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3 New Ways to Identify Anonymous Website Visitors as Email Contacts with ConvertFlow

Knowing which of your website visitors are existing email subscribers, leads and customers, can be a BIG challenge.

That’s why at ConvertFlow, we’re making it easier for marketers like yourself to show each person coming to your website the right calls-to-action, at the right time.

Once a website visitor has been identified, ConvertFlow can start personalizing your website based on who that person is, and what they’ve done in your marketing campaigns.

As well, by using our On-Site Retargeting solution, you can also target people by their subscriber data in your email marketing app.

In the past, ConvertFlow would only be able to identify visitors who submitted ConvertFlow forms, or who had clicked links in your marketing emails that passed their contact data in the URL when they landed on your site.

Now, ConvertFlow is a lot smarter and has 3 new ways to identify who a person is on your website…

  1. ConvertFlow now identifies who a person is when they submit ANY form on your website with an email field, not just forms you’ve created in ConvertFlow.
  2. If someone visits your website with their email address accessible as a URL parameter like “email” or “emailaddress”, ConvertFlow will now automatically recognize your visitor and start tracking them as a known contact, so that you can target them by their subscriber data.
  3. ConvertFlow’s new client-side API allows you identify visitors who might be users of your web app, customers of your ecommerce store or members of your membership site.

This makes it a lot easier for marketers to identify who their visitors are, track their activity and convert them into leads, customers and repeat buyers with the right calls-to-action!

For more info on how to set up visitor identification on your website, check out our help desk article:

How to identify anonymous website visitors as contacts

Feel free to drop any questions and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Jonathan Denney
Co-Founder & CTO, ConvertFlow
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Jonathan Denney leads product at ConvertFlow. After running a conversion marketing agency, Jonathan co-founded ConvertFlow with his brother Ethan Denney to help brands build conversion funnels without code or waiting on developers. Since then, ConvertFlow's no-code funnel builder has helped launch 100k+ conversion campaigns, across brands such as Volkswagen, NectarSleep, CampingWorld and more.