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Chapter 2 - How to use on-site retargeting to turn your website into a lead generation machine

Rob Carpenter

Rob is the CEO & co-founder of Hitshop, a marketing talent agency. Find traction and scale growth in less time with fully enabled, on-demand growth talent.

We're going to show on which pages and in which ways should you be using onsite retargeting on your website to generate leads.

Target new visitors on your homepage

First of all, you'll want to target visitors on your homepage.

By using proactive calls-to-action on our website and landing pages to engage visitors, we’ve seen conversion rates between 16% - 80% on people who’ve triggered the calls-to-action.

It's effective because most visitors are in a browsing trance when they visit a website. Many of them visit a website without the intention of commiting to take some sort of action. So if you can proactively engage them, then you can break them out of that browsing trance, grab their attention, and guide them to take the action you want them to take.

Proactive calls-to-action on your homepage are great for engaging visitors and guiding them to take the next step. If you're running a SaaS business, maybe that step is signing up for a free trial. If you're in an agency or service business, it might be offering a lead magnet or a free consultation.

Target visitors who discover your content

If people are landing on your website from their Google searches, and you're not capturing leads or engaging visitors with relevant messages based on the content they're reading, then you're missing out a great opportunity to generate leads and get returning visitors to take the next step in your sales funnel.

Target visitors who haven’t signed up for your list

If visitors are returning to your website and haven't opted-in to your email list yet, but you've tracked their activity on your website, then you can engage them with a relevant offer or call-to-action that would get them to take the next step.

Target returning visitors on your product / service pages

If visitors that have checked out your features page or specific products on your website return your site, they may be ready to move forward in the buying process. That's a perfect opportunity to engage them with a relevant call-to-action and help them take action.

Target returning visitors before they leave your site

When people are on your website, many times they're looking for specific information about your solution or the problem you solve. If they haven't already found what they're looking for and you give your visitors that information before they leave, they'll be happy you did (and it's a great opportunity to capture leads!).

Target visitors on your pricing page

If your website visitors are checking out the pricing of your products or services, and you're not engaging them with a message to collect feedback and understand what their objections might be, then you're missing out on a big opportunity to acquire more customers.

Being able to quickly engage these visitors and collect their questions and contact info, gives your team the opportunity to follow up with these visitors and convert them into a customer.

Target visitors bouncing on your landing pages

Targeting visitors that are on a landing page and bounce – is a tactic we've been testing that's working really well for us. So for example, if you're advertising and driving people to your website, you can use an exit overlay to engage visitors befor they leave.

In the example below, we used an exit overlay on a registration page for a webinar we were doing with Drip. We offered the replay to visitors who couldn't make it to the webinar. With this tactic of using a proactive call-to-action combined with a landing page, we've see between 10-30% boost in converions.

Onsite retargeting works!

By using on-site retargeting on their website and landing pages to engage visitors with relevant calls-to-action and even target visitors who were already subscribers, was able to see conversion rates as high as 39% on their website's calls-to-action.

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