogs. But instead of focusing on the benefits of its box, it creates individual product landing pages for each buyer persona.

The Super Chewer box, for example, is for customers with dogs that tend to destroy toys:

Product Landing Page Examples: Barkbox
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What’s great about this product landing page is its simplicity. The headline is direct and the featured image shows the type of dog it’s best suited for.

Plus, Barbox takes advantage of seasonality and key marketing dates by giving this page a Christmas theme around the Holidays.

As a bonus, there’s also small popup with a special offer for visitors to buy sooner rather than later:

Barkbox product landing page popup

4. Flewd upsell product landing page example

Here’s another product landing page example from Flewd. It features all the best practices a product page should have (including bright photography and social proof):

Product Landing Page Examples: Flewd
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But, instead of a traditional upsell carousel, this product landing page encourages people to spend more in two ways:

  1. Purchase bigger pack sizes—single, 3-pack, or 6-pack
  2. Purchase on a monthly subscription basis

There’s also a sticky bar at the top of the page to shout about its flash sale. The bright background draws attention and the words “limited time” also convince people to redeem the coupon immediately.

5. Tom Hirst info-product landing page example

Digital products like ebooks, courses, and apps also need a product landing page. Potential customers need to see what’s included, especially since they won’t touch or interact with the thing they’re buying in the flesh.

This product landing page from Tom Hirst shows how to use a page's above-the-fold to hook visitors:

Product Landing Page Examples: Tom Hirst
See full page

Shoppers see an impact of the ebook cover, alongside a product description that pulls on pain points its target audience wants to solve: knowing what (and how) to charge for their freelance projects.

There’s a brightly colored call-to-action with the price of the ebook inside. When people click it, they know exactly what they’re buying and how much for—helping shoppers overcome objections without scrolling.

6. ProWritingAid SaaS product landing page example

Talking of digital products, ProWritingAid has a landing page for its writing software:

Product Landing Page Examples: ProWritingAid
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Potential customers can see a breakdown of what the tool does, complete with screenshots of its interface for each buyer persona:

ProWritingAid example 2

Not only that, ProWritingAid’s product landing page has a countdown timer for a time-sensitive deal. Shoppers can claim 50% off the software if they buy within a specific timeframe. 

As an extra nudge, there’s a FOMO-inducing sticky bar at the bottom. Claim the discount and join more than two million people already using the tool:

ProWritingAid bar example

Product landing page templates

Ready to start driving and converting traffic on your website? Find tons of top-quality landing page templates inside the ConvertFlow app.

This one, for example, has placeholders for the essential elements of a product landing page—including customer reviews, product specifications, add to cart buttons, and more:

The best part? You don’t need to be a pro website designer to create a high-converting landing page. ConvertFlow was built to help non-techies build beautiful landing pages, no complex coding required.

Simply customize a pre-made template to match your store’s branding, then use ConvertFlow's Shopify page builder or integrations with Shopify or WordPress to get it up and running.

It’s really that simple 🙌

Here are a few more templates to get you started:

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