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Spring 2021 Update: Shopify Integration, New Dashboard, Builder Overhaul & More

Hey, ConvertFlow Community! 👋

We're knee deep into 2021 and a lot has happened in the past 12 months or so. Last year saw many challenges for everyone, but it also presented an opportunity for the internet and ecommerce to shine—2020 was truly the year that the world transitioned online.

The ConvertFlow Community, made up of our team and thousands of marketing service providers, were ready to assist as businesses adapted to last year's challenges and adopted a digital strategy to survive.

The result? Since 2020 started:

  • 15,433 websites began using ConvertFlow
  • Marketers collectively used ConvertFlow to track and engage over 500 million online shoppers
  • We achieved our all time goal of reaching 1 billion people online with calls-to-action crafted in ConvertFlow

During this time, we've doubled down on building no-code tools for small to medium-sized businesses looking to drive more website conversions—shipping four major product updates, dozens of features, and hundreds of bug fixes 🙌

Before we move onto delivering the next phase of ConvertFlow's roadmap for you, here's a recap of all the improvements we've made in the last year.

Introducing ConvertFlow's Shopify integration

Shopify now powers over 1 million ecommerce stores! 🤯

And with ConvertFlow's new Shopify integration, your ConvertFlow account now syncs bi-directionally with your Shopify store.

To connect, login to your ConvertFlow account, head to Settings >> Integrations while in the relevant website and click to connect with Shopify.

Shopify integration connect button

You'll then be taken through some simple integration steps and ConvertFlow will be automatically installed on your store! When successful, ConvertFlow's interface will become enriched with Shopify targeting conditions and automations 🤩

No more editing the theme code. No more zaps. Just Shopify and ConvertFlow working together, seamlessly.

Here's an overview of how the Shopify integration currently works:

  • No-code ConvertFlow installation
  • Target shoppers visiting specific Shopify products and collections
  • Personalize for visitors based on products in their shopping carts, cart value and cart quantity
  • Add products to visitors' shopping carts right from ConvertFlow buttons
  • Create, update and tag customers in Shopify using ConvertFlow automations
  • Shopping cart merge tags for free shipping offers
ConvertFlow Shopify merge tag shopping cart

That's just the beginning. The possibilities of ConvertFlow + Shopify are massive—learn more in our Shopify help guide here.

And we won't stop there. We plan to add more ecommerce platforms to the list of ConvertFlow integrations, enabling all kinds of online retailers and store owners to make use of the campaigns and no-code workflows ConvertFlow offers.

ConvertFlow's CTA builder, overhauled

During 2020, we started working on version 4 of our builder—switching it to a new code base that's optimized for speed and stability. We kicked off this year with it released to everyone:

New builder screenshot

Here's all that's new:

  • A design facelift of the builder our users are familiar with
  • Text editing is improved and now also available from the builder panel
  • Easily navigate layers and tight columns by using the panel's new "breadcrumbs" interface
  • Dragging, selecting, duplicating and removing elements is easier with highlight icons
  • The ability to add custom classes to elements, sections, section columns, steps and variants
  • Reminders for important settings that are incomplete
  • Improvements to saving & publishing, with handling of internet disconnection and logouts
  • Many dozens of small improvements and bug fixes

More excitingly, the v4 builder lays a foundation for ConvertFlow's no-code toolset to expand significantly for years to come 🚀

A new look for the campaign dashboard

Do you have dozens or even hundreds of CTAs, landing pages and broadcasts built in ConvertFlow?

We do! And some ConvertFlow customers have even more than us. This inspired us to revamp campaign management in ConvertFlow, with improvements for scaled up marketing teams:

New dashboard screenshot

ConvertFlow's new campaign dashboard makes working with lots of campaigns easier than ever. It features:

  • New "card view" design for the CTAs pages (hover over to see stats!)
  • List view for CTAs
  • Sort CTAs by creation date, last published, CTA stats and conversion score
  • Multi-select when filtering by groups and CTA types
  • The broadcasts page has received the same treatment


Michael Glover

"As a marketer, this new dashboard is probably my favorite ConvertFlow update of recent times. I now have so much more control when it comes to sorting, managing & organizing our campaigns—critical for any team looking to contsantly experiment and scale up its conversion efforts."

~ Michael Glover
Content Marketer @ ConvertFlow

Signature templates, automatically personalized for your brand

Last year, we wanted to reinvent ConvertFlow's signature templates for all of the campaigns you create in ConvertFlow, with a special requirement...

These signature templates would need to be automatically personalized for your website's brand colors:

Inspired by the designs and results of ~100K CTAs created in ConvertFlow, we conceptualized new signature templates for these types of popular campaigns:

  • Abandonment & Exit Intent
  • Visitor Segmentation
  • Ecommerce Newsletters
  • Contests & Sweepstakes
  • Product Recommendation
  • Coming Soon & Pre-Launch
  • Discounts & Special Offers
  • Quizzes & Questionnaires
  • Social Proof
  • Customer Surveys
  • Lead Generation & Scheduling
  • Content Upgrade & eBooks
  • Events & Webinars
  • Single Page Websites
  • Business Newsletters

We then collaborated with Iman Ghader, an amazing designer from Shopify, to craft brand agnostic styles for each of these campaigns.

These templates work with any brand color scheme, which you can adjust during onboarding, saving you lots of time in the designer.

To use these campaign templates, head to ConvertFlow's template library →

Full integration with

Are you a SaaS company that uses as your email service provider?

If so, ConvertFlow just became much more powerful for you with a powerful, bi-directional integration with's API. integration connect button

With ConvertFlow's integration, you can now:

  • Automatically sync form submissions to
  • Use ConvertFlow automations to segment contacts in
  • Personalize your website and CTA funnels for segments

Head here to learn more about integrating with ConvertFlow.

ConvertFlow's official Partner Program

Early last year we launched ConvertFlow's official Partner Program 🚀

Partners get the professional tools, training and support to land more clients, streamline their services, and scale their agency.

To read the announcement post, head here.

Our Campaign Library for inspiration

One of the most common challenges marketers express to us is that they lack inspiration for the campaigns they want to create. Marketers need ideas and want to see what's working for real-life brands.

So last year, we set out to solve this challenge with our Campaign Library:

Campaign library screenshot

This is an ongoing effort to document marketing campaigns on the web—highlighting the visuals and strategy behind why they're working.

The library now features hundreds of real-life conversion marketing campaigns across dozens of topic areas. And the best part is that most of them are easily replicable in ConvertFlow by simply customizing a template in our no-code builder 🙌

We'll be continuing to add more and more content to this, so make sure to bookmark it ready for your next campaign. Check it out here.

A weekly conversion marketing roundup

Here at ConvertFlow, we're not big fans of company "snoozeletters"—email newsletters that just blast out links to a brand's blog.

So in late 2020, we decided to make a concerted effort to provide something genuinely valuable to our email list. And that's when the Conversion Marketing Roundup was born.

For 17 weeks now, ConvertFlow's marketing team has been rounding up the latest and greatest conversion content:

Exmample of email roundup

Yes, this usually includes a shoutout to some of our own content. But we also curate the latest podcasts, blog posts, videos and Twitter threads from around the web—basically handing you a weekly list of must-consume content for marketers.

Not getting the roundup yet? Click here to sign up 🚀

Personalize your website using Segment data

Segment lets you build granular marketing audiences using your customer data from various sources, such as connected CRMs, email marketing systems, ecommerce platforms, and your own data warehouses.

Now, with ConvertFlow's Segment integration, you can use this data to personalize your website CTAs and content based on identified contacts' Segment Personas traits—all without coding. Check out this help guide for more info on how to do this.

Segment Personas

Also, we've made it easy to send through:

  • Your ConvertFlow conversion events to Segment's "track" function
  • Your ConvertFlow form submission field data to Segment's "identify" call

All using a simple optional toggle setting. Learn more with this help guide.

Lots more improvements and additions

The last year hasn't just been about the big updates. We've also shipped a lot of small improvements, new integrations, fixes, and more!

Here are some highlights:

The road ahead...

Moving forward, we've already got a lot in the pipeline for the rest of 2021 and beyond:

  • A roadmap of improvements to the ConvertFlow product for startup and scaled up marketing teams
  • An initiative to achieve the goal of having 99% of the campaign work already done-for-you when you go to create a new campaign in ConvertFlow
  • More integrations with ESPs, CRMs, ecommerce platforms, API connectors, etc.

And remember, this product roadmap is powered by you and your feedback—we want to hear your input and suggestions!

If you have any ideas, please drop a line to to start a conversation. We'd love to hear what you think.

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Jonathan Denney leads product at ConvertFlow. After running a conversion marketing agency, Jonathan co-founded ConvertFlow with his brother Ethan Denney to help brands build conversion funnels without code or waiting on developers. Since then, ConvertFlow's no-code funnel builder has helped launch 100k+ conversion campaigns, across brands such as Volkswagen, NectarSleep, CampingWorld and more.