Portfolio Landing Pages

Portfolio Landing Pages

6 Portfolio Landing Pages to Showcase Your Skills & Get More Clients

Open for new clients? A portfolio landing page is the biggest decider in whether a prospective client will reach out to hire you. Here’s how to create one for your creative business, with examples and templates to get you hired.

Many creative people ditch a resume as soon as they’re able to. Qualifications and experience doesn’t matter so much when prospective clients want to see something visual. 

Think about it: if you’re looking to hire someone to complete a creative project, you want to see examples of things they’ve worked on before—ideally with testimonials from happy clients who’ve got the results you want to achieve. 

A portfolio landing page helps you do exactly that. It’s the one-stop shop for a prospective client to see examples of your creative work. 

In this post, we’ll share the need-to-haves for a professional portfolio landing page. It’s complete with six examples and templates for you to create yours—and more importantly, get hired 🙌 

What is a portfolio landing page?

A portfolio landing page is a place for you to showcase previous projects you’ve worked on. Many creatives—including designers, photographers, and writers—use their portfolio to replace a traditional resume.

But the goal is the same: To show prospective clients previous work you’re proud of in the hopes they’ll hire you to do something similar for them. 

What to include on your portfolio landing page

To maximize the chances of someone hiring you off the back of a portfolio landing page, include these features:

  • Strong headline. Grab a potential client’s attention immediately by communicating your value proposition in the headline (ideally above the fold).
  • Clear copy. Instead of just explaining what you worked on, describe the type of client you did it for. It’ll help future clients get in their shoes—especially if you explain the problems and frustrations you solved for them. 
  • Testimonials. Did previous clients love the work you’re included in your portfolio? Add a short testimonial to show future clients that hiring you is a no-brainer. 
  • Results. It’s good to say “this is what I’ve done”, but even better to say “here’s proof that it worked”. Back up each listing in your portfolio with concrete results. 
  • Call-to-action. Give potential clients a way to contact you if they’re impressed with your portfolio. This can be a button for your contact page, or a form on the landing page itself.

6 portfolio landing page examples

Ready to create your own? Here are six portfolio landing page examples, each containing the essential elements yours should have, to draw inspiration from.

1. Wildflowers & Pixels web design portfolio landing page

Wildflowers & Pixels is a design agency, so it makes sense that its portfolio landing page is well-designed. Potential clients see logos, business cards, and websites it's designed for previous clients, complete with social proof, including testimonials and star ratings from happy customers:

Portfolio Landing Page Examples: Wildflowers & Pixels
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There are thousands of website designers someone can find on Google—each of which target different types of clients.

Wildflowers & Pixels make it clear they serve small businesses and startups through the copy on its landing page. That type of customer will self-qualify that the brand’s services will work for them, and think “this is the right agency for me.”

2. Maya Francis marketing portfolio landing page example

Maya Francis’ marketing portfolio takes a traditional approach, acting more like an online resume. Clients interested in hiring Maya get to see the projects she’s worked on and the results she achieved all in one place:

Portfolio Landing Page Examples: Maya Francis
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Take this approach with your portfolio landing page if you’re showcasing intensive projects.

A writer or photographer might not need the level of detail Maya’s portfolio has. But, someone charging higher rates for an intensive, month-long project has more trust to build. In-depth explanations help a client do that.

3. Albert Palmer photography portfolio landing page

Speaking of trust, if there’s one type of creative that needs to build trust with potential customers, it’s wedding photographers. Clients (hopefully) only experience that day once in their life, so it’s important for them to find the right photographer to capture it.

Albert Palmer Photography helps clients come to that conclusion (and choose them!) with this portfolio landing page:

Portfolio Landing Page Examples: Albert Palmer Photography
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The slideshow at the top allows people to flick through a wide range of high-quality photographs from multiple different weddings.

Further down, you’ll also find glowing reviews from happy customers, and quick facts to build trust—including the fact they’ve photographed 20 destination weddings with between two and 350 guests:

Albert Palmer Photography example 2

4. Elise Dopson writing portfolio landing page example

Earlier, we mentioned that a strong portfolio landing page has evidence that the work being showcased actually drove results. This example from Elise Dopson (me!) shows this concept in action:

Portfolio Landing Page Examples: Elise Dopson
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Potential clients thinking about hiring me get a list of samples to showcase my writing style and previous clients.

Alongside that is a deeper dive into the results of one piece—including its organic rankings, featured snippet, and increase in search traffic. All three of these are things my target client wants to achieve themselves:

Elise Dopson example 2

5. Sarah Perkins Art portfolio landing page

Do you serve multiple clients, or have different service offerings? Take a look at Sarah Perkins Art’s portfolio for an example of how to break them down.

Potential clients can browse pet portraits and animal art individually, depending on the service they’re looking for:

Portfolio Landing Page Examples: Sarah Perkins Art
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What’s great about this portfolio landing page, though, is that it shows the before and after of its art pieces. People interested in hiring Sarah to paint a portrait of their pet get real evidence that the end result will actually resemble them.

6. Sway Copy portfolio landing page example

The call-to-action (CTA) of your portfolio page makes it obvious that a client should reach out once they’re impressed with your work. This example from Sway Copy takes a different approach to its CTA:

Portfolio Landing Page Examples: Sway Copy
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Instead of directing potential clients towards a contact form in exchange for a quote or more details, Sway Copy holds back some of the additions to its portfolio. People have an incentive to reach out: the promise of “exciting projects” it hasn’t added to its portfolio already.

Sway Copy can collect information about leads and personalize its sales emails this way.

Portfolio landing page templates

Regardless of the type of service you offer to clients, a portfolio page will be one of the most popular pages on your website.

Feeling the pressure? Don’t panic. You don’t have to design it yourself.

The ConvertFlow library is home to dozens of landing page templates you can tweak to give prospective clients a great first impression. Simply upload screenshots and links of previous work, and connect it to your website—no coding experience needed.

Here’s a few to get you started:

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