Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead Generation Landing Pages

6 Quality Lead Generation Landing Page Examples to Help Grow Your List

Well-designed lead generation landing pages can grow your list and fill your pipeline on a daily basis. So in this post, we look at six effective lead generation landing page examples and share the secrets behind their success–along with templates to help you create yours today.

Not everyone is willing to buy from you on their first visit to your site. But, that doesn’t mean you let all the traffic you’re driving go to waste.

Instead, get their contact information and offer more and more value to nurture and convert them.

A lead generation landing page provides your visitors with compelling reasons to share their contact details with you.

Ready to add more leads to your pipeline? 

Let’s look at six lead generation landing page examples so you can create effective ones yourself. We’ve also got best practices for designing these pages and lead generation landing page templates to get you started today.

Here we go 👇

What is a lead generation landing page?

A lead generation landing page captures your website visitors’ contact information. Its aim? Collecting leads’ details to engage them by providing them with value and ultimately converting them into customers when they’re ready.

Lead generation landing page best practices

A handful of proven factors are responsible for the effectiveness of lead generation landing pages.

These are:

  • Offer a solid value proposition. This gives visitors an enticing reason for sharing their information. It could be anything from a checklist or template to a white paper or a newsletter.
  • Make sure your offer is audience-relevant. Set up a site-wide survey to determine which topics your audience is interested in. Then, create lead magnets or a newsletter covering those topics regularly.
  • Create one, clear CTA. Both your call-to-action copy and design need to be clear and focused. Most of all, stick with one CTA to prompt people to take action.
  • Use persuasive copywriting. Start with an attention-grabbing headline. Then dive into the benefits of why people need to share their information with you. While you’re at it, use your audience’s language and power words in your copy to encourage action.
  • Optimize your landing page for mobile. About 90% of the global population uses their phones to search online. So, it’s crucial your lead generation landing pages are mobile-friendly in case visitors come across them on their phones.
  • Create different lead generation landing pages for different audience personas. This is important for those targeting multiple audiences. Use audience segmentation to divide audience segments based on their interests and other details. Then create targeted landing pages for them.
  • Only ask for information that’s needed. This removes friction, making it more likely for visitors to share their information.

Lead generation landing page examples

Now for how others are putting all these best practices into action:

1. Sprout Social’s template lead generation landing page example

Sprout Social offers a social media creative testing worksheet in exchange for its visitors’ information:

Lead Generation Landing Page Examples: Sprout Social
See full page

The headline copy is simple and to the point. The rest takes a storytelling approach to share the benefits of why people need this worksheet. It also explains how folks can use it.

Note that the copy is spaced out, divided into short paragraphs, and arranged in bullet points for easy reading.

The rest of the landing page is designed using Sprout Social’s brand colors, so there’s design consistency, too—an excellent way to maintain visitors’ trust.

As for the call-to-action (“Get The Worksheet”), it’s clear and focused.

And to engage visitors further, the page shares related resources:

Sprout Social recommended resources

This is an effective tactic for keeping people on your site and pushing them to learn more about you. 

2. Backlinko’s newsletter lead generation landing page example

This is a short and to-the-point page encouraging people to sign up for Backlinko's newsletter:

Lead Generation Landing Page Examples: Backlinko
See full page

Note that the above-the-fold copy leverages two power words: “proven” and “exclusive” to drive sign-ups. Also, the page only asks for the most necessary information (email address) to reduce friction in completing the form.

The copy uses another tactic to get people to subscribe: it instills FOMO (fear of missing out). How? By telling readers how exclusive the content is (look at: “I don’t share anywhere else.”)

A little below that, you’ll find some excellent social proof backing up why people should sign up:

Backlinko social proof section

It’s shared by featuring the number of newsletter subscribers, followed by logos of reputable places the newsletter and Backlinko brand has been featured or associated with. 

3. Chobani newsletter landing page example

This is another short, to-the-point landing page. This time promoting the Chobani newsletter:

Lead Generation Landing Page Examples: Chobani
See full page

What’s noteworthy is that the page is designed in Chobani's style with the brand colors and illustrated flowers.  

The copy uses the power word “insider” while specifying what people will get by signing up.

The form is also short—asking for only essential information and giving people a choice to opt-in and out of the two different mailing lists. 

4. Tiffany & Co. email signup landing page example

This landing page from Tiffany & Co. follows the same approach as Chobani’s newsletter landing page:

Lead Generation Landing Page Examples: Tiffany & Co.
See full page

It features an elegant, on-brand image on the right side to grab the audience’s attention without cluttering the page. The copy is also benefits-centered, explaining what subscribers will get from signing up.

Interestingly, the brand also allows visitors to create a Tiffany account. It’s completely optional, though, so people can decide whatever they like.

5. Chewy community-first landing page example

Chewy takes a community-first approach to attract and nurture leads with this landing page encouraging people to help place sheltered animals:

Lead Generation Landing Page Examples: Chewy
See full page

To this end, its headline copy speaks directly to the people who want to make an impact on finding homes for pets. The short description that follows above the CTA highlights exactly why folks should join.

From there on, the copy points out more benefits of joining in an easy-to-digest manner.

A healthy dose of social proof follows this—first in the form of showcasing the impact Chewy is making and, second, by sharing partner testimonials:

Chewy social proof

Before the landing page ends, there’s also a FAQ section to answer any doubts interested people may be having, pushing them further to take action. 

6. Muddy Bites SMS lead generation landing page example

Like the rest of the lead generation landing page examples here, this page from Muddy Bites is on-brand and focused on a clear goal—adding people to the brand's SMS marketing list:

Lead Generation Landing Page Examples: Muddy Bites
See full page

The landing page form only asks for visitors’ phone numbers, making it simple for people to subscribe. After all, they only have to share their number, right?

But there’s a disclaimer-like text underneath to tell people what they’re getting into and how they can unsubscribe. 

Beyond that, there’s a ton of social proof paired with a link to read more reviews:

Muddy Bites reviews

One last noteworthy thing: just before the page ends, there’s Muddy Bites’ brand mascot strolling the page. This touch helps engage visitors and cleverly shows the brand’s personality.

Lead generation landing page templates

Convinced you need a landing page or are working on renewing yours? Use our lead generation landing page templates to speed up the process.

Best of all, with these templates from ConvertFlow’s bank, you don’t need to rely on developers to get the job done. Simply DIY it.

Here's a few you can get started with today:

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