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On-Site Retargeting Guide

How to supercharge your customer acquisition funnel with on-site retargeting

Course Overview

Retargeting advertising is all the rage in the online marketing world these days. It’s easy to setup, the cost per conversion is often low if you set up good targeting, and you can use it to nurture visitors, leads and customers alike.

The same can be said about on-site retargeting, even if it is not as renowned.

On-site retargeting? Isn’t that showing popups on your site to get more blog subscribers?

Yes and no. You can use on-site retargeting calls-to-action to drive email opt-ins, but the real power of on-site retargeting comes with using multiple targeting methods, call-to-action types, and conversion goals. In fact, it can be the engine that drives your entire customer acquisition strategy on your website.

In this guide, we’re going to show you exactly how you can leverage on-site retargeting to supercharge customer acquisition, not just capture more email addresses.


Ethan Denney
Co-Founder & CEO, ConvertFlow
Written Lessons
30 minutes
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