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Welcome to ConvertFlow (Demo)

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Welcome to ConvertFlow (Demo)

Welcome to ConvertFlow, the all-in-one platform for converting your website visitors.

In this short video, you’ll see how ConvertFlow simplifies your workflow as a marketer, by giving you the power to create, personalize and launch campaigns on your website, without coding.


The heart of ConvertFlow is your calls-to-action, or “CTAs” for short. Creating a CTA is fast and easy. Just click the green create button.

CTAs come in all different shapes and sizes, such as embedded forms, popups, sticky bars and landing pages.

Just choose your CTA type, and you’ll be able to select from our ever-expanding library of templates.


Once you choose a template, you’ll be taken to the CTA builder, where you can personalize your CTA by adjusting content, styling sections, adding elements, building forms, surveys and more.

To learn how to use the builder, head to the next lesson in this course →

With your favorite email service provider connected, you can easily map your surveys and form custom fields, to your existing custom fields in your email provider.

Then, segment your new leads into the right lists, tags and sequences by adding automations specific to your email provider, right within ConvertFlow’s builder.

Need more than one step? Turn any CTA into a multi-step funnel by clicking to add another step, so you can guide visitors each step of the way.

Using ConvertFlow’s conditional logic rules, you can send your visitors down personalized paths and display different outcomes, based who they are and how they respond.

And by adding merge tags to your content, you can increase engagement throughout your CTA, as well as greet returning subscribers on your website.


Once you’re done personalizing your CTA, preview it and test it out.

Then head to the launch page to determine which visitor segments see this CTA, by adding targeting conditions for page URLs, contact segmentation in your email service provider, their visit history and more.

Then click the green “Launch” button and it displays live on your website!

Once your CTA is converting visitors for you, head back to the CTA to see insightful reports on how your CTA converting and how far people are progressing.

Using the split-testing tools, you can quickly duplicate variants and experiment with your CTA to make it convert even higher.

As you build more CTAs, streamline your workflow further using ConvertFlow’s advanced campaign tools.

Group together CTAs and schedule them to launch using broadcasts campaigns. Learn more about broadcasts here →

Whether you’re embedding a form for your new content upgrade, nudging visitors to your new ecommerce promotion with a sticky bar, or building out an entire landing page funnel for your business, ConvertFlow’s all-in-one platform for converting visitors gives you the power to create & launch campaigns faster and easier, without coding or developers.

Are you ready to get started? Create your first call-to-action and begin converting visitors on your website today.

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