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App Landing Page Examples & Templates

Need inspiration for your app landing page? Check out these examples and tips for building your app landing page

What is an app landing page?

An app landing page is the page that showcases your software. If you have an application that you want to promote, an app landing page is the perfect solution. Why? Because it contains key information about your software. 

...Without it, nobody would know that your app existed—or what it can do.  

The goal of your app landing page is to convince people to download the software. You can either measure success in terms of sales or sign-ups (if the app hasn’t launched yet.)

The landing page for your app needs to explains the features the software has, in plain English. For example: Can it sync their data? Does it work with software they’re already using? What does it help your target customer do? 

The more you can tell a target customer how your app will help them, the more inclined they are to use it. The landing page is there to help people make that decision.

Alongside its features, your software landing page should have information about the plans and pricing. People considering the app will need to know this before using it. (If your app is free, it’s worth mentioning this too.)

Finally, your app landing page needs to contain real customer reviews. Potential customers landing on your landing page need to be convinced to hand over their cash and details for access. Prove it’s worth it by showing them other people have done it, too.

...But do you really need a landing page for any kind of app? Yes, you should have designated URL on your website that has this information for any piece of software you’re selling— regardless of whether it’s a mobile or desktop app. 

6 beautiful app landing page examples

Need some inspiration for your app’s landing page? Here are 6 app landing page examples you can reference:

Moment camera app is an iPhone camera app that gives iPhone users DSLR level control of their pictures and videos. Their app landing page stays true to their photography theme.

Paper by WeTransfer is a smartphone and tablet app for drawing, painting and sketching. Their app landing page looks like it was painted in their app. Clever.

VideoAsk by Typeform is a web widget for asking website visitors questions using video. 

Headspace is a mobile app that teaches people how to meditate to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and more.

Jiobit is an award-winning kid tracking device with long battery life and a world-class mobile app. Note how they promote user success stories expertly.

TrueCoach is a desktop and mobile app for personal trainers to manage their clients remotely. Observe how they use social proof, user stories and benefit driven copywriting to drive app downloads.

No items found.

How to create an app landing page

Are you ready to create a landing page for your app? In the ConvertFlow template library, you’ll find lots of professionally designed landing page templates that you can customize to design your own desktop or mobile app landing page. They’re all premade to give you some inspiration on what yours could look like using real examples.

We also created a free app landing page template, to make launching faster and easier.

Start by customizing the text in the premade sections of your template. Your pricing, features, and customer reviews should all be included here.

Then, edit the colors on your app landing page template to match your brand colors. You’ll want to make sure the new URL fits seamlessly with your existing website design before hitting the “launch” button.

(Remember: You can preview your landing page’s final look at any point before publishing. Once you’ve edited the app sign-up page template, use this feature to check everything looks OK before putting it public.) 

App landing page design tips

You’ve changed the content and colors of our app landing page templates. But is there anything else you can do to design your landing page and make it stand out? The short answer: Yes.

You need to keep up with the latest app design trends—like using a responsive app landing page template to make sure people can view your URL on various devices. (People downloading a mobile app might browse on their desktop, and vice versa.) 

Your app landing page should also skip the navigation bar. You want people visiting the page to buy your software, or sign up to the waiting list. A navigation bar can distract them from doing that. Keep their focus on how awesome your app is. 

Finally, make sure to focus your app’s main information above the fold. The majority of our web and mobile app landing page examples within the templates have space for a headline and brief description. Use this section to get creative and tell people what your app can do!

(Take your app landing page’s design a step further by split-testing all of the elements mentioned above. Which combination of text, layouts, and colors get the most sales or sign-ups?)

How to promote your app landing page

Once you’ve hit the “launch” button on your app landing page, it’s time to get to work promoting it.

A great place to start is by putting some cash into Facebook Ads. You can create a Custom Audience of people who’ve already visited your website, and retarget them with an ad that points them to your new landing page.

(This works so well because the people visiting your site already know and trust you. It will be easier to win them over than someone who hasn’t a clue who you are.)

But if you don’t fancy using paid advertising to promote your app’s landing page, you could start by adding internal links from relevant blog posts. Do a site search and find instances where you’ve mentioned something your software can do. Then, add a hyperlink to your landing page to direct people there.

You could also send the URL to your email list as soon as you launch the new landing page. The people on here are your most-engaged customers, so you should drive a fair amount of traffic by including a link within the email copy.

Or, you could use SEO techniques to get your app landing page to rank for keywords related to the software. For example: With good SEO optimization—including well-written meta titles and descriptions and strong backlinks from relevant websites—you could rank highly for terms like “project management tool” or “software for marketers.” 

(You can conduct keyword research while editing your app landing page template to make sure you get those important phrases on the page. E.g. are a good example of targeting the "project management" keyword above.)

Regardless of how you’re promoting your landing page, it’s important to drive people to your new URL. There’s no point in customizing one of our mobile or desktop app landing page templates if people aren’t going to see it!

Get the app landing page template for free

Now that you have a game plan for promoting your app's landing page, get started with this free ConvertFlow template:

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