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New In June: ConvertFlow + Zapier = ♥, And More!

With our last major update, we set out to change forever how marketers convert website visitors into customers, by launching our new personalization features.

Once we introduced profiles for CTAs, merge tags for personalization and our powerful targeting tools, we had realized the first phase of our original vision for ConvertFlow’s platform. A real on-site marketing solution.

ConvertFlow not only makes personalizing and automating marketing messages on websites possible, it makes it fast and easy for marketers to do all this, without coding.

And now the time has come to open up ConvertFlow’s platform to connect with over 750 tools. This way, you can begin marketing to your website audience using data and events from just about any tool you can imagine.

Introducing our powerful integration with Zapier

I think we can all agree that Zapier is friggin’ awesome! It lets you connect more than 750 apps in just about any way you’d like – without getting developers involved.

You can set up Zaps to run automations that trigger when important things happen in your favorite business apps and tools.

For example, you could have a Zap that sends a Slack message to your #sales conversation when you get a new lead added to your email marketing app with the “Wants demo” tag.

Cool, right?

And now, with ConvertFlow’s Zapier integration in beta, you can begin sending your leads to any tool you can connect to Zapier.

To get started, all you have to do is click “connect” from your website’s integrations area, and this launches the Zap interface in your Zapier account.

So, how can you use this to automate your tasks, workflow and improve your marketing?

Here are a few examples to get the ideas flowing…

  • Do you use a CRM that we don’t directly integrate with yet? No problem. Make a Zap!
  • Want to automatically register newly captured leads to an upcoming webinar you’re hosting? Zap!

Getting data out of ConvertFlow, and into your favorite business tools, has never been easier.

Once you’ve connected your ConvertFlow account to Zapier, here are the ConvertFlow trigger options you’ll see in Zapier…

  • When a new contact is added
  • When someone submits a CTA form
  • When someone has a ConvertFlow tag applied
  • When someone has a ConvertFlow tag removed

Beyond passing leads to CRMs, this also means you can do all sorts of workflow ninja stuff using your different business apps.

  • Want a new lead to create a Trello card? Zap.
  • Want to send a custom lead alert to your sales team when a new tag gets added to a contact? Zap.
  • Want to send all the form submissions of a CTA you created for a co-marketing campaign into a Google sheet that you can share with your marketing partner? Zap!!!

Okay, so you can send data out of ConvertFlow. But what about sending data to ConvertFlow?


What if you could send contact info to ConvertFlow’s personalization platform when events happen in your other apps?

Well, now you can!

In Zapier, you can trigger “actions” in ConvertFlow.

For example, now you can…

  • Create a new ConvertFlow contact
  • Update the contact info of a ConvertFlow contact
  • Add a ConvertFlow tag
  • Remove a ConvertFlow tag

This means you can start sending contact info & segmentation data to ConvertFlow from just about any app that integrates with Zapier. This way, when a subscriber visits your website, you can serve up the perfect CTA. One that greets them, and guides them towards taking the next step.

For example…

Have a Typeform that collects all sorts of useful contact info when submitted? One that could be used for personalization by ConvertFlow? … Zap!

You get the point. The possibilities are endless


In addition to our awesome integration with Zapier…

We’ve made some sweet updates to the ConvertFlow interface. And they’re already live in your account!

Duplication tools for the CTA builder

Now, building dynamic CTAs is easier than ever using ConvertFlow’s CTA builder, with its new tools for duplicating elements and duplicating steps.

Branded ConvertFlow accounts

Are you on ConvertFlow’s business plan? You can now upload your logo to your dashboard. This way, you can provide a branded experience for your invited clients, or for the team that represents your company or agency.

Your account logo will also be used to brand the lead alerts sent to your clients and team members.

Speaking of lead alerts, now you can choose which user’s email your lead alerts are sent from. This is very useful when sending alerts to your clients.

Easy CTA categorization with “Groups”

If you are a ConvertFlow “power user”, chances are, you’ve already created dozens of CTAs. This means you could have experienced how frustrating it was to sift through, and find the right CTA in your account.

Heck, some of our customers have accounts with 100+ CTAs, and they had to click through 10, or more pages to find the CTA they’re looking for.

Well you’ll be happy to know, that we’ve organized ConvertFlow’s interface. We’ve made it cleaner, and easier for you to organize your CTAs.

Now, by creating “Groups”, you can categorize CTAs by campaigns, lifecycle stage, client, etc.

To create a Group, just click the “All CTAs” dropdown in your CTA dashboard, then click “Manage Groups”. Enter your group name into the form, click the create button, and “VOILA”, you have a new group that keeps your CTAs organized.

And when you want to add a CTA to a group, all you have to do is click on the CTA’s name. Click “Groups”, and then select the group you’d like to add it to!

Now, you can also filter the CTAs displayed by selecting a group.

Quickly filter CTAs by name and type

Also, we’ve made it easier to search for a CTA. Just enter a keyword on the right side of your CTA dashboard, and you can filter by the CTA name. You can also filter by the CTA type.

Contact search tools

With this update, when you’re in the contacts area, you can easily filter your contacts by a keyword query, as well as whether they viewed, engaged or completed a selected CTA.

CTA step scripts

Have you ever wanted to include a script that runs when a person reaches a certain step of a CTA?

Now, it’s easier than ever with “Step scripts”. Just select a step from the CTA settings panel, and add your scripts. ConvertFlow will run this as soon as that step is seen by your visitors.

Just to give you an idea, many ConvertFlow customers have asked for this ability, so they can track the right conversion goals in their analytics tool or fire off a specific Facebook conversion pixel.

Form/button completion scripts

Now, what if you needed to fire a script upon a visitor clicking a button or submitting a specific form?

You’ll now find the option to add a “Completion Script” to any button or form you create. This is very useful if you want to fire a script when a certain button option is selected. For example, segmenting your visitors into different retargeting audiences based on the button they click in your CTA.

Easy custom field mapping tools for your email marketing app

When you directly integrate your email marketing app from ConvertFlow’s integrations area, we pull in the custom fields from your email app. This means, you can now select from from your email app’s custom fields when creating form fields in ConvertFlow. This way, you can map contact data correctly into your email marketing app.

Map ConvertFlow’s preset fields to custom fields in your email marketing app

ConvertFlow has fixed fields for a lot of your contacts’ info, often found through our automatic lead research that occurs when new contacts are created. Now, you can map the ConvertFlow fields that aren’t automatically mapped directly to your email marketing app, to any custom field you would like.

3 new email marketing automation integrations

ConvertFlow now fully integrates with GetResponse, AWeber and Leadsquared. This means, you can capture and segment leads into your email campaigns, and target CTAs on your website using the data of your subscribers in these tools, such as tags, lists, etc.

What’s next?

With the release of our Zapier integration, ConvertFlow now has a personalization API ready to be used.

We’re working on official documentation for making our personalization API accessible for developers, so that marketing teams can build custom integrations for specific use cases and developers can build powerful integrations with their own apps.

Also, you can expect to soon see new contact identification tools, that will help ConvertFlow identify more leads on your website. This update will include automated form listening, as well as Javascript snippets for identifying contacts for ConvertFlow.

We’ve got more awesome stuff in the works, so keep an eye out for the next update from the ConvertFlow team. And if you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at “” with your feedback. Thanks!

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Jonathan Denney leads product at ConvertFlow. After running a conversion marketing agency, Jonathan co-founded ConvertFlow with his brother Ethan Denney to help brands build conversion funnels without code or waiting on developers. Since then, ConvertFlow's no-code funnel builder has helped launch 100k+ conversion campaigns, across brands such as Volkswagen, NectarSleep, CampingWorld and more.