Ecommerce Landing Pages

Ecommerce Landing Pages

Ecommerce Landing Pages Examples & Templates

Looking for some ecommerce landing pages you can use to drive leads and sales for your online store? Here are six great examples to draw inspiration from, alongside ready-to-use templates for you to easily create your own.

Do you have people landing on your ecommerce store and asking questions about your products? 

Maybe they’re asking for an easy way to find a new collection of products. Or whether there’s a place for them to find a range of items that can solve a problem they’re facing. Perhaps they just want to find a gift for one of their kids.

An ecommerce landing page can give a potential shopper all of that information—and convince anyone browsing them to buy your products.

So in this post, we'll cover ecommerce landing pages from top to bottom. We've got six high-quality examples, guidance on what to include on your page and some customizable landing page templates you can use to get started in minutes.

What is an ecommerce landing page?

An ecommerce landing page does what it says on the tin: welcomes people who land on a specific page on your website. It tells them about one specific thing, be that a:

  • Product
  • Collection of products
  • Category 
  • Service that you offer 

You can even use ecommerce landing pages to drive downloads of a lead magnet for traffic a little higher in your conversion funnel.

Either way, a landing page of some kind is essential when driving traffic and potential customers to your online store. They’re a great foundation for Google and Facebook Ads campaigns—especially when it coincides with unique messaging and specific targeting. 

Plus, when your ecommerce landing pages are optimized for a long-tail keyword (like “Christmas gifts for her”), you can even drive organic traffic to your website on autopilot.

6 examples of ecommerce landing pages

Now we know what you can use ecommerce landing pages for, here are six real-life examples you can replicate on your own site.

1. Tattly’s custom product landing page

We’ve already touched on the fact you can have an ecommerce landing page for a custom service that you offer. This example from Tattly shows exactly how to do that.

Tattly’s landing page is the go-to place for people looking for products with their own custom design. There’s a section for each type of product, and also has a good mix of product info partnered with persuasuve copy.

It's also a great example of addressing common objections on a page. Tattly showcases some excellent case studies alongside a range of common questions in an FAQ section.

2. Just Away’s one-page website

By definition, a landing page is simply a page on your ecommerce website that visitors land on. But landing pages are still relevanty (perhaps even more so!) if you sell just one single product.

In this case, you could take a page out of Just Away's book and create a one-page website—with just a single landing page to promote your product:

Just Away’s landing page tells a potential customer everything they need to know about the one product on sale. There’s a bold headline that aggravates an issue they’re facing, while the rest of the content positions their product as the solution. 

That’s the key to a good landing page: making it uber-targeted to the specific customer most likely to buy the product, using language that hooks them in.

3. Tommie Copper’s problem-specific landing page

Speaking of addressing specific issues that your customers face, this ecommerce landing page from Tommie Copper shows how you can use category pages to do exactly that.

They’ve created a landing page for people using their products to solve body pain. Each area of the body has its own landing page—like this one for back and shoulder relief:

Anyone suffering with this specific problem can be driven to this landing page to easily find products that help. It's a great weapon to have both when driving targeted traffic from ads, or for people to navigate to from the nav bar and other areas of your site.


Specific solution pages like this would work great when partnered with a product quiz. Just create a simple quiz to help identify the problem someone is facing, then 'prescribe' them a solution via the relvant landing page.

Here's a template you can customize, then launch on your store:

4. Ugmonk’s product pages

Usually, product pages are short and direct. But the goal of them is to convince someone to buy a product.

To do this, you might need to offer up more than one purchase option by cross-selling other products in your catalog.

Take this ecommerce landing page from Ugmonk, for example. It promotes one single product in a simple way:

But towards the bottom, there's a nice "You may also like..." product recommendation section:

Ugmonk cross-sell product recommendations

Those upsell items are also at a higher price than the ones they’re viewing, which could help increase average order value. 

Plus, Ugmonk mentions that this item can only be used with their larger ecosystem of products. The link to the separate landing page beneath the ‘add to cart’ button is another way to upsell to a customer.

5. PhoneSoap’s category page

Here’s another ecommerce landing page example that shows how you can use upsells, bundles, and cross-sells to convince shoppers to purchase a higher ticket product.

PhoneSoap has a landing page for the items they’ve bundled together:

If customers buy the bundle, they’ll get several products at a lower price than buying them individually. Again, it’s a superb way to boost your average order value and improve user experience.

6.  Studio Neat’s “subscribe and save” page

We’ve already touched on the fact that ecommerce landing pages can be used to upsell customers. They can also convince customers to order repeatedly—like this example from Studio Neat demonstrates:

There are two options for shoppers thinking about purchasing Studio Neat's notebook:

  1. One-time purchase
  2. Subscribe and save

The second option is the best choice for Studio Neat because they have guaranteed revenue for as long as the customer subscribes. It’s great for customers, too—because they have a subscription for repeat products (without forgetting to order them each month).

Ecommerce landing page templates

If you’ve drawn inspiration from the examples we’ve shared, we’ve got some good news for you: You can create an ecommerce landng page for your website using our range of custom templates.

Each template is fully customizable with our drag-and-drop editor. Just use the templates as a basis for you to work from, and add information about the thing you’re promoting—no coding skills necessary!

The best part? The editor will make it almost impossible to spot that the landing page isn’t built into your ecommerce store. Check out our Shopify page builder as well as integrations with Shopify, WordPress, and more—simply customize a template for your business and launch on your site.

We've got a whole library of landing page templates to choose from, but here's a few to get started with:

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