Listicle Landing Pages

Listicle Landing Pages

6 Listicle Landing Page Examples You Can Copy to Inspire Sales

Listicle landing pages spark curiosity and can perform better than traditional landing pages. Learn how to use this type of campaign and see how top ecommerce brands use them to drive sales.

When it's time to construct a new landing page, don’t count out a listicle. It can be an effective way to spark interest and drive clicks from ads and emails.

In fact, one DTC agency founder says his listicle landing pages outperform traditional landing pages:

A traditional landing page often pushes the sale upfront. A listicle landing page can be an effective intermediary between an ad and a product page because it introduces benefits to a specific audience before driving the purchase.

Want to create your own? Master some essential best practices for creating effective listicle landing pages. Then see how six brands put them into action.

What is a listicle landing page?

A type of advertorial landing page, a listicle landing page is a hybrid between a sales page and a conventional piece of blog content. It is designed to read like a blog post that educates site visitors on a topic related to the product or brand.

However, unlike a blog post designed to rank for search, a listicle landing page can be customized for a single campaign to educate buyers and direct them toward a specific call-to-action (CTA).

These landing pages are shorter and easy-to-skim, which gets more visitors to purchase faster. This makes them ideal to link to from ads and emails.

What’s unique about listicle landing pages is that they can be published directly by a brand or hosted by a credible external publisher—like Business Insider—as a sponsored piece of content. The brand can then collaborate with the publisher to drive traffic to the sponsored posts via paid ads.

The goal of a listicle landing page, regardless of where it is posted, is to lead prospects to a specific product, collection, or campaign offer. This can be achieved by placing direct add-to-cart buttons on the page or CTAs positioned to drive clicks to a page where the shopper can convert.

Listicle landing page best practices

When using ecommerce listicles as a landing page, consider these best practices:

  • Choose an angle that is relevant to the product: A common format is "X reasons why." This provides a natural way to promote the product. For instance, “5 reasons why people are switching to this product” or “5 reasons why this influencer loves this product”.
  • Target top-of-funnel traffic: Listicle landing pages work great for top-of-funnel traffic since they can educate people on the problem that your product solves. You can later retarget and direct them to specific product or collection landing pages.
  • Incite shoppers’ curiosity: Teach them something new or explain why your product is preferred over alternatives.
  • Organize your listicle in order of importance: Attention can wane as a visitor reads your listicle, so put the highest impact items at the top of the page.
  • Balance education with selling the product in your copy: The purpose of a listicle landing page is still to sell products. So, aim to strike an even balance between customer education and subtle encouragement to buy.
  • Highlight your CTA: Listicle landing pages are designed to get people to take your desired action. So, highlight your CTA at the top and bottom of the page, and throughout if it makes sense.

6 listicle landing page examples

To inspire your own, here are six ecommerce listicle landing page examples from brands that have mastered the art form. 

1. The Earthling Co. Shampoo Bar listicle page

The Earthling Co. is an eco-friendly haircare brand. With significant competition and a different approach to shampoo—a bar instead of liquid shampoo—the brand needed a way to communicate the value of its products.

So, it turned to listicle landing pages to highlight why people were switching to the best-selling shampoo bar: 

Listicle landing page titled "5 Reasons Why This (Plastic Free) Shampoo Bar is on Everyone's Wishlist". Each list item is a header and has a brief description.The first two headers are shown and read "1. No harsh or harmful shampoo formulas" and "2. Perfect for any hair type".
See full example

The listicle covers five benefits of the product in a skimmable format. It has bold headers for each list item and a quick paragraph to describe the benefit further.

At the bottom of the page, there is a big CTA to shop the shampoo bars along with a 100% risk-free guarantee:

CTA on The Earthling Co.'s listicle landing page that covers the brand's shipping and returns policies.

This section includes shipping and returns information, too, which is smart because those are usually the last questions a customer has before they consider buying.

2. Fang Oral Care celebrity-endorsed listicle page 

Fang Oral Care retails science-backed dental products that include electric toothbrushes, toothpaste, and teeth whitening products. The brand is best known for its proprietary teeth whitening system; however, it faces significant competition in the global market. 

Enter this Fang-produced listicle, “7 Reasons Why Celebrities Prefer Fang Teeth Whitening:” 

Listicle landing page on Fang Oral's website. The first two headers are shown and cover the brand's high-scoring customer reviews and assures the product doesn't make teeth sensitive.
See full example

This listicle covers seven benefits of the Fang system—including price point, ease of use, and outstanding customer reviews—in an easily digestible format.

This listicle takes advantage of social proof through celebrity photos and customer ratings. The same CTA to “Get Fang” is clearly visible above the fold, midway through the content, and at the bottom of the page to increase conversions:

CTA at the bottom of Fang's landing page that shows what's included in the whitening kit along with a few final points to cover a customer's objections to purchase.

At the end, Fang includes an image of what's included in the teeth whitening kit as well as a few final points to cover common objections to purchase -- including that they're FDA approved and have a money back guarantee.

3. Rejuvia’s sleep spray listicle landing page

If you’re more interested in publishing a listicle landing page on a reliable third-party website, you can follow the lead of brands like Rejuvia, which sells sleep sprays, and opt for a known publisher like My Subscription Addiction:

Rejuvia's sponsored listicle on My Subscription Addiction's website titled "5 Reasons Why Everyone's Replacing Melatonin Pills With These New Oral Sleep Sprays". The first header is shown and claims that oral sprays can be more effective than melatonin gummies or pills.
See full example

The sponsored listicle landing page is titled, “5 Reasons Why Everyone’s Replacing Melatonin Pills With These New Oral Sleep Sprays.” This listicle instantly captures readers’ attention with a bold headline and a direct comparison to a well-known solution.

This listicle does a great job of objection-handling by displaying social proof and a 100% money-back guarantee:

Rejuvia's CTA to shop appears immediately below the last list item.

And it ends with a simple CTA to direct readers to Rejuvia's website.

4. Moon Pod’s beanbag listicle to promote stress relief

Moon Pod is a zero-gravity beanbag designed to alleviate stress and anxiety. The Moon Pod team created the listicle “5 Reasons Stressful Times Demand this Anti-Gravity Beanbag” during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Moon Pod's listicle landing page titled "5 Reasons Stressful Times Demand this Anti-Gravity Beanbag" with a brief product description and a "shop now" button.
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However, as evidence of the longevity of an effective landing page, this listicle has remained a substantial lead magnet that continues to drive new traffic.

The Moon Pod listicle is especially effective because of its simplistic design, which performs well on both mobile and desktop devices. Complete with numbered headings to emphasize each benefit of the product, the listicle also includes an image alongside each section. The “Shop Moon Pod” CTA also follows the reader as they scroll down the page. 

At the bottom of the page, the brand includes customer reviews as social proof:

Customer reviews with star ratings at the bottom of Moon Pod's listicle landing page

This drives home that Moon Pod customers agree with points made throughout the listicle.

5. Jones Road Beauty’s mature skin listicle landing page

Jones Road Beauty, a trending beauty brand, creates listicle landing pages to target specific customer segments. 

In this example titled “Here Are 5 Reasons Why Jones Road Beauty Products Are Great For Mature Skin,” all of the reasons listed cater to the 55+ crowd:

Jones Road Beauty listicle landing page titled "Here are 5 Reasons Why Jones Road Beauty Products are Great for Mature Skin". The first two list items cover moisturizing ingredients and the simplicity of the products.
See full example

Jones Road does a nice job of balancing sales and educational copy alongside product placement images. Plus the CTA to “shop now” lives in a clean nav bar and follows the shopper as they scroll down the page.

6. Caraway’s bakeware advertorial page

Caraway, which sells kitchen products, uses a simple listicle landing page to highlight its bakeware products:

Caraway's listicle landing page titled "5 Reasons Why You Need This Bakeware". The first two list items cover the products' non-toxic materials and nonstick properties.
See full example

Similar to Jones Road, this “5 Reasons Why You Need This Bakeware” listicle does a great job of not only talking about why you need these products but also showing them in the side-by-side photos.

Caraway also has a unique shop feature at the end of the landing page to encourage more people to buy these products:

A shop section appears at the bottom of Caraway's listicle, giving shoppers the option to choose their cookware set and color.

This is unique because it blends seamlessly into what you’d expect on a traditional landing page.

Listicle landing page template

Getting inspired to launch your listicle landing page? ConvertFlow has a ready-to-use listicle landing page you can use to drive traffic and conversions.

Just customize for your brand and products with ConvertFlow’s no-code, drag-and-drop builder:

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