Lead Capture Popups

Lead Capture Popups

6 Epic Lead Capture Popup Examples to Help Grow Your Email & SMS List

Struggling to design a high-converting lead capture popup? In this guide, learn what makes a winning one and check out six examples of lead capture popups done right, alongside templates to create your own today.

With the abundance of lead capture popups out there, marketers have to be smart and strategic.

Done well, they can bring in lots of leads to fuel your marketing funnel. Otherwise, visitors are quick to see them as intruders, disturbing their experience on your site.

Designing a high-converting popup that visitors welcome is easier said than done, though.

And it’s why we’ve put together this guide.

We’ll talk about what makes a good lead capture popup and share six lead capture popup examples. Plus, we’ll also throw in a bunch of templates to help you create winning popups of your own in no time at all 🙌

What is a lead capture popup?

A lead capture popup focuses on encouraging site visitors to share contact details like their email address in exchange for an incentive. This could be anything from a discount code to a checklist or template.

The aim? Getting site visitors’ information so you can add them to your marketing funnel and, ultimately, convert them to customers.

Lead capture popups come in various shapes and sizes. Two prominent styles are:

  • Popups taking over the entire screen (overlay popups) and
  • Popups that show up on the side of the screen (hook or slide-in popups)

Plus, you can set the popup to materialize at different trigger points. For instance, a popup can turn up when a user:

  • Scrolls to a certain point on the page (scroll-point popup)
  • Shows an intention to leave the page (exit-intent popup)
  • Has spent a specific time on your site (time delay popup)
  • Clicks on something on your site—a link, image, or button (on-click popup)

How to create a quality lead capture popup

Now, here's a quick run down of how you can create lead-winning popups:

Lead capture popup best practices

  1. Offer an audience-relevant incentive. One that solves their problem, therefore, effectively encouraging them to share their details.
  2. Create multiple popups to meet visitors at the right point. This makes your popup relevant, therefore, convincing. For example, a visitor reading a blog post on topic X on your site sees a popup pertinent to that topic.
  3. Be creative with the popup's design. Use ample whitespace, play with striking color combinations, try a different shape, and so on. Best to work with and customize lead capture popup templates if you’re unsure about the design part.
  4. Write persuasive copy. Leverage power words and conversion copywriting that push people to take action. Similarly, focus on the benefits of sharing their information and slide in some social proof (example: the number of your newsletter subscribers).
  5. Add a clear CTA button. Ensure the call-to-action (CTA) copy is clear, concise, and short (2-5 words are ideal). As for the button, ensure it’s easy to read and click.
  6. Test, test, test. Keep A/B testing to identify which headlines, CTA copy and color, popup copy length, and incentive work the best for generating leads.

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Lead capture popup examples

Convinced you need to create a compelling lead capture popup? Awesome.

Here are some inspiring lead capture popup examples to get your creative gears rolling.

1. Homesick’s discount lead capture popup

The candle store, Homesick, gets site visitors’ attention when they start to leave with this exit-intent popup:

See that the popup is incentive-oriented: 15% off whenever you place the first order. So even if someone’s not ready to buy immediately, they’d still be open to sharing their details for a discount code for a later purchase.

What’s more, the popup copy is commendable. Why? Because it’s super specific about showcasing the benefits of signing up: access to promotions, candle tips, and updates on top of the discount—all things that candle lovers would appreciate in their inbox.

Plus, there’s an attractive product image that does an excellent job of getting a visitor’s attention.

2. Zappos’ VIP club popup

Zappos’ popup slides into position as soon as a visitor lands on the website:

This lead capture popup makes two things clear right away: what visitors need to do and what they’d get.

But the best part: the popup implies folks will get something special with the word “VIP” and that too for “free”–another power word.

It’s also clever how the call-to-action is to sign in to your Zappos account (or create one if you’ve not already got one). This encourages more account signups and, therefore, more leads for Zappos to continue marketing to.

To top that, the CTA button color stands out prominently across the rest of the light-colored popup design.

3. Awara Sleep’s bundle deal popup

Awara Sleep goes directly into capturing leads with a popup that shows immediately upon visit:

The interesting bit? The popup’s shape works wonders in getting visitors’ attention, thanks to its uniqueness. 

The accompanying copy is also on point, specifying the benefits of signing up and using words like “unlock” to give the offer a natural feel of added value.

Lastly, the button copy is creative as well. It highlights the benefit of signing up in hard numbers by sharing the exact amount people will save ($499). The sub-text also creates a sense of belonging by calling subscribers “Resident members” who’ll get exclusive offers.

4. HubSpot’s free resource lead capture popup 

HubSpot meets visitors where they are at with this uber-relevant slide-in popup:

This scroll-point popup shows when you’ve read at least some of the blog post on writing email newsletters.

By planting a popup after you’ve scrolled to a certain point, the CRM giant can tell you’re interested in the topic. So, it offers a more in-depth guide on it as a content upgrade.

The popup is simply designed, following HubSpot’s brand colors, which creates a sense of familiarity. Plus, there’s enough whitespace, so it’s eye-catching and quickly legible.

The CTA itself is short, clear, and packs a command word, “download,” that tells visitors what to do. Once clicked, the CTA takes visitors to an opt-in page:

This page does a great job “selling” the download in exchange for more in-depth lead information—such as phone number, company name, and team size:

HubSpot lead capture form

5. MailerLite’s free guide popup

Like HubSpot, MailerLite positions a popup for visitors reading their guide to meet them at the right moment:

This exit-intent popup example sets clear expectations from the get-go.

First, the headline specifies the benefit of subscribing. Then, the rest of the copy tells what’s included along with the timeframe (10 chapters in 10 days). Last, the popup informs visitors that they can unsubscribe anytime—telling them there’s a way out, too.

What’s more, the copy capitalizes “free” to inspire action.

As for the design, it uses an attractive picture in the background. The overlaid text is easy to read, spaced out adequately, and the CTA button color makes the perfect contrast.

6. CoSchedule’s free trial popup offer

For our last example, we have CoSchedule. They aim to capture leads by offering a free trial as soon as a visitor shows an intention to leave:

The popup does a brilliant job showing the CoSchedule product in action with a GIF showcasing its drag-and-drop user interface packed with projects and checklists. This piques users’ interest, encouraging them to share their details.


The copy addresses a common pain point: the time it takes to sign up by telling leads that setting up the software takes only 30 seconds. It then focuses on the benefit (finally, organize all your marketing in one place).

And here’s more: the popup is designed to align with CoSchedule’s brand font and colors. Also, by splitting the popup colors horizontally, the CTA button’s color gets a good contrast, making it legible.

Lead capture popup templates

As we wrap this up, here are lead capture popup templates to help you put all that you’ve learned today into practice—all without needing any external help.

Simply customize a template with your offer and brand colors, embed it on your site, and you’re ready to go 💪

Here are a few to get you started:

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