Opt-in Page Examples

Opt-in Page Examples

6 Opt-in Page Examples to Help You Grow Your Email List

Struggling to grow your email list? Your opt-in page could be the reason why. Get inspired with these six high-converting opt-in page examples, along with templates to help build your own in minutes.

Your email list is a powerful tool. When people subscribe to it, they’re expressing interest in the product, service, or content you’re providing—making them ideal leads to nurture and nudge further down the sales funnel.

The only problem? You need a way to get their email address and explicit permission to email them.

An opt-in page helps you do precisely that. 

In this guide, we’ll share what an opt-in page is, six superb opt-in page examples to copy, templates you can get started with now, and five bonus tips to boost your own opt-in page’s conversion rate.

What is an opt-in page?

An opt-in page is a landing page for people to subscribe to your email list. This can be a blatant ask (i.e. subscribe to weekly emails) or slightly more subtle—like registering for a webinar and joining your list simultaneously. 

Regardless of what you’re offering, data protection rules mean you need explicit permission to email the subscribers who join through your opt-in page. It’s crucial to have a checkbox (or at least a notification) to let people know they’re joining a mailing list, but can unsubscribe at any time.

6 opt-in page examples that work

An opt-in page is crucial to growing your email list. Here are six incredible opt-in page examples to inspire your own.

1. Morning Brew newsletter opt-in page

If you’re creating an opt-in page for your newsletter, take inspiration from Morning Brew. This opt-in page example has just one form field (email address), making it as straightforward as possible for people to land there and opt-in:

Not only that, but Morning Brew also shows an example of what their newsletters look like. Since most emails are private (only previous subscribers can see them), a screenshot of what they’re signing up for likely reduces unsubscribes further down the line.

2. Swipe Files social proof opt-in page

Here’s another excellent example of a simple opt-in page. Alongside one simple form field, Swipe Files goes hard on social proof:

You can see that you’re in good company: joining 5,000 other marketers already on the list. 

Standing out against the black background is a testimonial from a fellow newsletter subscriber. It also happens to be contributed by an influencer in the space—someone Swipe Files' ideal subscribers know, like, and trust.

3. ONE Brands popup opt-in page

Not all opt-in pages have to revolve around your newsletter. This example from ONE Brands shows how ecommerce sites can turn any page into an opt-in opportunity with an overlay popup delivering a special offer:

The beauty of these offers is that you’re in with the chance of making a sale while also collecting someone’s email addresses.

Some 83% of consumers say discounts and coupons change their buying behavior. But, if someone enters their email and doesn’t purchase immediately, you have their contact information for future remarketing.

4. Bonobos referral program opt-in page

Another great way to get people on your email list is to run a referral program. To join (and get rewarded for recommending your products to their family and friends), they need to enter their email address.

Take a look at how Bonobos does this with its opt-in page:

Just below the button to join the referral program, you’ll see a small snippet explaining that they’re also opting into a mailing list by joining. Meaning Bonobos gets the double-effect of word-of-mouth referrals and email subscribers to market to.

5. Blogging For Devs social proof opt-in page

Going back to the newsletter opt-in examples, notice how Blogging For Devs uses social proof to convince subscribers to opt-in:

There's a "#1 Product of the Day" badge from Product Hunt, along with a handful of tweets from happy subscribers.

What’s unique about this example, though, is that subscribers don’t just opt into weekly emails. Instead, they’re offered a free 7-day email course that’ll teach them how to use blogging to grow an audience (a pain point for their target customer).

6. Chameleon’s webinar opt-in page

Webinars are a superb way to collect your target audience’s email addresses in exchange for providing excellent value—especially when using an opt-in page.

This one from Chameleon, for example, asks for critical information about the subscriber in return for webinar access:

Unlike the other opt-in page examples we’ve shared so far, Chameleon creates a sense of urgency that convinces people to subscribe now (rather than later).

The best part? The urgency is genuine. The timer counts down to when the webinar starts, making its presence logical and believable.

5 conversion tips for your opt-in page

The examples we’ve shared all follow these conversion principles. Use them on your opt-in pages to increase your mailing list opt-in rates:

Opt-in page conversion tips

  1. Lead with the benefit. What will someone get in return for their email address? Whether it’s a coupon code or access to a webinar, make the offer a no-brainer.
  2. Use social proof. People need to trust a company before handing over their email address. Show how many people are on your list, customer testimonials, or five-star ratings to build trust.
  3. Optimize the CTA button. Instead of a boring CTA like “subscribe,” make it fun and interactive. For example: "reserve my spot" or "get the coupon code."
  4. Limit form fields. The more form fields a potential subscriber has to complete, the more obstacles you’re putting in their way. Limit your opt-in forms to two or three essentials fields (like their first name and email address).
  5. Make it clear what people are signing up for. If your value is joining a referral program, make it crystal clear that they’re also signing up for weekly newsletters by entering their email address. This will avoid people marking your emails as spam.

Ready to launch your own opt-in page? Let's look at some templates you can use 👇

Opt-in page templates

There’s no doubt that an opt-in page is essential for any marketer looking to build their email list. 

The good news? Creating your own has never been easier.

ConvertFlow's template library is home to several professionally designed landing page templates. All you need to do is:

  1. Find a template you like
  2. Tweak the design in our drag-and-drop builder to add your brand colors and offer
  3. Start driving traffic to it

Here are a few templates to get you started:

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