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How to Create a Klaviyo Survey to Gather Customer Feedback

Sending feedback surveys by email or text is a great way to follow up with shoppers and gain insight into their experience.

You can send Klaviyo surveys for:

  • Feedback on a recent order
  • Product development
  • Market research
  • Learning about customer preferences
  • And more

These all give you valuable insight to grow your business.

To build a survey that you can send to your Klaviyo subscribers, you’ll need a third-party app. That’s where ConvertFlow’s survey builder comes in.

ConvertFlow is a no-code funnel builder that integrates with Klaviyo, Shopify, and other tools in your ecommerce stack.

It allows you to create all your on-site campaigns in one place including surveys, quizzes, popups, landing pages, and more to help you make the most out of your website traffic.

Launch your Klaviyo survey with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Pick a template for your Klaviyo survey

Browse ConvertFlow’s survey template library to find dozens of customizable templates for different use cases and goals. Survey and form elements can be added to any template, too, if you would rather check out all the templates.

When you've chosen a template, click “Use this Template.” Then, create a free ConvertFlow account following the on-screen instructions. Or log in if you already have one.

We’ll use a customer feedback survey template, but the process is similar no matter your use case:

Step 2: Choose your campaign format

Depending on the template you choose, you may be presented with different campaign formats to choose from—like popups, landing pages, and embeds.

Campaign format options in ConvertFlow

We’ll be sending a link to our survey in an email or text message, so a landing page makes the most sense.

Select “Landing Page,” then “Use Template” and give your campaign a name.

Step 3: Customize your survey’s theme

When you’ve named your campaign, you’ll be taken to ConvertFlow’s funnel builder with your chosen campaign ready to customize:

ConvertFlow builder

We recommend starting by editing the aesthetic look of your campaign.

A campaign’s design can be edited in two ways:

  • At the theme level: This will set consistent design settings for each element type across your campaign (e.g., all buttons)
  • At the element level: This will override theme level settings for individual elements in your campaign

Set your campaign’s theme first so that there’s consistency across your campaign. As you discover specific elements you want to be different, you can update those individually.

Click “Theme” in the right side panel to edit your theme:

Theme settings in ConvertFlow

Here you’ll see a full list of every element type to customize.

For example, let’s say we want to update the color of our buttons so it’s on brand.

Click “Buttons,” then update the Button Color and Hover color as appropriate:

Button theme settings in ConvertFlow

Now all the buttons in your survey are updated—this is especially helpful for Klaviyo surveys that have multiple steps.

Continue editing each element type so that it’s just how you want it.

Feel free to skip elements you’re not going to use. But be sure to come back here to update your theme if you change your mind and use other elements later.

Step 4: Edit your Klaviyo survey’s content

To make changes to an element, click on what you want to change from within the builder and the side panel will show you all the options you can customize.

For example, let’s say we want to add “product offerings” as an option to the second step of the survey.

If we click the form element, the side panel will open with the existing fields that appear in the survey:

Survey fields in ConvertFlow

To edit the available options, we’ll click the pencil mark next to the “what_we_did_well” field. Where it says “New option,” type “Product offerings” and tap enter or return on your keyboard:

Adding a new survey option in ConvertFlow

You’ll have the option to change the:

  • Label: What customers see
  • Data Value: What you see on the back end
  • Score: A value you can apply to different options

For our purposes, the default where the label and data value are the same and the score is zero is perfect. So click “Done.”

You can re-order the options by clicking and dragging them in place:

Re-ordering survey options

There are other options you can change for your form field like multi-select (whether or not survey takers can select multiple options), if there’s a preselected option, and if you want to add a field label to caption the form field.

When you’ve customized it to your liking, click “Done.”

👉🏾 Learn more about ConvertFlow’s drag-and-drop builder.

Step 5: Add or remove survey questions

To add or remove survey questions, hover over an existing step. Click the copy icon to add a question or the trash icon to remove one:

Copying or deleting a step

If you’ve copied a question, you can now edit any buttons and fields to suit your new question.

For example, let’s say we want to ask how likely a customer is to shop with us again.

We’ll start by updating the headline:

Updating headline copy in ConvertFlow

Then, we’ll update the form to reflect some appropriate options for this question.

To do that, click the form element. Click the “x” to remove the custom field from the previous question:

Deleting a field in a form

Click “add field” to create a new one, then click the pencil icon to define the field:

Adding a new custom field

Under “Map To Custom Field,” select “New Field Name +.”

Give your field a name that makes sense for your backend and select your field type.

We’ll choose “Radio/Checkbox Select” to make a multiple-choice question. And we’ll remove the Field Label because we have our question in the heading on the page. Then we’ll add our options:

Settings for a new custom field

Click “Done” to save your new custom field.

Our updated survey question looks like this:

Updated form with new custom field

We’ll also rename the step to accurately describe the new question.

To do that, click anywhere in the builder outside of the actual campaign and update the Step Name field:

Changing a step's name in ConvertFlow


Name each step of your Klaviyo survey if you haven’t already. That will be useful for setting up step logic later.

Step 6: Set up step logic

If you didn’t add, remove, or reorder questions, you can skip this section. But there’s a good chance you made some updates. So you’ll want to double-check that each question is delivered in the intended order.

Once a shopper clicks a button at each step, they should be taken to the next logical question in the series. But some of your questions may have conditional branches—like our chosen template does.

For example, the first question in our template will lead shoppers to either step 2 or step 3 depending on their answer.

From there, step 2 and step 3 both lead to step 4. Step 4 leads to step 5, and step 5 leads to step 6.

But this pathway logic needs to be set up. To do that, you’ll set up button actions for each question in your survey.

Set up button actions by clicking on the button element in the first step. Then click “Manage Actions:”

Manage actions button for a form.

Leave the Default Confirmation Action as Jump to a funnel step” and set “Default Funnel Step to Jump To” as the step most answers will lead to.

For our NPS survey, we’ll ask shoppers with a score of 8 or lower where we could improve. So we’ll set step 3 as our default:

Setting the default funnel step to go to after completing this step

Then, click “Add Conditional Action” to set up logic for responses of nine or 10.

Click “Add Condition,” then select “If form custom field contains” as your Condition Type.

Select the field name and type in one of the values relevant to the condition:

Creating conditions to send survey takers down different paths

Repeat that for the remaining values. In the end, you’ll have something that looks like this:

Conditional settings

Now update the actions that will be performed as a result of the survey answer.

We’ll select “jump to a funnel step” and then step 2 to funnel all responses of nine or 10 to the second step in the survey.

Setting the action to take based on set conditions

Then click “Done.”

For questions with a single pathway, you can simply set the default confirmation action and make sure there are no conditional actions set.

Step 7: Preview your Klaviyo survey

Now every step of your Klaviyo survey is set up 🦾

When you’ve got your survey just how you want it, save and publish your changes. Then click “Preview” to test out your survey:

Campaign preview screen in ConvertFlow

On this page, you can test out your survey just like a shopper would on your website. Automations won’t run so you can click options and submit the form without that data being tracked.

Step 8: Connect your ecommerce store to ConvertFlow

Integrating with your online store will make it easy to launch all the campaigns you create in ConvertFlow.

We’ll assume you use Shopify. To connect your Shopify store, go to your website’s dashboard in ConvertFlow.

Start by saving your campaign.

Now click “Settings,” then “Integrations” in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

Find Shopify from the integrations list and click “Connect:”

Shopify integration in ConvertFlow

You'll be taken to the ConvertFlow listing in the Shopify app store. Click "Add app."

ConvertFlow listing in Shopify app store

Confirm which ConvertFlow website sub-account you want to connect and then you'll be brought back to ConvertFlow.

The ConvertFlow script will now be added to your store automatically.

Step 9: Set your Klaviyo survey live

When you’re ready to make the landing page for your Klaviyo survey live on your website, head back to the ConvertFlow builder within your campaign and click “Launch.”

Customize your URL and your Klaviyo survey is ready!

Campaign launch page

Now you can add it to emails and texts that you send through Klaviyo to gather responses.

Launch Klaviyo surveys with ConvertFlow

In ConvertFlow, you can build all the Klaviyo surveys you need for a variety of use cases like:

  • Feedback surveys
  • Post-purchase surveys
  • Personalization surveys
  • And more

No need to know how to code.

Plus, you can split-test your campaigns to find the best performing variants of your surveys. Evaluate if customers are dropping off at different stages, try different incentives, and adjust copy for the best performance.

Ready to build your Klaviyo survey?

Create a free account to try ConvertFlow’s survey builder today.

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