Music Landing Page

Music Landing Page

Music Landing Page Templates & Examples

Looking for some high-converting music landing page templates? Here are six great examples for you to start using right now.

Are you selling albums or teaching people how to play musical instruments?

Your website likely already tells visitors what you do. But you need a music landing page—a dedicated page on your website that tells someone everything they need to know about the specific services or albums you have on offer.

What is a music landing page?

A music landing page is a page that people visit when they want to learn more about an artist, album, or musical skill. 

Chances are, you’ll need a musical landing page if you’re a musician—including a singer or songwriter. You’ll also need one if you play a musical instrument (or teach others to do so).

This could be a page offering:

  • Direct downloads of your music
  • Links to where your music is available (Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.)
  • Branded merchandise
  • An opt-in page for your email list
  • Musical lessons and courses

Basically, it'll give a way for your fans and/or customers to learn more about you. And drive them further into your funnel as a music-related business.

6 music landing page examples

Do you need a music landing page? Instead of starting from scratch, let’s take a look at some of the best music landing page examples you can draw inspiration from.

1. Lewis Capaldi

This is a superb example of how musicians can use their landing pages to drive album sales. Lewis Capaldi has a short but sweet landing page for his fans to visit:

Music Landing Page Templates: Lewis Capaldi
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It gives them several options on how to buy the album, with logos of brands they’re familiar with—including Apple Music and Spotify.

Having one call to action is great for reducing distractions for visitors arriving on the landing page. Granted, people can buy the album on different platforms. But the buttons all lead to visitors doing one thing: engaging with the album.

2. Justin Bieber

Here’s another music landing page that has the same goal as above. But instead of placing the focus on streaming or downloading the album, Justin Bieber’s landing page has one simple “download” button:

Justin Bieber Music Landing Page
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What’s great about this landing page, though, is the fact it has easily accessible social sharing buttons.

Justin Bieber can take advantage of his huge audience by pushing them to share the link with their friends. It makes his audience base even wider—and boosts the chances of getting more album sales.

3. Ed Sheeran

Do you have several different songs or albums that you want to promote? Catch the people looking more generally for your music by creating a landing page for all of your work.

We can see this in action with Ed Sheeran’s album landing page. You’ll see his most popular songs, which you can click-through to listen:

Ed Sheeran Music Landing Page
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However, there are several calls to action. You’re asked to follow him on Spotify and subscribe to his newsletter.

We’d usually recommend sticking with one single call to action to make sure the visitor’s attention doesn’t get taken away from the most important goal (which is usually listening to or buying the music). But sometimes utilizing a main + secondary CTA strategy can work well to catch people not ready to make a purchase yet.

4. Gaetano DiNardi

What happens if you don’t have any released music? The answer: draw inspiration from Gaetano DiNardi’s music landing page:

Music Landing Page Templates: Gaetano DiNardi
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You don’t have to use the page to convince people to listen to your music. Instead, you can ask them to handover their email address in return for something else—like an unreleased or bonus track.

That way, you’re collecting their information, which you can use for remarketing or lead nurturing. You’re building a relationship with each person; people you can use to build your audience or fanbase.

5. National Guitar Academy

You don’t have to be selling albums to create a music landing page. You’ll still need a similar page if you’re selling music-related services—like this example from National Guitar Academy:

National Guitar Academy Landing Page
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This landing page opens with a strong headline that introduces you to the tutor. Beneath is a strapline that promises to help you learn the guitar, so it’s immediately clear what the music landing page is about.

And, to make sure you don’t leave the page without Mike collecting your details, there’s a newsletter sign-up form. You’ll handover your email address in return for an immediate guitar lesson.

6. Spotify

Streaming sites are a great example of creating landing pages within the music SaaS space. This one from Spotify encourages people to signup to the Premium account:

Music Landing Page Templates: Spotify
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Spotify does a great job incorporating emotion into the offer ("that summer feeling"), before creating urgency with a deadline.

Still not convinced? The page goes on to back up its initial emotional pull with four clear reasons that help people justify their buying decision logically.

How to create a music landing page

As you can see, you’ll need a dedicated music landing page for any album or service you’re selling.

This can be done by simply creating a page within your website CMS (like Wordpress or Webflow), and designing it to align with your needs.

But if you don’t have any design or technology skills, don’t panic. ConvertFlow's landing page builder makes it easy to quickly design and launch any of the examples above.

Start from scratch if you know exactly what you want, or customize a template from our library. Each is professionally designed and formatted for maximum conversions. 

All that’s left to do is add your branding and logo, connect up your CRM (ConvertKit, MailChimp, etc.) and any other tools, and you're good to go!

Music landing page templates

When it comes to music landing page templates, ConvertFlow has a range of customizable options to suit your needs. Start with anything in our library and add, remove, and tweak in any way you need.

Below are some great starters you can use to begin designing some of the examples we looked at above.

Just add your branding, drop in any video or audio embed codes, and customize until perfect:

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