Plumbing Landing Pages

Plumbing Landing Pages

6 High-Converting Plumbing Landing Pages (Examples & Templates Included)

Plumbing landing pages can be instant customer converters, provided you gain visitors’ trust with your copy and design. Learn how to do so in this post that covers the fundamentals of creating landing pages for plumbers—while sharing examples and customizable templates to get you started today.

When searching for plumbing companies, most people have one goal in mind: finding a reliable and reasonably-priced plumber—someone they can trust.

Naturally, this means plumbing landing pages should have a simple purpose: to convince visitors they’re reliable, a company they can trust, and one that charges a fair price.

You can easily achieve all this with a landing page design that screams we’re trustworthy.

So in this post, let’s show you how to create a high-converting, trust-earning plumbing landing page. We’ve also got plumbing landing page examples and templates to help you design the best landing page for your service.

Let’s go 👇

What is a plumbing landing page?

A plumbing landing page is designed to inform, earn trust, and convert site visitors into customers for anyone in the plumbing industry. The page gives your audience the essential information they need to trust you and be sure that you’ll fix their problem without being overcharged. Properly designed, a well-designed plumbing landing page can be an effective tool to generate plumbing leads.

It closes with a quote request form or contact number that allows them to get in touch with you quickly and easily.

What to include on your plumbing landing pages

The aim of a plumbing landing page is to convert site visitors into leads and/or customers. This means your page needs to share all the information visitors need to make their decision while subtly convincing them you’re the best choice for them.

To this end, here are the essential details to add to your plumbing landing page:

Plumbing landing page best practices

  • Strong hero section. Your visitors are likely comparing you with everyone else in the area, so you need to grab attention and communicate value right off the bat. Don't let them go back and click on a competitor's link.
  • Service information. This includes an easy-to-read list of the plumbing services you offer (and, if relevant, don't offer), your experience, and your service areas and timings.
  • Social proof. This could be anything from trust badges to customer testimonials and logos that build trust and show you’re the choice others like them are making. All the better if you could share video testimonials.
  • Contact details. Some users prefer contacting via forms, while others prefer calling for price estimates. It’s best to provide both these ways to make it simple for interested people to reach you. Remember to keep the form short, asking for only necessary details to encourage visitors to fill it.
  • Estimate details and discounts. People looking for plumbers aren’t looking for speed and expertise only. They want fair prices, too. Price your plumbing job so that it’s competitive without undercutting yourself and display this clearly on your landing page. Sharing that you offer free estimates and any discount code will help, too.

6 plumbing landing page examples

With that, let’s look at plumbing landing page examples that show these principles in practice:

1. Top Shelf plumbing landing page

This landing page example starts by addressing their visitors’ pain point up-front with a precise header reading, “We deliver the most reliable plumbing service.”

Plumbing Landing Page Examples: Top Shelf
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The same heading also clearly specifies:

  1. Where they serve (Melbourne)
  2. When they’re open (round the clock)

This header is then followed by three bullet points giving visitors reasons to choose their service. This bullet point format makes the copy easy to read while driving home its message.

Scrolling down, the company gives their introduction–highlighting their years of experience to gain the audience’s trust.

The page shows their services with illustrations, which is excellent as it keeps the design and copy clutter-free and easy to understand at a glance:

Plumbing services list example

Finally, Top Shelf Plumbers make another attempt at gaining visitors’ trust by sharing a handful of their customer reviews.

Top Shelf customer reviews section

They close with contact details where the contact form is short, and email is shared in plain sight to make it super simple for interested users to contact them. 

2. Rooter Man’s drain unclogging landing page

Again, this plumbing landing page begins by addressing the visitor’s struggle.

But, they take a different approach by asking a relevant question and explaining the situation visitors looking for their service would face:

Plumbing Landing Page Examples: Rooter Man
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In the same header area (technically known as above the fold—or the page space that shows before visitors’ scroll), they aim to capture attention by doing three things differently:

  • RooterMan shares a video that people are likely to watch as 69% of site visitors prefer short videos for learning about a product or service
  • They share a special discount deal—something their prospects are always looking for
  • They highlight that booking them takes “7 seconds” only, making it easy to work with them 

The rest of the page explains their services, shares a service map to clarify areas their serve, and shares their discount deal—all essential pointers to lure customers.

One other thing the landing page does wonderfully well: it effectively earns trust by sharing logos of their clients, customer testimonials from Yelp, and real pictures of their work.

3. Cardinal Plumbing landing page

This one’s a short and to-the-point plumbing landing page example. The header space dives straight into what the company does using action-triggering words like “expert” and “free” to convince visitors:

Plumbing Landing Page Examples: Cardinal
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Then, the page entices visitors with a bold header reading “free service call with repairs,” pairing it with a limited-time discount. They’ve also thrown in a service guarantee badge to earn trust.

Plus, the background image features their team—adding a human element to the page.

Like RooterMan’s landing page, this one also shares social proof—just look at their client logos and reviews:

Cardinal reviews


They also concisely share their services alongside the areas they serve and a bit about themselves. What’s more, they give four compelling reasons why people should choose them in a reader-friendly format:

Cardinal plumbing Why choose us? section

4. Ingram informational plumbing landing page

This landing page uses the pricing angle at the start of the page, while sharing contact details (contact form plus their phone number) to make it easy for people to get in touch:

Plumbing Landing Page Examples: Ingram
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Just below that, they give a clickable list of services they offer on the left and an introduction at the right, therefore, providing sufficient information to their visitors:

Ingram information section

As the page proceeds, Ingram Plumbing maintains its focus on pricing by offering free estimates and discount deals:

Ingram coupons section

The page also packs in customer reviews—essential social proof for trust-building. And, as it concludes, the company shares a brief list of reasons to choose them for anyone having second thoughts as they fill their service request form:

Why Choose Ingram? Example

5. BDS Drainage plumbing landing page

This landing page from BDS Drainage emphasizes the company's speed of response on top of its expert service to grab readers’ attention:

Plumbing Landing Page Examples: BDS Drainage
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In the opening lines itself, the landing page lists reasons why someone should trust them alongside a 10% off discount for contacting BDS via the form.

Immediately after this is social proof in the form of customer reviews, followed by star ratings of their service. They sprinkle in some more social proof as the page ends, making it present throughout the landing page.

For convincing their visitors further, they’ve chosen to use a video explaining why to work with them–a clever move.

The best part? They’ve also listed the perks of working with them in a checklist form under the video:

BDS perks checklist

This is ideal for convincing those who don’t want to watch a video.

6. Rite Plumbing & Heating landing page

This plumbing company also stresses its speed and pricing—sharing that it offers:

  1. Free, no-obligation estimates
  2. Availability within 30 minutes
Plumbing Landing Page Examples: Rite Plumbing & Heating
See full page

They continue making these points as you scroll. Instead of clunky paragraphs, though, they’ve divided the convincing information into blocks with bold text and a line or two with each point.

Next, they immediately show social proof to make their case, followed by contact details and information on their services (again, shared in an easy-to-read manner).

Plumbing landing page templates

Inspired by these plumbing landing page examples? Ready to create yours? Awesome 🙌

We’ve got the tools and templates to get you designing right away. With ConvertFlow, you can DIY landing page design—no external help needed.

Simply pick a landing page template, tweak it to your brand colors, and add your copy. You’re all set.

We’ll leave you with some handy landing page templates you can use for your plumbing business right here:

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