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What’s new in ConvertFlow [December 2019]: Campaign templates, partner tools and much more

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work releasing features to make ConvertFlow faster and easier to use for marketing teams of all sizes.

From new features to new templates, plus an amazing new way for ConvertFlow partners to promote themselves. There’s something for everyone in this product update round up.

Let’s dive in…

Introducing campaign templates

Launching conversion marketing campaigns often means launching the same call-to-action in multiple places on your website, such as a landing page, a popup and an embedded CTA.

That’s why we’re introducing campaign templates, which can encapsulate multiple call-to-action templates into one campaign.

This simplifies finding templates for your next conversion campaign, because you can sort by campaign type (e.g. cart abandonment), and then choose which CTA type you want to launch (overlay, sticky bar, etc).

The best part? If you want to launch all the CTA templates together, just click “Launch Together +” to create a broadcast campaign, which will be preloaded with all the CTA templates.

An all new broadcast campaign manager

Along with introducing campaign templates, we’ve overhauled the broadcasts campaign manager.

The first thing you’ll notice is a modernized interface for creating your broadcast campaigns.

Next, once you create multiple broadcasts, you’ll find that you can easily navigate through multiple broadcast campaigns from the broadcasts page, as well as filter and organize broadcasts using group and search features.

And last, you’ll find that you can now add landing page CTAs to your broadcast campaigns. Once you add a landing page CTA to the broadcast, you’ll be able to copy a special link for the landing page that attributes it to your broadcast campaign. Read tutorial →

Introducing dynamic visitor segments

With visitor segments, now you can streamline your conversion marketing workflow by predefining dynamic visitor segments using ConvertFlow's conditions builder.

Your saved segments can then be reused for all your CTA campaigns, saving you lots of time when creating targeting conditions.

Need ideas for your visitor segments? Try creating some of your more obvious visitor segments such as "New visitors", "Returning Subscribers", "Customers". You could also create more granular segments, such as "Visitors from Facebook", etc. Read Tutorial →

Once you’ve predefined a visitor segment, you can now target that visitor segment using these new targeting condition types:

If person is in visitor segment
If person is NOT in visitor segment

So. Many. New. Templates.

What’s one thing all of us marketers love? You guessed right. Templates!

Nothing helps launch a campaign faster than having lots of templates that are pre-designed and ready to launch.

We’re on a mission to create lots of templates for every type of conversion marketing campaign.

Whether it’s a landing page template for your law practice, a questionnaire template for surveying your organization’s team members, or a popup template for your skincare ecommerce website, we’re on a mission to provide you with plenty of templates to choose from.

Here are some of the latest templates that were #CraftedInConvertFlow and are ready to launch in ConvertFlow’s public template directory.

Simple quiz with 3 outcomes (page + overlay + hook + embed)

Use this 3-step quiz with 3 possible outcomes to deliver a personalized call-to-action to your visitors.

Personalized travel quiz (overlay + embed + landing page)

Recommend the perfect next step to your visitors with this travel themed quiz.

T-shirt contest popup (overlay + embed + hook + page + sticky bar)

Promote your latest contest with this swag inspired contest call-to-action.

Hair product recommendation quiz (embed + hook + overlay + page)

This quiz asks a series of hair related questions to recommend the right product.

Friendly contact form template (popup + embed)

Generate leads for your services with a friendly contact form.

Photographer contact form (embed + overlay + hook)

Generate leads for your photography services with an engaging call-to-action.

Ecommerce newsletter popup (overlay + hook + embed + page)

Turn shoppers into subscribers with this sleek newsletter subscribe template.

Coffee brand inspired template (hook + overlay + embed)

Drive sales with this coffee brand inspired ecommerce discount form template.

Customer satisfaction survey template (hook + embed)

Get valuable insights into how your customers perceive your product with this customer satisfaction survey.

"Coming soon" landing page template

Build your waiting list for your upcoming product launch with a landing page.

Personalized product recommendation template (embed + hook + overlay)

Show personalized product recommendations on your website using embedded CTAs, overlays and hook popups.

And there’s many more templates in the pipeline, to be released after the new year 🙌

Marketers, now you can generate leads by creating your own ConvertFlow templates

At ConvertFlow, we drive signups for our own platform by creating and sharing useful templates with marketers, which they can use for free by signing up for ConvertFlow’s free plan.

For all the marketing agencies, consultants and educators building their businesses upon the ConvertFlow platform, we want to empower you with the same tools we’re using to generate leads for our business.

That’s why now, anyone can create their own exclusive ConvertFlow templates, share them in their own marketing campaigns, and receive the contact details of any ConvertFlow users who sign up for their templates.

That’s right. If you're a marketing educator or agency, by using ConvertFlow's template creation platform, now you can share your own CTA templates with other marketers to promote your personal brand, generate leads for your agency and even build your email list.

Here’s how it works…

1. Create a template

Creating your own proprietary library ConvertFlow templates is easy. Just click to create a new template from your account’s templates page, select the CTA you want to save as a template, and then click “Create”. Here’s a tutorial →

2. Add a helpful message to the template

Once you create a template, you’ll notice that you can add tutorial content to your template within the manager, as well as a link to a tutorial video. We added this teaching capability in case you would like to help other ConvertFlow users implement your template correctly.

Your template tutorial will be accessible by clicking the “Tutorials” icon on the bottom-left corner of the builder where your tutorial will show. It will also be credited to your ConvertFlow user profile.

3. Share your template

Once you’ve created a template, you’ll be able to share your template with your audience quickly and easily by either sharing the template’s share URL, posting to social media or embedding the template on your website.

Embedding your template on your website displays it within a widget, with your ConvertFlow profile at the top left.

When people click to use your template, they’ll then be able to preview it on a public page, optionally share it with their own audiences, and then proceed to create their ConvertFlow account, where they’ll be taken to edit the template while on ConvertFlow’s free plan.

4. Receiving sign up details using Zapier

When a ConvertFlow user signs up to use your template for free, they’ll be also asked for their consent to share their user details with you, the template creator.

On your end, you can configure ConvertFlow’s template manager to send new template signups to any webhook URL you enter.

Once you’ve entered a webhook URL and send through a test signup for your template, Zapier makes it easy to map your template users’ details to any email service provider / CRM of your choice.

5. Go public with your template

If you want to promote yourself and your agency to thousands of ConvertFlow users, you can optionally request for your CTA templates to be made public by clicking the "Request Public Activation" button.

To improve your chances of getting your template approved to be made public, follow ConvertFlow's template design best practices and make templates that would be useful for marketers at marketing agencies, SaaS companies, ecommerce sites and for bloggers.

6. See how your template converts for everyone

As the creator of the template, you’ll be able to see its usage stats. For example, the total number of CTAs that have been created using your template.

As your templates are implemented on websites, whether they’re your own sites or sites than belong to other users, you’ll be able to see the accumulative performance of each template you create.

This gives you stats on how many combined views and conversions the template has generated. It will also show you the overall conversion rate of all the CTAs that were created using your template.

ConvertFlow’s partner program (launching soon)

Since our last product update round up in May, we expanded from having ~5,000 companies using ConvertFlow to nearly 10,000.

As we’ve grown, one of the most common requests we’ve been getting has been for third-party help with implementing ConvertFlow and managing conversion marketing.

That’s why in Q1 of 2020, we’re launching ConvertFlow’s official partner program.

As a ConvertFlow partner, you'll get professional tools, training and support to land more clients, streamline your services, and scale your agency.

For more info on how to join the waiting list, head here →

And finally, introducing ConvertFlow's change log

Up until now, we’ve relied only on periodic product update round ups (like this one) to let you know all that’s new and what’s coming next.

However, we want to give more insight into product changes and updates, which is why we’ve introduced a change log.

This change log will be accessible in-app through the widget displayed above, as well as on a dedicated page -

Wrapping up a decade

That’s all for this year, and as a matter of fact, for the entire decade! 🤔

Hopefully, you’re looking forward to 2020 as much as we are. Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey that started in 2016.

The ConvertFlow team wishes you a happy holidays and an amazing New Year. Cheers! 🎉

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